First Look Trailers for Deadpool 3, Twisters and more drop during Superbowl


If you are not watching the Superbowl, you would not be alone as that is happening in America not in Australia, and while that also means we do not get any of the most expensive minutes of advertising that does not stop it from being the time with some of the biggest announcements with almost Comic Con level number of trailers.

Worried about missing out what must see trailers dropped and wish you could just work through a list? Don’t worry we have you covered.

Deadpool & Wolverine

Starting big with the officially and actual name for Deadpool 3 coming out July 25th this year for Australia. This is still just a teaser trailer but it shows that Deadpool is a lot smarter than internet leakers.


Not a reboot but a continuation of the original (and still awesome) Twister film is Twisters. Out on July 18 for Australia this is still produced by Steven Spielberg but features a new cast and new director.

The Fall Guy

Not a premiere trailer but still a new one for the new Fall Guy movie. The Fall Guy was an 80s TV Series about a stuntman/private investigator. Not quite as long as the previous trailers but shows a little bit of how Sydney will be portrayed from the filming last year that closed the Harbour Bridge. The Fall Guy is out May 2nd for Australia.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Another in the now long line of this rebooted series picking up where War for the Planet of the Apes left off in 2017. The reboot of this one has come a long way since 2001.


Based on the Broadway musical based on the original movie Wizard of Oz *looks at the recent Mean Girls musical film* this is actually part one of two coming out 29th of November this year. We are 90% sure that Beetlejuice 2 will not be an adaption of the musical of the movie.

The Boys

TV was not completely skipped with the Big Game release frenze with Vought from the Boys releasing their own Trailer.



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