This Week in Games: Jan 22 – 27


Slip into teh shoes of a 12 year old to do some interogations, Capcom’s most famous legal eagle, ink based fantasy, hand or be handed a beatdown and a couple of honourable mentions that just look a bit cool, yeah we know you aren’t going to get to play all of them. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting early with ‘Howl,’ launching first on PlayStation Monday before being available on the Epic Store Tuesday and Xbox on Wednesday (it is already out for the Switch). Not only does this game promise a mystical journey filled with choices and secrets, but it also boasts an incredible ink-style gameplay. Imagine every scene drawn from the night itself, where shadows and light play on your screen like a living canvas.

Court is in session, folks! The much-awaited ‘Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy’ is rolling out its legal drama starting this Wednesday on PlayStation. But the gavel doesn’t stop there – it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on Thursday, and then making a grand entrance on Xbox and Steam on Friday.

If gritty character driven investigation is more your thing, but you still want warm squishmallow type vibes in your games then Lil Guardsman might be your game of choice this week. Play as the 12 year old daughter of the gate guardsman filling in for her Dad while a wedding to merge two kingdoms is underway. If you can manage to successfully interrogate all 100+ unique characters to earn a perfect score. This is for every platform (yes all of them) on Wednesday.

Brace yourselves because the king of iron fist is back with a bang! This Friday, get ready to unleash some epic combos and experience jaw-dropping graphics as ‘Tekken 8’ hits PlayStation or if you have an Xbox/need it via Steam you will only have to wait until Saturday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the Pixel-perfect world of Dice of God, a turn based fighter which as you may have guessed uses dice. Dropping on Steam on Tuesday this has some Scott Pilgrim vs the World (the game) vibes about it while still being all about a fantasy adventure.

Also in honourable mentions for art styles we are into is Tardy coming to Xbox on Friday and PlayStation on Wednesday this has an air of Space Quest about it. It is already out on Steam  (and on Sale) if that is more of your jam but this is a point and click’ish type game with it being a little light on the adventure and more solve the puzzle in the room you are in to progress, but still has a lot of praise about it.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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The Street 10 (PlayStation)
Howl (PlayStation)
NINJA KATO 2 (Steam)
100 Capitalist Cats (Steam) – Free
Slime, Fire and Soul (Steam)
Lucky Pirate Deck (Steam)
Gravity Dash (Steam) – Free
The Hamster’s Journey (Steam)
You Can Save Everyone (Steam)
Out Of Mind (Steam)
Rotten Flesh – Cosmic Horror Survival Game (Steam)
JongRo 3_Street (Steam)
dont🔥red: SIM💾Trading (Steam) – Free
The Street 10 (Steam)
Super Monsters (Steam)
The Return of the King (Steam)
Peepo Hop! (Steam)

Neptune: Sisters VS Sisters (Switch)
Contraption Maker (Epic Games)
Howl (Epic Games)
Dice of God (Steam)
Mortal Glory 2 Prologue (Steam) – Free
Autocrats (Steam)
NightCrawler (Steam)
Writer’s Rush (Steam)
Hailing from the Abyss (Steam)
Meow Moments: Celebrating Together (Steam) – Free
Pirates Journey (Steam)
Absence of Light (Steam)
Sky Base Venus (Steam)
Real Coin Pusher (Steam) – Free
Brownie’s Haunted Christmas (Steam)
INFECTED – Super Soldier Project (Steam)
Aim in Space (Steam)
Project Jeff (Steam)
Animalistic Worlds (Steam)
Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles (Steam)
Save Giant Girl from monsters (Steam)
Caught On Camera (Steam)
Death Penalty Hero 死刑勇者 (Steam)
Disaster Golf (Steam)
B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Redux (Steam)
Bomber 3 (Steam)
Veggie Quest: The Puzzle Game (Steam)

Lil’ Guardsman (PlayStation/Epic Store/Xbox/Steam/Switch)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PlayStation)
Dead Man´s Diary (PlayStation)
Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil (PlayStation)
Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic (PlayStation)
The Legend of Steel Empire (Switch)
Moon Priestess (Switch)
Stargate: Timekeepers (Epic Store/Steam)
Howl (Xbox)
Stumble Guys (Xbox)
Snow Plowing Simulator – First Snow (Steam) – Free
Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator: Prologue (Steam) – Free
Captain Edward (Steam)
The Source (Steam)
Gods Against Machines Prologue (Steam) – Free
Right and Down and Dice (Steam)
Dizzy Fight (Steam)
Sect And Monsters (Steam)
Splurge (Steam)
Army of Tentacles: Assault on Rainbow Unicorn Island (Steam)
Heroes of Eternal Quest (Steam)
Little Loki & The Yggdrasil Maze (Steam)
Taddle Quest (Steam)
Desktop Tourney World (Steam)
Foothold (Steam VR) – Free
Dracula Awakens (Steam)
Toribash Next (Steam) – Free
无畏舰队:炮火战争(Noah City:Rise of the conqueror) (Steam) – Free
The Witch’s Cauldron (Steam)
Conquistadors (Steam)
MetaGraph (Steam)

Alpaca Wonders Why (PlayStation/Steam)
Jett Rider (PlayStation/Steam)
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes (PlayStation/Switch/Steam)
PuzzlePet: Feed Your Cat (PlayStation/Switch)
Grotto (PlayStation)
Tardy (PlayStation)
Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal (Switch)
Chip’s Challenge (Switch)
Evil Nun: The Broken Mask (Switch)
Arcade Tycoon (Switch)
Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic (Switch)
Oops, I Said Yes?! (Switch)
Starward Rogue (Switch)
Anomaly Agent (Xbox/Steam)
Climber: Sky is the Limit (Xbox)
Remains (Xbox)
Saga of the Moon Priestess (Xbox/Steam)
Shalnor Legends 2: Trials of Thunder (Xbox)
Toribash Next (Epic Store)
Walls of Rust (Steam)
Space Accident VR (Steam VR)
Drop Pane: Not Only Match-3 (Steam)
Enshrouded (Steam)
NOSE (Steam)
FLAKE The Legend of Snowblind (Steam)
Plastomorphosis (Steam)
Roots of Yggdrasil (Steam)
CubeCubeRubik (Steam)
Seqitaire (Steam)
The Twilight Witch (Steam) – Free
牧场大作战(Ranch Battle) (Steam)
Space Nature Attack Tower Defense (Steam)
KRITIKA: ZERO (Steam) – Free
Red Glare (Steam)
I Fell In Love With A Fantasy Farmer (Steam)
Re into Another World (Steam)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch)
射日传说 Sun-shot legend (Steam)
Tale of the Seas (Steam)
Dream of the Star Haven (Steam) – Free
DeepSea Serenity: VR Underwater Trip (Steam VR)
Last Castle Guardians (Steam)

TEKKEN 8 (PlayStation/Steam)
Anomaly Agent (Switch/Xbox/Steam)
Boaty Tanks 2 (Switch)
Moto Rush GT Ultimate Edition (Switch)
Jett Rider (Switch/Xbox)
Brain Memory Training Academy (Switch)
Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil (Switch/Xbox)
KOBOLOK (Switch)
UFO: Henfield (Switch)
Post-apocalyptic Old man (Switch)
SciFi Racer Simulator (Switch)
Sweets Drop (Switch)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Xbox/Steam)
Go Mecha Ball (Xbox/Steam)
Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic (Xbox)
The House of Da Vinci (Xbox)
Jett Rider – Reduce, reuse and BLAST IT OFF! (Xbox)
Phantom Abyss (Game Preview) (Xbox)
PuzzlePet – Feed Your Cat (Xbox)
Starward Rogue (Xbox)
Weapon Meister (Steam)
MR 333 II: Planetbirth (Steam) – Free
The Cauldron Kids: The Summoning of Mr. Vermicelli (Steam)
I commissioned some snails (Steam)
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (Steam)
Unforetold: Witchstone (Steam)
极简塔防 – Minimalist Tower Defense (Steam)
Supermarket Simulator: Prologue (Steam) – Free
One Fine Tourney (Steam)
Battle Echoes (Steam)
Flash of the Blade (Steam)
Core Devourer (Steam)
RIN: The Last Child (Steam)
Mad World – Age of Darkness – MMORPG (Steam) – Free
Elhosea (Steam)
Noxia Somnia (Steam)
Fractured Veil (Steam)
Crowded Mysteries (Steam)
Meta Visual Art (Steam VR)
Looking For Cats In a Badly Drawn City (Steam) – Free
Panda? (Steam)
TEKKEN 8 (Steam)
Procrastinaut (Steam) – Free
Jaki’s Wacky Adventure (Steam)
Man in the Dark (Steam)
Wild Legion (Steam)
Tiny Battles (Steam)
Abyss Manager Idle (Steam)
Ghost legend (Steam)
Flipshot (Steam)
Surveillance Simulator (Steam)
Birds vs Dragons (Steam)
Kagura Genesis: Kuon’s Story (Steam)
Foot Serve (Steam)
The Light in the Darkness (Steam) – Free
Scrap and Battery (Steam) – Free
Carnaval Simulator (Steam)
Hentai Clicker (Steam)
Duck’s Despair (Steam)
The Basement (Steam)
Hospital 666 (Steam)
Stack Slayer (Steam)

Classic Pool (Xbox)
Dead Tomb (Xbox)
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Standard Edition (Xbox/Steam)
sCATch 2: The Painter Cat (Xbox)
Croc’s World 4 (Xbox)
The Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection (Xbox/Switch)
Tardy (Xbox)
Counter-Shooter Strike Zone (Switch)
Negligee (Switch)
Zombie Football Simulator (Switch)
TEKKEN 8 (Xbox/Steam)
Tibetan Quest: Beyond World’s End (Xbox Version)
Paper Flight – Relic Hunter (Steam)
Tour Manager: Secret Stories (Steam)
Jump Out (Steam)
Professor Goodboi’s Ballistics (Steam)
BioGun: Clinical Trial (Steam) – Free
Swim Sacabambaspis! (Steam)
Mariam Game (Steam) – Free
Top Web Search 23 (Steam)
Paper Lily – Chapter 1 (Steam) – Free
Chains of Acquisition (Steam)
Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades (Steam)
F.I.T. (Steam)
Pirates! Showdown: Enhanced Edition (Steam)
Rogue Fable IV (Steam)
Detective Kiwi (Steam) – Free
The Mine (Steam)
Into the Necrovale (Steam)
Wall Ball (Steam)
A Night at the Watermill (Steam)
Santas Christmas Escape VR (Steam VR)
Quallet (Steam)
Lagoon Lounge 2: The Secret Roommate (Steam)
Kurone’s Feelings Apprentice Witch of Starfall Village (Steam)
The Tour (Steam)
Timeshift (Steam)
Alchemist Quest (Steam)

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