This Week in Games: Dec 18 – 23


VR sword play as an Assassin, pixel based adventures where your main character is counting down to their demise and a cursed Thomas the Tank Engine are some of the games to keep you entertained over the Christmas break. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Jumping straight to Wednesday for the final week of gaming releases for the year is Tiger Blade on PlayStation VR2. A FPS only if the S stands for Sword as you mix it up between gunplay and katana to cut your way John Wick style through a rival Tiger Clan.

On Friday we want to call out a game we already have for Steam/PC gamers a few weeks ago but coming to Xbox this Friday. Three Minutes to Eight is a pixel based point and click style adventure where the main character is destined to die at 07:57 PM exactly. Why are we giving this another call out? Because Christmas is coming and you are going to need some games that are little more than casual.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention goes to the most cursed nightmare fuel game that is heading to Xbox this week with the previously released Steam game Choo-Choo Charles. This FPS shooter combines travelling in your personal train with being hunted down by a Train with spider legs and a face like if Thomas the Tank Engine had a drug problem.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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DNF Duel (Epic Store)
Darksword: Battle Eternity (Steam VR)
Sanguo’s Ambition 4 :Three Kingdoms (Steam)
Suika game 3D (Steam)
西游志:山海战纪 (Steam)
OG Memory: Fall 2K23 (Steam)
Aegis Dilemma: Veritas Omnia Vincit (Steam)
VFurrika! (Steam)
Call of Farming : Together (Steam)
Card Fuse (Steam)
Only Up 2 (Steam)
Sir Magical Jelly (Steam)

Ravva and the Phantom Library (PlayStation)
Mediterranea Inferno (Epic Store)
Fireball Wizard (Switch)
XIIZEAL (Switch)
Entogious (Steam)
Goliath Depot (Steam)
Politon: Prologue (Steam)
XMas Toy Merge (Steam)
Another Chance (Steam)
The Enjenir (Steam)
Project Bridge (Steam)
Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square 2 (Steam)
Gaia’s Blessing (Steam)
Missing Kitty (Steam)
DarkAndLight (Steam)
phantom unit 999 (Steam)
Tank Mayhem (Steam)
Luminaria: Dark Echoes (Steam)

Deleted – Cyber Invasion (Xbox)
Bigfoot’s Journey (PlayStation)
Tiger Blade (PlayStation VR)
Santa’s World (PlayStation)
SokoWinter (PlayStation)
Vetrix Worlds (PlayStation)
Ravva and the Phantom Library (Switch)
Wall World (Switch)
Your Journey of Survival (Steam)
Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star (Steam)
Phantasie Memorial Set (Steam)
Star Command (Steam)
Savage Warriors (Steam)
Wargame Construction Set (Steam)
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! (Steam)
Prophecy of the Shadow (Steam)
Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury (Steam)
Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 (Steam)
Raindrop Sprinters (Steam)
Wild River Run (Steam)
Up N’ Down (Steam)
United Penguin Kingdom: Huddle up (Steam)
Stealth Blade (Steam)
Supreme Ruler The Great War Remastered (Steam)
Intruder Alert (Steam)
Purgatory Salvation (Steam)
Triadino (Steam)
Kill Santa (Steam)
New Stars (Steam)
Orbius (Steam)
kings call (Steam)
Tales of the Aswang VR (Steam VR)
AquaRevive – VR Game (Steam VR)
Cover Yourself in Blood (Steam)

Aery – Calm Mind 4 (Xbox / Steam)
Cave Digger 2 (Xbox)
fig. (Xbox)
Ravva and the Phantom Library (Xbox)
Rough Justice: ’84 (Xbox / PlayStation)
The Rumble Fish + (Xbox / PlayStation / Switch)
Vostok 2061 (Xbox)
Wall World (Xbox)
DETECTIVE – Stella Porta case (PlayStation / Steam)
Sherlock Holmes – The Hunt for Moriarty (PlayStation)
Synthetic Lover (PlayStation)
TEVI (Switch)
The Artist Colors (Switch)
ONE. (Switch)
Jet & Sky (Steam)
The Da Vinci Cryptex 3 (Steam)
Dungeon Mage (Steam)
Dolls (Steam)
漂移射手 DriftShooter (Steam)
Lazarus A.D. 2222 (Steam)
God of Stickfights (Steam)
Rogue Slime (Steam)
Micro macro farm (Steam)
Hidden Capybaras with Orange (Steam)
Queen’s Garden Christmas (Steam)
Galacticverse (Steam)
Beach Invasion 1945 – Pacific (Steam)
Shape of Clouds (Steam)
Pixsaw (Steam)
Christmas Girls (Steam)
Karvaros (Steam)
Zombie Survival Game Online (Steam)
Deidthraw (Steam)
Cosmic Armada (Steam)
Tank Of The Kayra (Steam)
Blouncy (Steam)
Capsule Cat’s Big Space Adventure (Steam)
Don’t Text and Drive (Steam)
Fifteen (Steam)
Genius Moves! (Steam)
World Warfare & Economics (Steam)
Social Status: Life Simulator (Steam)
Twizzle Puzzle: Animals (Steam)
Dude Simulator Six (Steam)
Hotel Heldritch (Steam)
White Sands (Steam)
Deep In The Snowy Night 2 (Steam)

Choo-Choo Charles (Xbox)
DETECTIVE – Stella Porta case (Xbox)
My Child Lebensborn Remastered (Xbox)
Ominous Tales – The Forsaken Isle (Xbox)
Paperman: Adventure Delivered (Xbox)
SokoWinter (Xbox)
Three Minutes To Eight (Xbox)
My Life: Farm Vet (PlayStation)
My Lolvely Dog Adventure (Switch)
Pajama Sam 3 (Switch)
Freddi Fish 4 (Switch)
Moorhuhn Invasion – Crazy Chicken Invasion (Switch)
Synthetic Lover (Switch)
Backroom Constructions (Switch)
Raccoo Venture (Switch)
Aery – Calm Mind 4 (Switch)
Cape’s Escape Game 6th Room (Switch)
Western Slot Machine (Switch)
The Day Before You Gone (Steam)
ONE. (Steam)
night nite (Steam)
Merry XMerge (Steam)
Containment Zones (Steam)
Fill the Cat Box! (Steam)
Punzel: Chapter I – Toujours la Meme Histoire (Steam)
Rogue Fable IV (Steam)
Christmas Runner (Steam)
Moorhuhn Invasion – Crazy Chicken Invasion (Steam)
Jinshin (Steam)
Ruff City (Steam)
Basketball Grand Slam 2024 (Steam)
Crying Alone (Steam)
The Bard for Her (Steam)
Super Cube 3D (Steam)
Casual Pro Wrestling (Steam)

9-Ball Pocket (Xbox)
Gray Dawn (Xbox)
Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace (Xbox)
Jinshin (Xbox)
Party Friends (Xbox)
Pixel Strike 3D (Xbox)
Railbreak (Xbox)
Rock ‘N Racing Off Road (Xbox)
SHMUP Mania (Xbox)
Wordsweeper by POWGI (Xbox)
Burst Hero (Epic Store)
Veranoia: Nightmare of Case 37 (Steam)
CandyVenture: Rebaked (Steam)
Atoms and Time (Steam)
Dungeon Renovation Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Revenge Of The Colon (Steam)
Tiny Survivors (Steam)
Tiny Car Mess (Steam)
Infinite Borders (Steam)

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