This Week in Games: Dec 11 – 16


Animatronic horror in VR, the LEGO game we should have expected and free DLC for your favourite God of War are the handful of games that we picked up on our radar for maybe the last this week in games for the year. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

In a pretty short week for big titles we have to first mention a quick sneaky release last week that will probably occupy most of your Christmas Holidays with LEGO Fortnite. Not a set but an actual LEGO + Fortnite game, this is free to play and available on most platforms but unlike main Fortnite this drops you in a randomly generated island in a coop build like mode (ok it is like Minecraft, but LEGO and Fortnite). Oh and it is already out.

And jumping to Friday for those who love both VR and Five Nights at Freddy’s is the sequel to the first VR outing with Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2. Coming out on just Steam VR this week but heading to PSVR2 soon this is much more of what you are expecting but set at Freddy’s sister location with fan favourite areas making a return.

Honourable Mention: And lastly our honourable mention this week goes to our favourite type of DLC, Free (if you already own God of War Ragnarök). Unveiled as part of the game awards last week Valhalla iis the free epilogue to the main game with Kratos only being accompanied by the severed head of Mimir. This is out for you to play from Thursday if you have the main game.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Yukar From the Abyss (Switch)
Trip World DX (Switch)
OG Puzzlers: Fall 2K23 (Steam)
OG Memory: Kira Maus (Steam)
Hell: distant lights (Steam)
Total blade (Steam)
Neon Geometry Dash (Steam)
Glimpse (Steam)
Cats Huddled Together (Steam)
Flying Stunt Simulator (Steam)

Mortal Online 2 (Epic Store)
For The Warp (Epic Store)
CityDriver (PlayStation)
Hell Well (PlayStation)
Towers and Powers (PlayStation)
Zumaji Delux (Switch)
Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition (Switch)
Hammerwatch II: The Chronicles Edition (Switch)
Windspan (Switch)
Marion Surgical Robot Game (Steam VR)
MalovModernArt Virtual Museum(Steam VR)
Hellbound Ropes (Steam)
No Fly Drone (Steam)
Myth of Future Dimension (Steam)
Highway Cleaners (Steam)
Soul Tolerance: Prologue (Steam)
PolyZen Drive (Steam)
Roguenarok (Steam)
Tercity Life Simulator (Steam)
Schism (Steam)
Call of Myth (Steam)
Surviving with a Bat (Steam) (Steam)
Furniture Busters (Steam)
Dragon Bobby – The Story of a Life (Steam)
Cursed Enigma – Priest and Prayers (Steam)
The Da Vinci Cryptex 2 (Steam)
Onsui (VR) (Steam)
HunterX: code name T (Steam)
Captain Pawsome (Steam)
The Night Of The Inquisitor (Steam)
Super Sushi Roll (Steam)
Barbelé (Steam)

Cards We’re Dealt (Xbox)
Dungeons of Sundaria (Xbox)
Bear and Breakfast (PlayStation)
Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition (PlayStation)
Hammerwatch II (PlayStation)
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (PlayStation)
Hidden Paws (PlayStation)
Raccoo Venture (PlayStation)
Hell Well (Switch)
Truck Offroad Sim (Steam)
Lost Mansion (Steam)
Stellaris Nexus (Early Access) (Steam)
UNITED 1944 (Early Access) (Steam)
Detective Hayseed – The Cloning Madness (Steam)
Stargate: Timekeepers (Steam)
Golf Odyssey 2 DX (A$ 43.95) (Steam)
Risk of Pain (Steam)
Token Town (Steam)
Mycosis (Steam)
Anomalistic Revolution: Prelude (Steam)
Tales from The Dancing Moon (Steam)
Trip Not (Steam)
DarkMatter: The Strange Messenger (Steam)
DreadMoon (Steam)
You Got Crabs (Steam)
Dark Sun (Steam)
Endless Furry Tower Defense (Steam)
Mirage: Beyond The Screen (Steam)
Neon Fantasy: Predators (Steam)
Slime Link (Steam)
Pioneers of Pagonia (Steam)
I’m the Policeman (Steam)
Planes Combat (Steam)

Hell Well (Xbox / Steam)
Extreme Bike Racing (Xbox)
Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival (Epic Store)
RISING DUSK (PlayStation)
Stickman’s Arena (PlayStation)
Western Slot Machine (PlayStation)
Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger’s Requiem (Switch)
ToyBox Christmas (Switch)
Yuletide Legends: Who Framed Santa Claus (Switch)
My Lovely Dog Adventure (Steam)
Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine (Steam)
Garden of Seif: Curse of Gravehollow Peaks (Steam)
Great Filter (Steam)
Dreadstone – The Immortal Prisoner (Steam)
Whispering Paws (Steam)
Emplacement (Steam)
PowerWash Adventure (Steam)
Destiny Star Girlfriend (Steam)
Japan Train Models – JR East Edition (Steam)
Roll for Life (Steam)
Cultivation Fantasy (Steam)
Christmas Wonderland 14 Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (Steam)
The King In Yellow – Escape Room (Steam)
Damaaz the Barbarian Warlock (Steam)
Centrist (Steam)
Christmas Yarn 2 (Steam)
Auto Tow Truck Simulator (Steam)
Bugger Off! (Steam)
Harmony in the Wild (Steam)
Last Minute Shopping (Steam)
Crack it! (Steam)
House Flipper 2 (Steam)

Aztek Tiki Talisman (Xbox / PlayStation / Switch / Steam)
Cookie Cutter (Xbox / Epic Store / Steam)
Raccoo Venture (Xbox)
Rising Dusk (Xbox)
Not For Broadcast: VR (PSVR)
Emergency Call – The Attack Squad (PlayStation)
Palia (Switch)
Stickman’s Arena (Switch)
Crashy Laps (Switch)
Farm Land: Kitty Edition (Switch)
Zombie Defense: Commando Edition (Switch)
Z Escape: Complete Edition (Switch)
Knights & Guns NY Edition (Switch)
Hirlum (Switch)
Pony World – Color by Numbers (Switch)
Sakura Agent (Switch)
Lady of bones, a mother’s legacy (Steam)
I Bring The Chaos (Steam)
My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons (Steam)
Purrfect Rescue (Steam)
WhiteTrick (Steam)
Snowman Story (Steam)
QuietMansion1 (Steam)
Bahnsen Knights (Steam)
Djikstra’s Enigmatic Puzzle Cube (Steam)
Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 – Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Racket Club (Steam VR)
StreamWare (Steam)
SeaOrama: World of Shipping (Steam)
Art is Boom (Steam)
Siege Island (Steam)
(the) Gnorp Apologue (Steam)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 (Steam VR)
Home Defender (Steam)
Mind Over Magic (Steam)
Square Logic (Steam)
Cosmic Rollers: Orbital Odyssey (Steam)
Toucan Rampage: Sandstorm Shooter (Steam)
Cozy Together ☕ (Steam)
Bistro Blitz (Steam)

Argonauts Agency 2: Pandora’s Box (Xbox)
Ballotron Coolbox (Xbox)
Criminal Expert (Xbox)
Emergency Call – The Attack Squad (Xbox)
Everdream Valley (Xbox)
Hirilun (Xbox)
Trinity Fusion Pre-Order Bundle (Xbox)
Yuletide Legends: Who Framed Santa Claus (Xbox)
SeaOrama: World of Shipping (Epic Store)
Acrylic Nails: Xmas Edition (Switch)
RBM Studio’s Gettysburg (Steam)
Spellz: Mastery or Death (Steam)
Paper Flight – Future Battles (Steam)
Walpurgis Raid (Steam)
RGBounce (Steam)
AutoHeroes (Steam)
One-armed robber (Steam)
小钢炮大冒险 Hot Hatch Adventure (Steam)
Cyan Avenger (Steam)
Few Nights More: Genesis (Steam)
Bockito (Steam)
Diceheart (Steam)
Politon: Prologue (Steam)
Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus (Steam)
Russians vs Lizards: Horror (Steam)
Ancient Russian Life Simulator (Steam)
Quiet on Set (Steam)
Where is the meaning? (Steam)
Renaissance Kingdom Wars – Prologue (Steam)
Palm Simulator (Steam)
Heatchain (Steam)
Manitas Kitchen (Steam)
Girls Hobby in LOVE (Steam)
ConSPYration (Steam)
Born Again (Steam)
Zeitghast (Steam)
My Academy’s Special Place (Steam)
Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness (Steam)
Brittle (Steam)
Orcish Skies (Steam)
Rocococo ~ Audiogame Fantastique (Steam)
New Stars (Steam)

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