This Week in Games: Jun 27 – Jul 2


Horror hotels, dirt bike racing, rabbid party games, piloting cargo ships and temporal puzzles are some of the things to look forward to in an otherwise fairly light week in gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week with some light horror with Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel coming to PlayStation first on Tuesday and releasing on Steam this Wednesday. Filling the shoes of a journalist trying to solve a mystery in a remote hotel where you discover a camera that reveals different timelines leading you to fanatical cults, human experimentation and apparitions roaming the halls.

If you want to get dirty this week with some Motocross or ATV racing then check out MX vs ATV Legends out for PlayStation on Tuesday and Steam + Xbox on Wednesday. Not quite open world but featuring massive open environments for off-road raching this one has 2 player split screen and 16 player online gameplay with a campaign mode to give you the gold to chase for.

If you are are in need of gaming for a house full of peeps then perhaps Rabbids: Party of Legends coming later this week. Developed by Ubisoft China think of this of Mario Party but with Rabbibs and not exclusive to the Switch with it also coming out on Xbox and PlayStation this Thursday.

And lastly for Thursday is some Temporal puzzle solving platforming with Tempusia. How does it work? Tempusia uses rewinding to allow the player to ‘rewind’ their actions and create a temporal clone who repeats the players actions. Coming to Steam this one looks pretty satisfying to play when we get our hands on it this week.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the completely unbelievable scenario of a shipping freighter getting stuck in a canal. WHATEVER has you doing exactly that with piloting a small shipping freighter through a winding canal. This one is looking like it will be dropping this week but the demo is already available for you to play right now.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Escape If You Can (Steam)
Scranny (Steam)
Blue Star Mobile Team (Steam)
HUMDLE (Steam)
Crimson Standard (Steam)
Faraway (Steam)
Everyone Moves With You (Steam)
Redaxium 2 (Steam)
Twin Edge (Steam)

Fobia: St. Dinfnal Hotel (PS)
DNF Duel (PS)
MX vs ATV Legends (PS)
Squish (Switch)
Can Androids Survive (Switch)
Yakuza Undisputed (Steam)
Odd One Out (Steam)
Island Idle RPG (Steam)
Ukrainien Agent (Steam)
Space Aces (Steam)
BTank (Steam)
永夜之役 (Steam)
Class Five Memorial GAME (Steam)
生死狙击2 (Steam)
Clown For Speed (Steam)
DNF Duel (Steam)
Battlerace (Steam)
Lil’ Horror Stories: The Camp Fire (Steam)
Nightly Maintenance: Malcom’s Story (Steam)
三国群将传 (Steam)
Ned Kelly: Armored Outlaw (Steam)
The Chronicle (Steam)
In The Space – Escape Room (Steam)

Hillbilly Doomsday (PS/XB/Switch)
Taco Tom 2 (PS/Switch)
The Legend of Bum-bo (PS/Switch)
Pimania (Steam)
DonutCrabs (Steam)
A Game with a Kitty 1 & Darkside Adventures (Steam)
Mini Maker: Make A Thing (Steam)
Ultimaze (Steam)
Disgaea 6 Complete (Steam)
MX vs ATV Legends (XB/Steam)
Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel (Steam)
魔法书起源(Origin of the magic book) (Steam)
蒸汽海洋 (Steam VR)
Plop Saga (Steam)
A game that saves the muscles caught in the ceiling of the gymnasium (Steam)
Feartress (Steam)
EXIT – The Curse of Ophir (Steam)
Birb Race (Steam)
SnackHunter (Steam)

My Universe: Green Adventure Farmer Friends (PS/Switch)
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Switch
Outriders Worldslayer (PS/XB)
Rabbids: Party of Legends (PS/XB/Switch)
Tour De France 2022 (XB)
Black Wolf (PS)
Hourglass (PS/Switch)
Corpse Factory (Switch)
Ding Tales (Switch)
Ground Drivers! (Switch)
Sine the Game (Switch)
MYSPERYENCE Story 1 (Switch)
Salaryman Shi (Switch)
Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure (Switch)
Red White Yellow Cruising (Switch)
Black Wolf (Switch)
Fill-it (Switch)
Gliding Square (Switch)
僕と彼の危険な同居生活 (Steam)
Ukraine Defense Force Tactics (Steam)
Thrill Penguin (Steam)
Ragdolls Playground: The Sandbox (Steam)
Vikindor (Steam)
Chess Variants – Omnichess (Steam)
Just Another Runner (Steam)
Tempusia (Steam)
Untitled Survival Game (Steam)
The Ghost Ship (Steam)
Fungiman (Steam)
Where’s Oswald (Steam)
Melrose Café (Steam)
Salaryman Shi (Steam)
Stream Toys by Zokya (Steam)
Horrid Henry’s Krazy Karts (Steam)
Dragon’s Dilemma (Steam)
The Nameless Braves: Heaven (Episode 1) (Steam)
Incoherence (Steam)

F1 22 (PS/XB)
Almost My Floor (PS)
Bocce (PS)
The Jumping Sandwich (PS)
Outriders Worldslayer (XB)
Hourglass (XB)
Lumberjack Simulator (XB)
Brushana: Rising Flowers of Genpei (Switch)
Almost My Floor (Switch)
Beasties (Switch)
Itadaki Smash (Switch)
Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon (Switch)
Parasite Pack (Switch)
Nakana Bundle #1 (Switch)
Nakana Bundle #2 (Switch)
Nakana Bundle #3 (Switch)
Gamedec (Switch)
JETBOY & the Randomizer of DOOM (Switch)
Spiderbro (Steam)
P R I S M – A Visual Novel (Steam)
Take no Prisoners (Steam)
Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf (Steam)
Zombies Midnight (Steam)
Hook 2 (Steam)
Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms (Steam)
HordounD (Steam)
Burial Stone (Steam VR)
Rich Lands (Steam)
The Galactic Junkers (Steam)
Zombies Attack (Steam)
The Jackbox Party Starter (Steam)
Our Home (Steam)
My Universe – Green Adventure – Farmer Friends (Steam)
Phantom Tentacle (Steam)
Charging Out Dead Zone (Steam)
SnailQuest (Steam)
密閉Airtight (Steam)
另一种修仙 (Steam)
命运战歌 (Steam)
qingping Bookstore (Steam)
岛中夜鬼 Yato’s story (Steam)
Rivalry warlord Sengoku (Steam)
Was it a cat I saw? (Steam)
Button Lock 2: Star Carrier (Steam)
Entry (Steam)
Truffle Hogs (Steam)
Ball Go Home (Steam)
Turtles vs. Mushrooms (Steam)
TrackRace (Steam)
Flappy Butt (Steam)
Light Maze (Steam)
Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight (Steam)
Numina (Steam)
Notoris: The Goblin War (Steam)
ShadowSENSE. (Steam)
Knights of the Kitchen Table (Steam)
Indigo Loop (Steam)
The Accursed Crown of the Giant King (Steam)
Dare to Stay (Steam)
Galaxity : Bangkok VR (Steam VR)
Five nights at Floppa 0 (Steam)
The Oldest Edda (Steam)
Pixel (Steam)
That Castle (Steam)
Kogarashi (Steam)
Squish (Steam)

NinCat (Switch)
Almost My Floor (XB)
Outriders Worldslayer (XB)
Renzo Racer (XB)
Chasing Halo:Iron Storm (Steam)
The Twilight of Infinity (Steam)
Hungry Galaxies (Steam)
Escape the Ether (Steam)
Bounder (Steam)
Wanted! Monty Mole (Steam)
Monty on the Run (Steam)
F1® 22 (Steam VR)
Colour Card Game (Steam)
mrFOX (Steam)
Omega Squad (Steam)
Bones and Magic (Steam)
FireSquad (Steam)
Planet S (Steam)
Hajis (Steam)
HRS: devil game I (Steam)
Swift Attack (Steam)
Noctem (Steam)
Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation (Steam)
Pixel Survivors : Roguelike (Steam)
Mr. Triangle’s Maze (Steam)
百将群英传 (Steam)
Pirate Souls (Steam)
海岛守卫 Island guards (Steam)
Mini Island: Cosmos (Steam)
发现姐姐是妹控的我今后该如何是好 (Steam)
Junkyard War (Steam)
Pandemic 1993 (Steam)
Big Flying Asteroid (Steam)
Turbo Light Rush (Steam)
Kokoro’s Gensokyo Journey: The Lost Masks (Steam)
Fire Truck Simulator (Steam)
Project Speed 2 (Steam)