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Rick & Morty, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros, Archer, if at least one of these made you think back to your favourite one-liner quote then you probably are a fan of Adult Swim and/or the heyday of Fox Animation. With so many shows and so many episodes the number of shows that hit Motion Picture ranks could be counted on one hand a new tasty fried morsel has been served up for in cinemas, Bob’s Burgers.

While pretty much the norm now there was a time that mature or adult animation was not a thing outside the realm of more wicka wicka wow wow styles of hand drawn entertainment. From Disney’s duck based entertainment to dubbed for western audience series like Battle of the Planets most animation was always aimed for kids with the goal of selling toys with the casual domestic abuse threats of Fred Flintstone being the limit. But then there was the Simpsons, and what was fringe or for kids became mainstream.

The Simpsons passing the Flintstones to hold the lonest running animated series title and with it the floodgates for adult animation sitcoms were open. For every dozen or so one-season shows we did however score some shows that are still running to this day clocking in over a decade and in some cases more often from the Fox Animation studios that brought Family Guy and Futurama but also the 238 episodes and multiple Emmy awards for Bob’s Burgers.

If you aren’t familiar with Bob’s Burgers then that is ok it was not exactly repeated on Channel 10 5 days a week like the Simpsons with most Bob’s Burgers fans in Australia limited to either Foxtel or purchasing DVD sets as the few legal means.

The basic goes like this Bob (aka owner of Bob’s Burgers) is a Burger Chef who lives above his Burger shop on Ocean Avenue, just down the street from the pier and Wonder Wharf amusement park. Bob voiced by the unmistakable Archer like tones of H. Jon Benjamin and his wife Linda along with 3 kids Tina, Gene and Louise don’t so much go on adventures as adventures come to them and their bordering on closure yet always ‘re’-opening burger shop. Honestly, that is it. While there are a cast of characters, the occasional musical interlude, if you are a fan of after-dark Cartoon Network like content then you already know what to expect.

The Bob’s Burgers movie is following in the vein of the Simpsons Movie with it being the big screen adaption of the small screen show. With Bob’s stress about going out of business being an almost constant as the story kicks off with a visit to the bank followed by a large sinkhole impending paying back a loan. While you might get some extra enjoyment from knowing the characters from the small screen it is almost completely unnecessary as long as you are a fan of inappropriate comments in normal conversations.

The film itself also has a few other things in common with the Simpson’s movie with the big screen adaption following the same art style as the more 2D series but definitely seeming like computer animation styled after the series art style to add much more depth to the characters and worth which is strangely needed for an adventure that seldom goes outside of it’s own street.

So, should you go see it? If you are a fan of Bob’s Burgers this is the kinda niche thing you have been hanging out for but if you have never seen an episode then you should DEFINITELY not use that as a reason to not go to see this because as long as you are a fan of Adult Swim series this is definitely worth the watch. Plus, how many movies can you easily justify some burgers before seeing?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is serving in cinemas across Australia from Thursday May 26th (hey that’s today with the still ongoing series streaming now on Disney+)

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movie-review-the-bobs-burgers-movieIf you are a fan Bob's Burgers gives you exactly what you expect with grade-A beef of one liners and inappropriate one-liners as Bob slowly continues ih's decent into an early stress related coronary that will reset in time for the next episode. If you have never seen a single episode then Bob's Burgers is just the sort of movie you need to cleanse the pallet between maniacs with metal gauntlets and magic stones. P.S. There is a little something at the end of the credits but it's not an Easter Egg from the series so if you want a little smile maybe hang around