This Week in Games: Jan 17 – 22


Back on the gaming horse for 2022 starts with the latest from the Tom Clancy franchise vs Aliens, 16bit monster golf, a dash of puppers and some new coverings for your PS5 (if you are lucky enough to have one). But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Start your year with gaming with some fireteam gaming in Rainbow Six: Extraction on PlayStation and Xbox this Thursday. Team up with 2 other players as you run missions to rescue teammates from aliens without needing to be extracted yourself.

Mixing Links Awakening with pretty much any 16 bit golf game you have ever played and you get RPGolf Legends also out this Thursday. This top down adventure title mixes playing golf with open world adventure as you play as a girl who meets the spirit of a golf club and then has to defeat various monsters as you adventure from the green to drifting a bus in snow to flying zeppelins (it’s a little weird but we like weird). You can pick this up for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam this week.

And lastly in the week for PlayStation 5 owners who might be a bit bored with their plain white covers, Sony is releasing the first of the replaceable covers for the Digital and Regular versions of the PS5. This week you can pickup the Black and Red covers to match the new controllers but expect the other controller colour matching covers to be not too far away.

Honourable Mention: And finally this week to ease you into the new year not every game needs to be about fighting monsters and aliens with Pupperazzi you play photographer for puppers. Build up your portfolio, get new equipment, and take pictures of dogs. Try it out on Xbox and Steam this Friday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Queeny Army (PS)
Racing Classics PRO: Drag Race & Real Speed (Switch)
Shadow Man Remastered (Switch)
Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag (Switch)
Kubi Adventures (Switch)
元宇宙普信男生存指南 (Steam)
Drop one NPC to another (Steam)
Fear of the Dark (Steam)
Pocket Rocket (Steam)
Slime Crown (Steam)
Mage Tower (Steam)

Surviving the Aftermath: Day One Edition (Switch)
Dysmantle (XB)
Labyrinth Legend (Switch)
Drowning Cross (Switch)
Vaccine Delivery Adventure (Steam)
Ibatic (Steam)
McSpace Colosseum (Steam)
The Amethyst Stones (Steam)
Operation: VICUS (Steam)
What Lies in the Multiverse – Prologue (Steam)
BombSweeperVR (Steam VR)
Skator Gator (Steam)
The Immaculate Drag (Steam)
Kovox Pitch (Steam)
Nevedomo (Steam)
Race! Beauty! Bugs! (Steam)
Krai. Digital-poetry vol. 1 (Steam)
Follow the Black Kitten (Steam)
Alchemist of War (Steam)
ONE WAY (Steam)
Colony Simulator (Steam)
Dog Adventure (Steam)
我就是要红 (Steam)
File Under Kingdom (Steam)
Mental Math Tutor (Steam)
Warriors Heaven (Steam)
Old Salt (Steam)
—Red—Tether–> (Steam)
Solitaire Expeditions (Steam)
Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90’s (Steam VR)
Blacksmith Legends (Steam)

Nobody Saves the World (XB/Steam)
Guild of Ascension (Switch)
Vivid Knight (Switch)
The Zombie Smasher (Steam)
Time Master (Steam)
Chessformer (Steam)
Ancient Gladiators (Steam)
Starship Wars (Steam)
Aberration (Steam)
Hop Skip and Thump (Steam)
Run Run Piñata (Steam)
Space Hopper (Steam)
Puck Bash (Steam)
Trance (Steam)
Where is Paradise ? (Steam)
Gravity Game (Steam)
Social Credit Simulator (Steam)
Alina of the Arena (Steam)
Zombie Vampires (Steam)
The Monster Breeder (Steam)
Shuzzler (Steam)

Rainbow Six Extraction (PS/XB)
RPGolf Legends (PS/Switch/Steam)
Kinduo (PS)
Demon Hunter: Ascendance (Switch)
Windjammers 2 (Switch/Steam)
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (Switch)
Scrapnaut (Switch)
Nature (Switch)
Road Bustle (Switch)
Alien Destroyer (Switch)
Dragon Hills 2 (Switch)
Blackwind (Switch/Steam)
Pixel Game Maker Series THUNDER STRIKER (Switch)
JankBrain (Switch)
Make the Burger (Switch)
War and Empires (Steam)
Cat Swap Tiles (Steam)
Watcher Chronicles (Steam)
Ys IX -Monstrum NOX- (Steam)
Wordish (Steam)
Impulsive Force (Steam)
Energy Island Corp. (Steam)
Spiders Everywhere (Steam)
Hidden Islands (Steam)
Hidden Map (Steam)
Slime Village VR (Steam VR)
Jump Lanes (Steam)
Luckitown (Steam)
Obama (Steam)
3D Solar System Simulator (Steam VR)
Break (Steam)
WARNO (Steam)
Alan’s Automaton Workshop (Steam)
Guns N Stuff 2 (Steam)
灵途 (Steam)
Tough Law (Steam)
20b (Steam)
Elementite (Steam)
Dead No-Head (Steam)
Aquamarine (Steam)
The Red Exile (Steam)
Startup Panic (Steam)

Sony PlayStation 5 Console Cover – Cosmic Red
Sony PlayStation 5 Console Cover – Midnight Black
Blackwind (XB)
Downslope (XB/Steam)
Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S (XB)
Pupperazzi (XB/Steam)
RPGolf Legends (XB)
Rise of the Third Power (XB)
Windjammers 2 (XB)
Merek’s Market (Switch)
Baby Storm (Switch)
Go Minimal (Switch)
Dungeons of Shalnor (Switch)
Kinduo (Switch)
The Company Man (Switch)
How To Bathe Your Cat: Impossible Mission (Steam)
If you win…you lose ! (Steam)
Straight Ahead (Steam)
Pyramid Quest (Steam)
Spinning Maze (Steam)
Dark Flame (Steam)
Newton Going Home (Steam)
Late Bird (Steam)
Gunslinger Valley (Steam)
NEON STRUCT: Desperation Column (Steam)
Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP (Steam)
SKAZKA (Steam)
Expeditions: Rome (Steam)
Johnny Boy: Red Moon’s Kiss – Episode 1 (Steam)
Warcos (Steam)
Trinoline Genesis (Steam)
モールス信号で愛を伝えよ。 (Steam)
Sharon and the Last Garden (Steam)
Ninja Usagimaru: Two Tails of Adventure (Steam)
Nope Nope Nurses (Steam)
The Monstrous Frontier (Steam)
守护者盟约 (Steam)
Kill To Live (Steam)
η κλοπή του ΚΡΑΣΙΟΥ (Steam)
Unriddle (Steam)
Mirror 2: Project X (Steam)
Sword Reverie (Steam VR)
Presidential Running Games (Steam)
Kurokami-sama’s Feast (Steam)
Word Game (Steam)
Twins Edge : Back and Forth (Steam)
Hello Lady! – Complete Edition (Steam)
Cyber-Cat (Steam)
The Black Cat Magician (Steam)
Room Prison (Steam)
The Hollows Chapter 1 The Sisters (Steam)
Zodiacats (Steam)
Survive The Hill (Steam)
Adarin Farm (Steam)
消失的纪元 The Lost Era (Steam)
Zombie War (Steam)

Gravity Chase (XB)
Jack ‘n’ Hat (PS/XB)
Kinduo (XB)
Hammer Kid (Switch)
A Maze Fox (Steam)
Color Patterns (Steam)
爆战联盟 (Steam)
神徒 (Steam)
Forest (Steam)
Strange Horticulture (Steam)
After Dark VR (Steam VR)
Synchronizacja (Steam)
Velocity Noodle (Steam)
Jivana (Steam)
Red Bash (Steam)
UAL: Universal AIM League (Steam)
Crown Claimer (Steam)
Dummy Falls (Steam)
Rome 2077: Tactics (Steam)
中国战疫 (Steam)
Adventures Nearby (Steam)
Porcelana (Steam)
Dimension Shifter (Steam)
Crystal Chaos (Steam)
Rapture – The Beginning (Steam)
Hyper Road Carnage (Steam)
Cat Adventure (Steam)
GwenBlade (Steam)
Greedy Corgi (Steam)
极简地牢 Simple Killer (Steam)
Stairway to Heaven’s Gate (Steam)