DC FanDome 2021 Recap


In case you didn’t get up at 4am AEST this morning saw this years DC FanDome online event. In what started as an event to cope with no San Diego Comic Con Hall H event with COVID last year, the DC FanDome is more and more looking like something that is here to stay with a one day (or half day) long event for all things DC Comics.

Much like the regular SDCC the 4 hour long event covered a gambit of TV, films and collectables that are in the pipe for DC and coming soon for us. While a large chunk was very much specific to the HBO Max exclusives that we will no doubt get much later either via Netflix or Foxtel/Binge there was still plenty to be excited about


The Batman was clearly the hot item to be shown with last years FanDome only showing a teaser whereas this year the film is less than 6 months away (out March 2022). This trailer was shown at the end of the FanDome but just because it was at the end it doesn’t mean you have to wait but if you want the full panel that proceeded it we have linked the full DC FanDome event video right at the bottom of this article.

While we were hopeful for a FlashPoint trailer ‘The Flash’ did make an appearance with a taser made just for the event voiced by Michael Keaton showing Barry + others heading into Wayne Manor. Flashpoint being the DC Comics event that lead into the new 52 with the Flash time travelling and changing reality but in the DCEU we expect it to be the catalyst that takes up from the Snyderverse into the next DC Cinematic (even the Flash being able to time travel was only shown in the Snyder cut).

During the event Black Adam definitely lead the DC FanDome being the first movie shown out of the gate but with mostly concept art and behind the scenes with some introductions by the actors behind some of the other characters we can look forward to seeing including Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Dr Fate and Cyclone. The film is only just now in post production but we did get a sneak of an opening scene with Black Adam\ (cued up below)

Animated films were not forgotten with the animated Injustice film coming out next week on streaming platforms for purchase. The film is based on the game by Mortal Kombat creators that was later adapted into an ongoing comic by Melbourne DC writer Tom Taylor. This one is possibly the first DC Animated film to be rated R.

Black Adam was not the only film for the Rock with him also voicing Krypto in the DC League of Super Pets coming in 2022. Previously we got a teaser trailer confirming this is not a drill for the upcoming animated movie starring Ace, Streaky and more.

DC FanDome was not without some surprise announcement with a Live Action Blue Beetle movie based on the Jaime Reyes version of Blue Beetle from the New 52 and Batman Brave and the Bold. There is no release date for the film but there was a teaser image of the costume.

The Aquaman sequel with a confirmed title of Aquaman the Lost Kingdom, showed some behind the scenes of the filming from Hawaii. Bouncing between Jason Momoa and Director James Wan we saw some grabs of action and concept art along with a confirmation of the return of Black Manta.

Also in Animated films the next DC Animated Movie, Catwoman Hunted got a first look. Obviously following Selina Kyle the new film which is more of an anime style also has Batwoman Kate Kane playing the foil. This is planned for February 8th for digital and is one of six animated films for next year as well as an animated showcase short with Matt Ryan reprising his Constantine role. These will also be joined by Teen Titans Go & DC Super Hero Girls Mayhem in Multiverse, Green Lantern: Beware my Power and Battle of the Super Sons which will be the first CG DC Animated film.

In Batgirl news the newly cast Leslie Grace and directors for the upcoming HBO Max film made an appearance. This one is extremely new and only in pre-production so not a lot was shown but there was definitely a lot of Batgirl of Burnside was shown during the interview. Most importantly it was clear that Batgirl has red hair.

Shazam Fury of the Gods was of course shown with a lot of behind the scenes with a lot of detail. We can expect more mythological elements with Harpies and other mythological beasts. While no trailer was shown there was definitely a vibe that the sequel will be bigger with bigger set pieces and action sequences while continuing from the first film.


With the Arrowverse still going even without Arrow there was of course some sit downs with Grant Gustin from The Flash which finally brings the gold boots to the TV Flash costume. A small chat with the cast of Superman & Lois which is confirmed for season 2. And leading to a chat with the cast of Supergirl as it is currently in its final season. Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow also got a mention as part of the Arrowverse slate.

Aquaman was not limited to the big screen with Aquaman King of Atlantis animated mini-series (3 part) trailer being dropped to coincide with the serial already being available in the US via HBO Max but it is also available via Binge for Australia right now (in addition to some of the songs being added to Spotify).

The Suicide Squad got a brief mention with a King Shark music video and an appearance from the cast but of course the main focus was a pretty long panel with James Gunn/John Cena + the team for the Peacemaker TV series coming to HBO Max for the US picking up from the end of Suicide Squad. Due out in the US in early January we are expecting to see this one through Binge for Australia as well.

Outside of the Arrowverse the non-HBO Max DC TV universe is not dead with Stargirl in it’s season season right now. For anyone who hasn’t been watching the series has followed the Geoff Johns Stargirl and has been pretty solid with it’s Justice Society references. In other DC show news – the excellent Doom Patrol which is mid-season 3 was confirmed for fourth season as was Titans which just finished up it’s Season 3.

A new live action adaption of the DC Comics Vertigo book DMZ. The series will be a 4 part show that is set against the plot of the comic which is the US is into its second civil war and Manhattan is a DMZ. The original book was 72 issues or 12 trade paperbacks so we don’t really know at this point how much of the book will be covered by those 4 episodes.

There was also a small panel for the upcoming live action series Naomi based on the Brian Michael Bendis character introduced into the DC Universe. The show is already in production so a very small sequence was show that confirms the character will exist in a live action world where Superman does exist. It is aimed for a 2022 release.

There was also a small segment about Sweet Tooth with a behind the scenes during it’s shooting in New Zealand and answering some fan questions with ‘Gus’. Sweet Tooth has been renewed for a Season Two.

The Batman spin-off Pennyworth was also announced for a Season 3 which has jumped to HBO Max which will no doubt have some changes to the local release for Australia.

For animated show news – Harley Quinn Season 3 is also on it’s way for 2022 with only some pre-animation footage shown but if you are really hard up for some animated Harley Quinn there is always the Eat Bang Kill Tour comic on stands now. Elsewhere in Gotham there was a panel on the Batman Caped Crusader Animated series from JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm which promises to be “more Batman the Animated Series than Batman the Animated Series” which translates to a more adult animated series. The Caped Crusader also promises to be more as an early career Batman who operates without GCPDs trust and develops his gadgets and Batmobile over the first season.

The new season of Young Justice, Season 4, was confirmed and has launched the first 2 episodes on HBO Max from today for the US. We expect that we will see it on Netflix as a complete season as the previous 3 have been. HOWEVER, even if we cannot watch the new season the first 4 minutes have been dropped on the HBO Max YouTube

Also mentioned was My Adventures with Superman, the animated series announced previously is still under production so there was nothing new outside of some previously released art. As was Neil Gaiman’s Sandman coming to Netflix.

Cars meets DC Comics with Batwheels which is a new TV series ained for pre-schoolers. The series will be an CGI animated series starring… the Batmobile.


The Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League got a tease of a link to the James Gunn Suicide Squad movie before showing us the most complete story based trailer that we have seen so far. The game which is set to release next year is being developed by Rocksteady who were behind the Arkham trilogy looks like it may be not set in the Arkham universe with a very brief Batman reference. Also noteworthy was the absence of the PS4 and Xbox One platforms meaning this might be a next-gen exclusive by the time it releases.

Gotham Knights got introduced as an ‘Action RPG’ before dropping a Story Trailer. Reconfirming the story occurs after Batman’s death in Arkham Knight the story makes it absolutely clear that the Court of Owls will play the role as the ‘big bad’ for the 4 game with Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin. The game is still looking for a 2022 release date.


Comics news was kept to a minimum but the newly returned Milestone Comics had a minor panel. For those who don’t know Milestone is the 90s comics imprint for people of colour in the US but for people outside the US we know this more for the characters that came from it such as Static, Hardware and Rocket & Icon both of whom are currently in a ‘Season One’ comic run.

Not quite comics but not quite TV was the focus on WebToons the comic website which recently added Wayne Family Adventures which is a vertically scrolling comic (or for Marvel fans a Marvel Infinity Comic style). While not mentioned as part of the coverage it was announced during the week that the series will be getting a live action treatment with Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, Spoiler, Oracle and more.

While there wasn’t that much mentioned of the main DC Continuity in the comics Jim Lee did spend a small amount of time talking about Superman’s impending Warworld saga in Action Comics and the spoilery news about Jon Kent in the Tom Taylor written Superman Son of Kal El series. But the big announcement for Superman across the board was while Superman has not been Truth, Justice and the American Way in some time with the American Way being dropped a few years ago – Superman will now stand for Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.

Everything Else

A brief mention was given for a new Batman Podcast coming to Spotify – “Batman Unburied”.

DC Heroes and Villains is a new mobile game on it’s way that is open for pre-registration.

Todd McFarlane’s Toy Company and DC Direct has entered into a partnership with multiple series of statues that will be transitioned over to McFarlane toys and more new series coming soon.

There was a small panel with Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter for the 80’s anniversary of the character.

Not really mentioned but the LEGO Batmobile for the upcoming Batman movie was also opened for preorder by LEGO along with the Batcave.


The full and complete DC FanDome event is currently still up on the Warner Bros YouTube page if you have a spare 3 hours and 40 minutes to sit through the whole thing