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When Free Guy dropped it’s first trailer last year we were completely hyped with it ticking so many boxes that we did not know we had. The combination of action and comedy with the proven track record of the star of R.I.P.D. what was not to like? And now after a fairly challenging release schedule it is now in cinemas (kinda) so was this worth the preorder or more DLC than a stand alone game?

Ok we are going to be a bit honest here for a minute and give a little Public Service Announcement before we go too far – there is one specific moment in this movie which is epically awesome. If you are someone who enjoys our content it will tick all the right boxes for you. The problem is being so epic (and at the time of writing this many states still in lockdown in Australia unable to see this) that there are going to be certain sites we will not name who will spoil this for you in the pursuit of clicks.

We are spoiler free here (or at least give lots of warning before spoiling movies that have come out multiple years ago in the cases we are not) but you probably know the exact site you sometimes see in your feeds that does this and we are letting you know you should proactively go out and block that content because it is worth it not being spoiled. Also if you have seen it, when it comes to others remember – be a Good Guy.

Ok PSA over back to the review.

Free Guy for those who don’t know was one of the last films out of the stable before the House of Mouse completed it’s infinity gauntlet and acquired 20th Century Fox. Originally planned to come out last year.. then later last year.. then just y’know whenever, Free Guy does have a small handicap of a lot of hype from anyone who saw the initial trailers with it’s over the top action sequences set in a video game world of 360 no scopes and eject RPG jet kill might think maybe it cannot live up to that level of action, but do not worry because one of the guys from the girl and the pizza place definitely said ‘Hold My Michael Bay’ with CGI enhanced sequences.

The plot is fairly simple, Guy aka Van Wilder is an NPC inside a game called Free City which is a mix of Fortnite and GTA Online except with NPCs and less slurs being used over voice chat. Having never taken an arrow to the knee Sasndra Bullock’s Fiancé works in a bank which is robbed many times a day as part of his loop, that is until something happens to break the loop when he meets a NNPC (non-non-playable character) in the way of Millie. Millie is currently engaged in a lawsuit against the makers of Free City and it’s creator who has absolutely never worked with Hal Jordan ever before.

Our main protagonist – Guy (imagine the boundless optimism of Emmett from the LEGO movie but instead he was in Just Cause 3 if it was set in a major metropolitan city) who has fallen in love with Millie on first song then begins his quest to ‘level up’ so he can talk to Millie again. All while People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive and current TikTok man crush does not know he is a NPC.

Free Guy is the balance of humour and action you have come to expect from the man in an eternal blood feud with and even longer man crush on Hugh Jackman but he is not alone with this coming from Stranger Things director Shawn Levy (which explains what Steve is doing in this movie) and one of the screenwriters from Ready Player One (kinda appropriate in more ways than one). The action is over the top CGI but then again so are the characters.

So should you go see it? If you are in a state or location which you can get to the cinemas and safety go see it? Yes Absolutely. If you are in a lockdown state the film’s release is actually being delayed until it is safe to do so in those areas meaning we have a weird staggered release happening in Australia for the first time. But if you can see it, you should and if you do remember not to spoil it and be a ‘Good Guy’.

Free Guy is in Cinemas right now in selected states – honestly just check your local cinema for their current release date just in case

Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.

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Andrew B
Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.
movie-review-free-guyFor a movie about a violent video game Free Guy is just a whole lot of wholesome endorphins shot right into your limbic cortex with a needle made of joy right through your eyeball. While the action sequences may invoke something for your inner gamer the lesson here is NPCs are Ps too. P.S. You don't have to stay until the very end of the credits, there is no limited time Thanos/Fortnite crossover thing happening here