Venom 2: Electric Symbiote Boogaloo throws out all the Maximum Carnage vibes in the New Trailer


A lot has happened recently so you might be forgiven for forgetting there is a BUNCH of movies that were rescheduled to come out over the next few months and while locally we might not be too sure what is happening in the US it is all steam ahead with the first real trailer for Venom 2 – Let there be Carnage dropping earlier today in time for Spider-Man Day in the US.

For those who aren’t familiar with Carnage he is the spawn of Spider-Man’s old clothes, aka Venom. In the comics first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #361 where Eddie Block/Venom during an escape from jail leaves a Symbiote spawn that happens to bond with his cellmate Cletus Cassidy. Unlike Eddie who was just a disgraced reporter at the time Cletus was in jail for being a serial killer, so exactly who you want to see be given an alien symbiote.

The trailer hits a few notes from Carnage and Venom’s early days in which Venom had started to take on more of the Lethal Protector role instead of Spider-Man foe. From the trailer we see Ravencroft Asylum which is basically Arkham for Spider-Man villains as well as an appearance of a metahuman who clearly seems to be Shriek (Carnage’s Sonic Cry powered girlfriend). Shriek first appeared as part of the Maximum Carnage event in the Spider comics where Carnage went on a New York City wide killing spree across 19 issues and was only defeated by a team up of Spider-Man allies including Morbius (who has a film coming out next year)

Before you get too excited for this to be a Maximum Carnage adaption it should be noted that Venom is till very much in his corner with the opening of the trailer still saying ‘in partnership with Marvel’ and not carrying the familiar MCU banner.

You can check out the full trailer below then make sure you go down to the comments and tell us what you think. Are you excited for more Venom? Is there a particular Carnage storyline you are hoping is part of the adaption? Who do you hope from Maximum Carnage shows up? Tell us down below.

Venom: Let there Be Carnage is still scheduled for release across Australia October 14th