This Week in Games: Aug 2 – 7


There is a lot of chill game play with only a sprinkle of Zombies, Inception like dreaming and Demon Lords for you to defeat. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week with some classic Altered Beast style gameplay is GRIME. Out on Steam on Monday (or the Epic Game store on Tuesday) GRIME is a side scrolling RPG which revolves around a more biological take on levelling with weapons you craft that mutate and consuming the remains of enemies (through your head, which is a black hole). If you are into side scrolling hack and slash this looks pretty good.

Deadly Days is a top down Pixel based Zombie Survival game that gives you a unique look and feel to the end of the world. Unique characters, special abilities and weapons which are randomly generated in randomly generated cities for randomly generated missions keeps the gameplay light but different enough to keep you going. Coming to the Xbox on Wednesday this is one of those games that has been on Steam for a while and only just made the leap.

On Thursday is some chill gameplay with Haven Park. Play as a Chicken with an extremely oversized head left to tend a camping park. Make life better for the campers and just generally wander about in this world that is about as stressful as Animal Crossing (without the loans). It comes to the Nintendo Switch this week.

Keeping things light this week also coming Thursday explore an abandoned world in a mechsuit to find seeds and grow a new crop in your seed vault, this is no grim and gritty survival title but the bright world of Doomsday Vault out also on the Nintendo Switch and Steam this week. More on the Wall-E sort of abandoned than the Will Smith I Am Legend sort you explore, solve puzzles and return seeds back to your vault.

And Thursday is a big day this week with Dreamscaper also available for the Nintendo Switch. Another rogue light for your week and again available on the Switch this one has you playing in an endless cycle of waking/dreaming as you roam your town during the day building relationships then go all inception at night dropping deeper into your subconscious.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week is for some classic NES style metroidvania gaming in Digiton: Heart of Corruption. Defeat the four demon lords in this one out for PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch on Wednesday before Xbox on Thursday. This is one for the retro game lovers.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Plumber 2 (Steam)
ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue (Steam)
Missing bullet (Steam)
Dice Girls:Lying dice (Steam)
Puzzle Soccer (Steam)
Be The ONE (Steam)
In My Defense (Steam)
GRIME (Steam)
Seafarers (Steam)
Cliché Adventure (Steam)
Brothers Apart (Steam)
接线员的使命 (Steam)

GRIME (Epic Store)
Dragon Star Varnir (Switch)
Memory Lane 2 (Switch)
In Search Of… (Steam VR)
Dragon’s Vengeance (Steam)
Super CosmoJet (Steam)
Creatures of Aether (Steam)
Cats – Classic Onet Connect (Steam)
Speedpunk (Steam)
Altarays (Steam VR)
Bear Soul (Steam)
PixKeeper (Steam)
Little adventure 2 (Steam)
Eternal Quest – 2D MMORPG (Steam)
祛魅·格心(祛魅3) – Disenchantment Heart (Steam)
4Prot (Steam)
Splash Jump (Steam)
Twin Balls (Steam)
U.F.O. K.O. Tower Defense (Steam)
Ball Partner (Steam)
中华富甲三国 (Steam)
Airtight City 密闭之城2.0 怨灵觉醒 (Steam)
Devil, It’s me (Steam)
Valor (Steam)
Orbital Defence Command (Steam)
Legend of Chilli Tree (Steam)
Venaitura (Steam)
Light Infantry (Steam)
Fm45’s Sprite Man Adventures (Steam)
SantasBadElf (Steam)
Always A New Journey (Steam)
Симулятор Купания в Фонтане (Steam)

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption (PS/Switch)
Deadly Days (XB)
Watashi no Kokoro! 君の事が好きです。 (Steam)
Here Comes Niko! (Steam)
The Ramp (Steam)
Protect Eggs (Steam)
太古情缘之青云剑侠传奇 (Steam)
Code Zero (Steam)
BullyBall (Steam VR)
Super Raft Boat VR (Steam VR)
Rings of Hell (Steam)
DRAMA (Steam)

Samurai Warriors 5 (PS/Switch)
Dating Life: Miley X Emily (PS/Switch)
The Falconeer: Warrior Edition (PS/Switch)
Castle of Pixel Skulls DX (XB)
Enter Digiton” Heart of Corruption (XB)
Orbals (XB)
Solos (XB)
PICROSS S GENESIS & Master System Edition (Switch)
Star Hunter DX (Switch)
I.F.O (Switch)
Haven Park (Switch/Steam)
Dodgeball Academia (Switch)
123 Dots (Switch)
Dreamscaper (Switch)
Doomsday Vault (Switch)
Stellar Warfare (Steam)
Hexagon World (Steam)
Monkey Tantrum (Steam)
Toodee and Topdee (Steam)
冰嬉图卷 (Steam)
Virtual Amusement (Steam VR)
Starmancer (Steam)
Day Scanner: Iteration 1 (Steam VR)

Observer: System Redux Day One Edition (PS/XB)
Bone Marrow (PS/Switch)
Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg (PS)
Strategic Mind: The Pacific (PS)
Animus: Revenant (XB)
Gems of Magic: Father’s Day (Switch)
Spelunker HD Deluxe (Switch)
The Last Survey (Switch)
Race Track Driver (Switch)
Zengeon (Switch)
Arcano: The Trickery (Steam)
Eluxia Enigma (Steam)
Sam & MaRU (Steam)
Yellow Ballman (Steam)
Death Trash (Steam)
西湖断桥白娘子 (Steam)
Pirates vs monkeys (Steam)
FlyChivements (Steam)
Order Road (Steam)
Dark Roll: Free Kick Challenge (Steam)
IdolDays (Steam)
Vanilla Inspector (Steam)
Colors! (Steam)
Tyfortress: Tactical Typing (Steam)
VR UAV Attack (Steam VR)
三侠五义 (Steam)
VR Catgirl (Steam VR)
Aspiring Light (Steam)
Obscura (Steam)
Penguin Panic (Steam)
Panda Push (Steam)
Cyber Defense (Steam)
Evorales (Steam)
Peblito: Rock and Roll (Steam)
Misery Street (Steam)

Armed Emeth (XB)
Bone Marrow Console Edition (XB)
Goroons (XB)
No Thing (XB)
Castle Of Pixel Skulls (Switch)
Dungeon Overseer (Steam)
Piffsy (Steam)
Longphort (Steam)
SATORI (Steam)
The Elysian Field (Steam)
Runes of Avalon 2 (Steam)
Bless Unleashed (Steam)
12 locks and keys (Steam)
PropHunter (Steam)
Lifeslide (Steam)
Accident On the Simple Rd (Steam)
Urban Fantasy: Vampires vs Werewolves (Steam)
Razenroth 2 (Steam)
Descent: Legends of the Dark (Steam)
Chetz! (Steam)
Mr.Knight (Steam)
Space Amoeba – StarShip Constructor (Steam)
Chromancy (Steam)
Life Can Be Amazing (Steam)
Jump Hero: Beginning (Steam)
The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara! (Steam)
Anime Zodiac (Steam)
Cube Island (Steam)
Chubmen’s Strange Case File~Chapter Of Corridor~ (Steam)
Hunter Girls (Steam)
Almost My Floor (Steam)