Teaser Trailer for Shang-Chi drops and it’s Easy to Forget this is Happening in the MCU


It’s no secret that the original release schedule for the MCU took a battering with the pandemic. While we love the Disney+ shows they have been appearing out of order to compliment the feature films that have also received some bumps to their schedule. But now with Black Widow confirmed for cinemas and Disney+ at release, it’s time we got a look at the next upcoming film for the MCU – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

For those who do not know Shang-Chi was a bronze age character first appearing in 1973 for Marvel Comics. Developed after Marvel were not able to acquire the rights to the 70’s Kung Fu TV show with David Carradine but were able to acquire the rights for the pulp villian Dr Fu Manchu. Developed as the son of Fu Manchu Shang-Chi who more often wore the title of Master of Kung Fu was a Chinese born character trained by his father that he did not realise was a villain until being sent on a mission to London.

While the teaser trailer is only short it seems that there is some shared origin but with a slight revamp to change from Fu Manchu to the Ten Rings which has existed in the MCU since the very first Iron Man film. In the comics the ten rings were alien artifacts that were wielded by Iron Man villain, the Mandarin but in the MCU the Ten Rings are known as a Terrorist group but were alluded to as something greater. If you don’t remember you may want to watch the ‘All Hail the King’ Marvel One Shot with the Faux Mandarin by Ben Kingsley from Iron Man 3 (and Justin Hammer).

The reason we mention all of this is, while only a teaser, you might be forgiven for forgetting that this film will be taking place in the MCU. The 10 rings being both in the title and in the trailer there is actually very little to give you a sense that this is part of the MCU – which may entirely be right as we enter a fresh slate of Phase 4 (if we forget about WandaVision and FatWS for a moment and remember that The Eternals and Ms Marvel are up next). Filming for Shang-Chi was hit pretty hard with the pandemic even with shooting happening in Sydney so there may be a reason for keeping the release date vague and details about how it fits into the greater MCU being held close after Black Widow’s first teaser debut was followed by a year delay.

But you can check out the full teaser trailer below and tell us what you think? Are you looking forward to Shang-Chi? Do you have your own theories about how it fits into the greater MCU? Will we ever see Justin Hammer or the Faux Mandarin return? Tell us in the comments down below.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is due for release this September