Movie Review – Boss Level


From Groundhog Day and Run Lola Run to Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day there is something satisfying about a good time loop movie. While we love the the combination of breaking the laws of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and borderline fourth wall breaking by the main character, as movie going gamers we can also appreciate anyone who is aiming for the perfect speed run. And in newly in cinemas that is exactly what we have with Boss Level.

Releasing today across Australia, Boss Level opens with our main player/protagonistic Roy. Already deep and aware of his time loop Roy has already been on this ride 139 times, we join Roy waking up with assassins already after him before he can get out of  bed and hitmen ready to mow him down with a helicopter mounted chain gun before he can cross his apartment floor to get his morning cup of coffee. Welcome to Roy’s life.

We follow Roy who does his best to catch us up as he isn’t really aware of how he got into this loop either (although anyone else would probably bet on his ex-Scientist Naomi Watt’s whose lab he visited yesterday before the loop started). Roy aka Crossbones from Captain America Winter Soldier/Civil War is retired Special Forces who would be much happier in the company of the attractive opposite sex and spending time at some of his favourite bars (including the one bartender by Ken Jeong that is completely ok with drinking before 11:05am)

As you might expect, Boss Level is a very action heavy movie. While not quite the sickness inducing levels of Hardcore Harry, Roy definitely does take on some action sequences that he paces through almost effortlessly like he was in an Old Spice ad as the chaos erupts around him as he casually strolls through dispatching henchmen in his wake. At least at first because after all we join Roy on his 139th playthrough and he hadn’t actually gotten up to meeting Naomi Watts’ evil also ex-military boss at the secret lab, Mel Gibson.

What starts out as a straight out action survival with Roy only having gotten the earlier levels downpat starts to change as Roy gets distracted with his main quest and starts exploring what else is going on. Basically you know when you work out you can’t get any further because you haven’t levelled your character enough? Yeah, that.

So should you go see it? If you have ever played a game and gotten slightly distracted by side quests so much that you have levelled up past the final bosses by the time you do return to the main storyline then you are probably going to see where Roy is coming from for a lot of the film. If you are less of a 100% completion/all trophies sort of gamer and more of a I wonder how long I can survive with 5 stars level of chaos this will hit a sweet spot for you.

Boss Level is in cinemas across Australia from today