This Week in Games: Oct 26 – 31


Cute Cartographers, Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Samurai, Hacker Legions in London, Escape Abandoned Towns and Bust some Ghosts all before Halloween is just some of the stuff you have to look forward to this week in gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week a little light is Carto. While we love the look of this top down adventurer what really sets it apart is the ability to reshape the map that can turn riverside fields into islands or open up unexplored areas with this sliding picture puzzle like mechanic. You can play this first on PlayStation on Monday with Xbox and Steam not far behind on Tuesday (and Switch on Wednesday).

Also from Tuesday sharpen your Katana with Ghostrunner. This Mirror’s Edge meets Samurai meets Cyberpunk first person has you slicing through (literally) waves of enemies within a neon filled sci-fi city backdrop. It lands on Monday for Playstation with Xbox on Tuesday followed by Steam on Wednesday.

And the big title for the week is the next installment of the hacker Watchdog series with Watchdogs Legion. Swapping Chicago for London the new game doesn’t have you playing as a single protagonist but rather dozens with the new recruiting system letting you play as anyone from a construction worker with rideable drones, to a spy with access to Bond Q tech cars, to senior citizens who may spontaneously have a heart attack and die. Pick this up on PlayStation first on Wednesday with Xbox on Thursday for single player with Co-Op support coming after the December 3rd patch.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes out for two games to end your week with some Halloween vibes. First up is the branching narrative of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. following in the style of Man of Medan this time you can play in either single or multiplayer modes as you take control of 4 students and their professor trapped in the abandoned town of Little Hope. Make choices and your own ending when you can start playing this on Thursday with PlayStation or Saturday with Xbox.

And the second game is just the thing if there is something strange happening in your neighbourhood. The awesomeness that is Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is going to be available for free for PC gamers via the Epic store this Friday through to next Thursday. Not a new game with you taking control of the new guy in the Ghostbuster team this is the unofficial 3rd movie of the series with original voice actors and script writers that pick up where the second movie left off. Yes this is also already available on other platforms but only free on the Epic Store this week.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Ghostrunner (PS)
Carto (PS)
Delivery Guy: New Rules (Steam)
Ratten Reich – Dance of Kings (Steam)
Elon’s Dream (Steam)
Tech Madness (Steam)
Astra (Steam)
Life of trophy (Steam)
The Mutineer (Steam)
Under: Depths of Fear (Steam)

Remothered: Broken Porcelain (PS/XB)
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (Switch)
Carto (XB/Steam)
Ghostrunner (XB)
Dungreed (Switch)
My Universe – Fashion Boutique (Switch)
Crazy Mafioso (Steam)
BreakBlast (Steam)
Marbles: Razor’s Wrath (Steam)
Brain off (Steam)
Quick Square (Steam)
Jad (Steam)
Spinning_Kid_2 (Steam)
The Count of Monte Carlo (Steam)
V.U.R.M.A (Steam)
Savage Halloween (Steam)
TRF – The Race Factory (Steam)
Halloween Decoration Sandbox (Steam)
Gizmos: Spooky Adventures (Steam)
Shanghai Office Simulator (Steam)
Fight or Flight (Steam)
Jelly Brawl (Steam)
Dread Nautical (Steam)
Diamond Hunter (Steam)
Hammerting (Steam)
Hive Mind (Steam)
Hexagroove: Tactical DJ (Steam)

Watch Dogs: Legion (PS)
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues (XB)
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (XB)
Wunderling (XB)
Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Switch)
Carto (Switch)
Gnome More War (Switch)
INSTANT Chef Party (Switch)
Party Games 15 in 1 (Switch)
Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure (Switch)
Ghostrunner (Steam)
Bubble Gun 3D (Steam)
Angel Tears (Steam)
Mage World – The magical platformer (Steam)
Arcante (Steam)
Voyager (Steam)
Spherical alliance (Steam)
Reality End (Steam VR)
Crimson Spires (Steam)
Colored Shapes (Steam)
Trivia Tricks (Steam)
Brothers in Blood: WW2 Co-op (Steam)
Mages and Treasures (Steam)
Cats and Food 4: New Year (Steam)
My Universe – Fashion Boutique (Steam)
Hunt the Lights (Steam)
Harthorn (Steam)
GranAge (Steam)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Steam)
The Benza RPG (Steam)
Battle Star (Steam)
100 hidden snails (Steam)
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [GREEN] (Steam)
Life Simulator (Steam)
DodgeBall VR (Steam VR)
Star99 (Steam/Switch)
The Battle of Rip Creek (Steam)
Punch the Potus (Steam)
Maniac Path (Steam)
October Night Games (Steam)
AGOS – A Game Of Space (Steam VR)

Watch Dogs: Legion (XB)
The Dark Pictures: Little Hope & Man of Medan (PS)
The Dark Pictures Little Hope (PS)
Star99 (XB)
Wallachia: Reign of Dracula (Switch)
Red Rope: Dont Fall Behind + (Switch)
Super Puzzle Pack (Switch)
Diamond Girl An Earnest Education in Love (Switch)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Switch)
#Halloween, Super Puzzle Dream (Switch)
The Night of Joe (Steam)
Toy Chase (Steam)
The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus (Steam)
Domino House (Steam)
Cathedral 3-D (Steam)
Ballsy! World Cup 2020 (Steam)
Memory Note (Steam)
Divilixa (Steam)
Gold Dust (Steam)
Dex Survival (Steam)
Devilium (Steam)
Allotropy (Steam)
Horror Globes (Steam)
Warlock Bentspine – Toilet Edition (Steam)
Strobophagia | Rave Horror (Steam)
Groove Gunner (Steam VR)
Xuan-Yuan Sword VII (Steam)
Transient (Steam)
Rollback (Steam)
Evil Manor (Steam)
Taivas (Steam)
Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe (Steam)
World of Soccer RELOADED (Steam)
新魔剑(New Magic Sword) (Steam)
The Legend of Arcadieu 2 (Steam)
TramSim (Steam)
Otherside (Steam)
Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Alpha (Steam)
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals (Steam)

Auto Chess – Harbor Party Pack (PS)
Five Night at Freddy’s Help Wanted (XB)
Mortal Shell (XB)
Pikmin 3 Deluxe (XB/Switch)
Angry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 Deluxe (Switch)
Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition (Switch)
Crimzon Clover – World EXplosion (Switch)
CASE 2: Animatronics Survival (Switch)
De Yabatanien (Switch)
Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow (Switch)
Disc Room (Switch)
Barbearian (Switch)
Legends of Ethernal (Steam)
Brew & Brawl – Gnomes vs. Dwarves (Steam)
Teardown (Steam)
Guns And Waifus (Steam)
决奕Duel (Steam)
Epitaph (Steam)
Bloodland (Steam)
Princess Daphne and the Orcs (Steam)
Stirring Abyss (Steam)
Mezmeratu (Steam)
Son Savaşçı (Steam)
Marcella Moon: Saboteurs on the River (Steam)
Enoki (Steam)
The Perfect Shape (Steam)
Undungeon Arena (Steam)
Basketing (Steam)
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (Steam)
ガリア戦記 雄篇アンナーレス (Steam)
Polyforce WW2 (Steam)
Horror Bar VR (Steam VR)
Murder Hornets (Steam VR)
Ally Gory: The Great Mushroom Hunt (Steam)
I hope she’s ok (Steam)
The Pacifist’s Great and Final Nightmare (Steam)
House (Steam)
Depths of Sanity (Steam)
S H R i M P (Steam)
Maitetsu:Last Run!! (Steam)
The Missing Few (Steam)
SETVR (Steam)
Aegis Online (Steam)
Wacky Cartoon Racers (Steam)
封神榜2020 (Steam)
Epidemic (Steam)
Cube Raiders (Steam)
Mandew vs the Colorless Curse (Steam)
Half Blood RPG (Steam)
Tin Can (Steam)
Snakenpon (Steam)
Chaos (Steam)
Sector’s Edge (Steam)

Case 2: Animatronics Survivals (XB)
Cube Raiders (XB)
The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope (XB)
Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow (XB)
Legends of Ethernal (XB/Switch)
Sweet Witches (XB)
Visage (XB)
Slither Loop (Switch)
Haunted: Poppy’s Nightmare (Switch)
Clea (Switch)
Pixel Puzzle Makeout League (Switch)
The Language of Love (Switch)
Sleeper Cell (Steam VR)
Disquiet Fields (Steam)
Sphere Invasion (Steam)
Don’t Die! Douche! (Steam)
Sloth Tales (Steam)
SHUT IN (Steam)
Chess’Extra (Steam)
BO020880 (Steam)
Ungeon (Steam)
Schlag den Star – Das 2. Spiel (Steam)
Gone Golfing (Steam)
MonsterSoft (Steam)
Epic Diavolo (Steam)
Delta Light (Steam)
Star Drift Evolution (Steam)
Eterna: Heroes Fall (Steam)
Pendle Hill (Steam)
Sweet Holiday Jigsaws: Halloween Night (Steam)
SMFly: Ice Age (Steam)
Arcanbreak (Steam)
Desolate Roads (Steam)
Qbio (Steam)
End Reach (Steam)
Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator (Steam)
Ghosty (Steam)
SimpleProject (Steam VR)
Demonizer (Steam)
Pixel Puzzle Makeout League (Steam)
CITY – 909 (Steam)
Impostor Inside Us (Steam)
Zombie Shooter: Ares Virus (Steam)
Lots of guns (Steam)
Roce’s Journey (Steam)
Spot The Dot (Steam)
Retrowave Need for Speed Drift (Steam)
鬼王~Oni (Steam)
MIRAY (Steam)
Wild Gun (Steam VR)
Star Maidens Chronicle: Definitive Edition (Steam)
Survivor Jones (Steam)
Illness in the East (Steam)
An Absolutely Not Suspicious Cabin in the Woods (Steam)
HINGE: Episode 1 (Steam VR)
Orlando the Fireman (Steam)
Glitch Assassin (Steam VR)