Movie Review – Bill & Ted Face the Music


If you know the names Bill S. Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan then you are already probably playing some air guitar Wyld Stallyns style with the knowledge that Bill & Ted have made their most excellent return to theatres dudes. It has been some 28 years since we partied on with these most excellent musicians and while the release was only a little delayed from earlier this year Bill & Ted 3 aka Bill & Ted Face the Music is out in cinemas (and drive-ins) across Australia this week.

In case you aren’t familiar Bill & Ted is possibly the first big hit that brought us the immortal Keanu Reeves. A relatively unknown actor at that point with other actors including Pauly Shore were being considered for the Ted (and a list of River Phoenix, Sean Penn and Brendan Fraser in the mix for Bill). But in an act of Alanis Morissette, Keanu won out the role and went on to other roles such as Point Break and of course the Matrix.

So who are Bill & Ted? In the original 1989 Excellent Adventure, we are introduced to the garage band pair (who cannot play any music at this point) as not the one toy short of a happy meal high school students who are dangerously close to failing a major history class presentation. This failure would have the cascading effect of breaking up the pair with Bill being sent to military school, also breaking up their band which was destined to one day unite the human race if not for the arrival of George Carlin/Rufus in a time travelling phone booth. Because of course.

Loaning the pair the American TARDIS they travel through time kidnapping famous historical figures and have some real life princesses become their girlfriends, before returning to the present to give a presentation and get a passing grade. Also San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Returning in the 1991 for a Bogus Journey, the pair aims to join a battle of the bands competition despite still being unable to play any instruments (even though their princess girlfriends who are now in the band being quite accomplished musicians). Meanwhile in the far future an evil group sends robot Bill & Ted robots back in time to kill the original Bill & Ted and take their place.

After the robots succeed (yes they do) Bill & Ted die and are sent to Hell where they meet the Grim Reaper who is prepared to play a game with them of their choosing for their souls. After beating Death at Battleship, Twister and Clue the pair get help to build their own robot Bill and Ted to battle the other robot Bill and Ted in front the battle of the bands audience which is now also being broadcast to the whole world.

After a quick time travel trip to learn how to play guitar and play the KISS song ‘God Gave Rock N’ Roll to You II’ before going on a world tour. The End?

Not quite with Bill & Ted Face the Music jumping ahead to current day San Dimas where the pair are still looking for the song that they play that will unite the human race but have been failing for the past 28 years. After a quick round of couples therapy with their princess wives the pair are whisked off to the future by Rufus’ daughter where they are told they only have a few hours before they are destined to play the song that will change everything.

Not alone in this Adventure with Bill & Ted’s daughters – Thea (Australian Actress Samara Weaving from Guns Akimbo) and Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine), now all grown up and inheriting their father’s mental prowess on their own Time Travelling adventure to help assemble a band and make the deadline.

So should you go and see it? If you haven’t seen the original in a long time it probably helps to remember that this is the movie that inspired such critically acclaimed oscar worthy titles such as Dude, Where’s My Car? But if you are in the mood for some dumb fun and just need a little of the Keanu to make the world seem calmer than put this on your list to check out at your nearest safe cinema (or drive-in, see if there is one near you that you can safely go check out).

But regardless on if you check out the film or not, Bill & Ted can always unite everyone if you remember to be excellent to one another. And party on dudes.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is in cinemas across Australia officially from September 10