This Week in Games: May 4 – 9


Build new worlds, pixel adventure titles, RPG shooters making their way to the Switch, Mashups and Beat Em Ups are all ahead of you this week for your gaming pleasure. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week for fans of Civilisation IV comes Old World. Set for release on the Epic Games Store for PC, Old World is in the same vein as Civilisation but is coming to you from the Lead Designer of Civ IV. Pick it up on Wednesday.

Next for Switch owners is the die/respawn/repeat of the RPG shooter – Void Bastards. Timed for release with a deluxe edition that gives extra DLC, Void Bastards is a FPS that has you respawning from a line of unwilling participants as you try to take the ship. We also just love it’s cartoony graphics and think it is just perfect for the Nintendo Switch when it releases on Thursday.

Also over on the Epic Store for PC this week is another chill title for your gaming jitters in Before We Leave. This non-combat base building title has you building up new worlds and expanding to create a interplanetary supply network. There are also space whales. It’s for PC through the Epic Games store on Friday.

One more for PC gamers but on Steam is One Dreamer: Prologue also out this Friday. A tale about a failed VR game developer has you explore a 2.5D Pixel world reminiscent of early 90’s Sierra titles. This game has a touch of the Matrix as you update code through the game to make changes to the world around you. It’s a Prologue so we expect another chapter to follow.

And last for the end of your week is SuperMash. A unique style of game with a lot of replay value, SuperMash has you select from 2 different genres of gaming and mashes them together for a gaming experience. Want a RPG platformer? Done. Beat Em Up Vertical Shooter? Sorted. There are tons of approaches you can take to find your favourite game when you get this on Switch this Friday or XBox One on Saturday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to a Switch title tie in with Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl on the Nintendo Switch. Playing through like an old school NES title (with graphics to match) fight as Jay or Bob in a Double Dragon’esque side scroller. Now if only we could get Scott Pilgrim vs The World on next gen.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Type Up (Steam)
Undead Run (Steam)
Risky Floors (Steam)
匠人物语Craftsman story (Steam)
Suspicious Spaceroads (Steam)
PXL-SHIP (Steam)
The Battle of Angels (Steam)
Suppressor (Steam)
Moorhuhn Kart (Steam)
Gem Master (Steam)
Ultimate Truco (Steam)
Wire (Steam)

Riot Gear (Switch)
漏气宝大冒险 Balloon Man Adventure (Steam)
PhaseWorm (Steam)
Informatyka – zrozum i zaprogramuj komputer (Steam)
apokalipso (Steam)
Awaken The Time (Steam)
Blast Rush Classic (Steam)
Anime USSR (Steam)
The Confession (Steam)
就这消消乐 (Steam)
Rise of the Foederati (Steam)
Panzer Crew VR (Steam VR)
Pushy and Pully in Blockland (Steam)
Night Jackal (Steam)
Creator’s Chasm (Steam)
Starship Saboteur Prototype (Steam)
Shop Titans (Steam)

Pushy and Pully in Blockland (XB1)
Emma: Lost in Memories (XB1)
Close to the Sun (Steam)
Watch&Run (Steam)
DENIAL (Steam)
Zerograve (Steam)
The Legacy: Realm of Terror (Steam)
Escape: The Brother’s Saloon (Steam)
Another FPS Game (Steam)
Wintermoor Tactics Club (Steam)
Ballad of The Masked Bandits (Steam)
Sound Science (Steam)
Brick Blaster (Steam)
Population Zero (Steam)
Battle Baseball (Steam)
Best Friend (Steam)
Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand (Steam)
Goblin Jargon (Steam)
Express Thru (Steam)
Super Gear Quest (Steam)
ヤドカリサバイブ (Steam)
Cosmotic Blast (Steam VR)
Space War Machine (Steam)
Good Morning World (Steam)
Wasted World (Steam)
Biscuitts (Steam)
Lab 7: Cold Nights (Steam)

Reed 2 (XB1)
Task Force Kampas (XB1)
Zombies Ruined My Day (XB1)
Professional Farmer: American Dream (XB1)
Old World (Epic Store)
Spirit of the North (Switch)
Fledgling Heroes (Switch)
Relic Hunters (Switch)
The Bullet Time of Revenge (Switch)
Tennis Club Story (Switch)
Infinite: Beyond the Mind (Switch)
Gerri Tory (Switch)
Lonely Mountains Downhill (Switch)
Slayin 2 (Switch)
Void Bastards (Switch)
Cloudbase Prime (Switch)
Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime (Switch)
Monochrome World (Switch)
Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl (Switch)
Boo’s Balloons (Steam)
Stozle – Solve the Mystery (Steam)
Hotfix (Steam)
Not Our Home: Platinum Edition (Steam)
Space Roaming (Steam)
Snack clearing (Steam)
Robot Tactics (Steam)
Strato’S Sylph Asterism (Steam)
New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus (Steam)
Monochrome World (Steam)
Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond (Steam)

Another World x Flashback (PS4/Switch)
Infinite: Beyond the Mind (XB1)
SuperMash (Switch)
Megabyte Punch (Switch)
Stone (Switch)
Feathery Ears (Switch)
Dark Burial (Switch)
Game Of Puzzles: Dinosaurs (Steam)
Vertical Runner (Steam)
Queens Garden: Sakura Season (Steam)
The Parenting Simulator (Steam)
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Steam)
So May It Be: A Witch Dating Simulator (Steam)
Fantasy Mosaics 33: Inventor’s Workshop (Steam)
Anime vs Virus (Steam)
Angry Bunny 3: Virus (Steam)
Wavey The Rocket (Steam)
DRIFT21 (Steam)
Spirit of the North (Steam)
House of Fear (Steam VR)
Nightwalker (Steam)
Swiper (Steam)
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3 (Steam)
WC (Steam)
RoboArena (Steam)
Drift Racing Rally (Steam)
Dirt Bike Motocross Stunts (Steam)
Idle Big Devil (Steam)
Neglected (Steam)
One Dreamer: Prologue (Steam)
Therapy Sheep VR (Steam VR)
End of War 1945 (Steam)
NoWaitHero (Steam)
Dragon Banner (Steam)
Bone Appetit (Steam)
KnotBot (Steam)
BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm (Steam)
Blackjack Hands (Steam)
City Defender (Steam)
Jumping Joe! – Friends Edition (Steam)

Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes (XB1)
Fury Unleashed (XB1)
SuperMash (XB1)
Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition (XB1)
Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 (XB1)
Duke of Defense (XB1)
Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime (XB1)
Before We Leave (Epic Store)
Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge (Switch)
Fury Unleashed (Switch)
Libtard: The Satire Game (Steam)
Lumen (Steam)
Ato (Steam)
Zombies Don’t Drive (Steam)
Elva the Eco Dragon (Steam)
Nyxx (Steam)
Island Explorer VR (Steam VR)
My Sweet Confession (Steam)
Knife Quest (Steam)
Rocky Ride (Steam)
Hold 10 Seconds (Steam)
Milk and Cookies (Steam)
About Love, Hate And The Other Ones 2 (Steam)
Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki (Steam)
重生 Rebirth (Steam)
For Whom the Doll Dances (Steam)
Megalith (Steam VR)
One Hundred Courage (Steam)
My Wet Leto Comic (Steam)