SDCC 2019 Day One Wrap-up


Welcome to San Diego Comic-Con 2019! Well we know we can’t all be there and even if you were there is a LOT going on, but lucky for you we are bringing you daily wrap-ups of all the big news out of SDCC


  • The Kingsmen prequel ‘The Kingsman’ got its first trailer and a poster ahead of SDCC
  • The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Taika Waititi is officially directing Thor 4, or Th4r, or Thor: The First Revenger, or Thor: Asgardians of the Galaxy.. we will have to wait for the official Marvel Hall H event this weekend for confirmation and more details
  • A new trailer dropped for the second part of the 2017 Stephen King’s IT along with a new poster to haunt your sleep
  • The new Terminator: Dark Fate has been confirmed as an R rating for the US but we will have to wait for the Australian rating closer to the release date
  • Call Kenny Loggins because you’re in the Danger Zone with the Top Gun sequel Maverick Trailer released and poster reveal too
  • The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot got a Trailer
  • Ad Astra is a new Brad Pitt as an Astronaut Travel movie
  • Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman has officially started filming
  • And there is going to be a new Spongebob Movie


  • The US ABC Network has announced officially that Marvel’s Agents of Shield will end on Season 7 which gives the Agent’s one more season past the currently airing one in the US with only 4 episodes to go
  • Batman Beyond is getting a remaster for the complete series release on Bluray. No word on if this will be available outside the US
  • It was confirmed that the new Picard Star Trek series will have Picard doing battle in space as not part of Starfleet
  • Season 4 of My Hero Academica had a trailer release
  • Not content with putting Sharks in Tornados the next SYFY movie will put Zombies in Tidal Waves
  • The Game of Thrones panel for SDCC has been officially cancelled
  • His Dark Materials is a new series that will be on HBO (same network as Game of Thrones) with James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda from the same universe as The Golden Compass but the trailer can explain it a bit better
  • HBO has also started teasing on Twitter a Watchmen series trailer to be released soon


  • Alan Moore is officially retiring with the most recent series of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to be his last.


  • The Square Enix Avengers game we saw parts of at E3 this year got a May 15, 2020 on pretty much most platforms you expect to see a Square Enix game. It also hinted at Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan
  • The just released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for the Nintendo Switch is getting a bunch of DLC characters including Cyclops and Collossus for free with the Marvel Knights chapter including Morbius, Blade, Moon Knight and the Punisher. Loki is also coming soon as a playable character


  • Hasbro and Marvel will be recreating some classic comic covers using Marvel Legends Figures and we can expect some retailers to have a preorder for a Captain America/Peggy Carter two-pack Marvel Legends line figures
  • Making up for the lack of Captain Marvel LEGO an exclusive SDCC set is on Twitter that you can win for retweeting. We need that Flerken
  • Also in LEGO new LEGO Overwatch two new sets, ‘Junkrat and Roadhog’ and ‘Wrecking Ball were announced coming in at well over 200 pieces each (with the Junkrat set being closer to 380). Some more Avengers ‘Time Heist’ related sets and the first Star Wars a New Hope Lego set we have seen in a while were also revealed
  • Mattel announced Masters of the Universe Origins remastered figures, a Barbie X-Men line and a series of Dreamworks She-Ra related toys

There you have it! All the biggest announcements to come out of Day One at SDCC! Check back tomorrow for more updates!