Avengers: End Game Re-Release is coming to Australian Cinemas


It was big news last week with the announcement that Avengers: End Game will be getting an update while still in cinemas adding more footage and an end credits scene. It might have taken us a little while but we can confirm for you when you will be able to buy tickets to see this edition for yourself, but it is today UPDATE: Listing on the website has been delayed slightly but it will be available this week, by Thursday at the latest for the weekend! UPDATE 2: It is available now to purchase tickets but sessions are SUPER limited

At the time of writing this Avengers: End Game has already broken many box office records including Biggest opening Box Office managing to rack up in a single day what some films only can hope over their lifetime. But one record still remains unbroken with End Game being a mere 43 million short of dethroning Avatar for the #1 spot.

Endgame Bonus Limited Edition I Love You 3000 Poster

Taking a page from Avatar’s own book which saw the film be re-released multiple times in cinemas to give it the 2.78 billion dollar box office, the new release of Avengers: End Game will include 7 minutes of extra footage including a deleted scene and Stan Lee tribute giving you a reason to stay until the end of the credits. While we had half expected an end credits scene to be added for the Bluray release (which was the case with the first Avengers film which did not have a Shawarma scene until it’s home release) this is the first time in the MCU that a film has had a box office re-release because of it.

The Avengers Re-Release will be in selected Event Cinemas for Australia on the 29th and 30th of June (only 2 weeks away) which is the perfect opportunity to re-watch before the Spider-Man: Far From Home which is the official Phase 3 end and epilogue to End Game. To get tickets just jump over to the Coming Soon section of the Event Cinemas site and find the Avengers: End Game with “Bonus Content” listing to find the session closest to you.

Spider-Man Far From Home will be in Cinemas Monday, June 1st and we will have our official review out then but you can definitely fit another End Game watching in before then to help Avengers secure the #1 slot – because that’s what heroes do.