First Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer manages to give not much away and leaves us confused as Scott Lang about the rules of Time Travel


If you are a hardcore Terminator fan you probably already knew that a new film was on the horizon with Arnie returning as a T-800 once again and we just got our first look at the new trailer overnight. But where almost every trailer these days manages to spoil the entire plot of the film this new trailer has us a little confused.

The trailer, which you can watch below, has a lot to like with Halt and Catch Fire’s Mackenzie Davis playing a Human/Terminator similar to ones we have seen before in Terminator Salvation and Agent’s of Shield Ghost Rider Gabriel Luna playing a new type of Terminator. Focusing on some specific parts of the action that we can only assume represent a very small portion of the movie, apart from a rough time period and introducing the players the new trailer gives almost nothing away and manages to make the Terminator timeline even murkier.

Ok so assuming that Terminator follows a Back to the Future’esque rules of Time Travel, let’s do some Terminator 101 to figure out the timeline for this trailer:

  1. The James Cameron Timeline was created when in the original film a T-800 was sent back to kill Sarah Connor.
  2. Kyle Reese was sent back by Sarah’s son John in the future who ended up being his father at #6
  3. After the end of the first Terminator, this timeline continued into the 2nd film with John Connor sending back a T-800 to protect himself after he had sent back Kyle Reese in #1/#6 with the end of the world assumed to be averted and the T-800/Arnie destroyed
  4. The Non-Cameron Timeline continued into the 3rd film where Sarah Connor was dead before Skynet was created and the earth was destroyed by Nuclear fallout (and the Governator of that film also destroyed)
  5. We can also include the McG 4th film in this timeline set in the future before Sarah Connor’s son sent back the Terminator to #1
  6. When Kyle Reese was sent back (in Terminator Genesys) to #1 a further future John Connor sent back another T-800 to protect Sarah Connor at a younger age splitting from #3 creating a new timeline before jumping Sarah and Reese forward in time with a functioning ‘aged’ T-800

Which brings us to this trailer with an aged Sarah Connor, an older T-800 and a whole lot of questions like – Is this film does the aged Sarah mean this is a continuation of the original T1/T2 James Cameron (who is the Producer on this one) Timeline? Does the aged T-800 in the film mean the events of Terminator Genesys occurred? Will there be an action sequence set to a Guns and Roses soundtrack? We don’t know!

You can check out the full trailer below and then make sure you tell us what you think. Are you looking forward to this new Terminator? What is your theory as to where this sits in the Terminator timeline? Who now has the most confusing timeline, the X-Men franchise or Terminator? Let us know in the comments down below.

Terminator: Dark Fate is not far away and will be in Australian Cinemas October 31st