Gearbox wants you to kick your Borderlands 3 Cosplay up a notch with Official Cosplay Guides


Have you ever spent weeks of your life trying to get the perfect grab from gameplay and trailers of a character costume to reproduce in your next ambitious Cosplay? This week has good news for Cosplayers with Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands, embracing the Cosplay community officially and releasing Official Cosplay Guides.

If you have ever tried to make your own screen accurate Cosplay you might already be familiar with the amount of time and effort you need to go through in screenshotting to pick up every small detail of a costume for you to reproduce. While Cosplay and current-gen gaming is a popular combo at any major con, any detailed Cosplay still represents a major amount of planning and design work by the Cosplayer. This, however, might be set to change with Gearbox/Borderlands 3 being the first to offer detailed Official Cosplay Guides.

Using what seems to be concept art from the game (another popular go-to for Cosplayers if available) the Official Cosplay Guide is timed to go with a promotional world tour. The full guides are available for 4 different characters within Borderlands 3 and provide detailed costume, weapons and other accessory details such as specific colour codes for perfect matching as PDFs available for download. The guides are not how to’s but rather reference guides for you to make the most accurate cosplay possible.

While not the first time that a gaming developer has teamed up with Cosplayers to promote a new game usually we see this happening more on an individual commission basis and not something so easily available. The success of this new approach will no doubt have a lot to do with whether or not other game developers follow suit and make this something to expect for all new major releases.