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In 2014 we were told that Everything is Awesome with the first full cinema release movie ever to be made about LEGO. Helmed by a duo known only for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street on the big screen it started off another 2 films set in the LEGO Universe and until Infinity War might have been the mosambitiousus crossover event ever. Now it’s 2019 and The LEGO Movie part 2 is heading to cinemas, can everything be awesome again?

For those who have not seen it yet (seriously, it came out in 2014 and is up on Netflix right now. Go watch it, it’s really good) or those who have just forgotten…

In the first LEGO movie followed Emmett aka Chris Pratt aka the Special aka the most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary person in the universe as he travelled through multiple LEGO worlds (sometimes with Batman) to stop Lord Business aka Will Ferrell from supergluing together all of the LEGO city of Bricksburg. During which we found out that the entire LEGO movie was happening in the imagination of Will Ferrell’s son who was not allowed to play with the massive LEGO set in their basement.

At the end of the movie when the day was saved we were left with the cliffhanger of that if Will Ferrell’s son was allowed to play with the LEGO set then his daughter would then be allowed too with invaders from the Planet Duplo descending upon Bricksburg.

Ok got it? Up to speed? Cool.

The LEGO Movie 2, appropriately titled ‘the Second Part’, picks up almost exactly at the end of the first movie in that it starts 5 years later and then immediately backtracks to get us up to speed with the Superheroes (complete with Jason Momoa Aquaman and leaving regular Aquaman behind) head off into space to combat the new threat head-on.

Fast forwarding to “now”, Bricksburg is now a Mad Max-like wasteland with the unstoppable Duplo invaders having laid siege leaving its inhabitants significantly more post-apocalyptic.. except for Emmett. It’s not until Benny (SPACESHIP!), Unikitty (who also has some pretty awesome upgrades), Metalbeard, Lucy (Emmett’s girlfriends) and Batman are kidnapped that Emmett decides he needs to save them and heads into space.

And that’s about it for what we can say without spoiling too much about the story but from the trailer you probably already know that Emmett meets a more action minifig in space that is also voiced by Chris Pratt.

The LEGO Movie 2 is in large just a continuation of the first movie for everything good and bad you might have liked about it. Unlike the first film where we did not know everything was taking place in Will Ferrell’s son’s imagination the rules of this world have already been set so there is no shying away from things happening in the real world vs the LEGO world much earlier on.

The film and visuals much like every LEGO movie are completely cinematic and some of the best sequences in the film are early on as Emmett and Lucy are in the ruins of Bricksburg. The animation style remains consistent with the first and other LEGO films convincing you that you are watching actual stop motion bricks which are actually computer animation. But we would expect nothing less from Animal Logic who has also recently signed a 5 picture partnership with Warner.

So should you go see it? It depends, while the first film had a pretty wide appeal to all ages the sequel is definitely more made for a younger audience with the number of cameos and references much less than they were in the first. While the movie is still quite awesome in scale and for incorporating LEGO, there is less world hopping than in the first. There are still some awesome cameos and sets that appear later in the film that we did really enjoy but nothing we can say without spoiling the ending.

The LEGO Movie: The Second Part is out in cinemas across Australia (officially) on March 14th

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