This Week in Games: Mar 4 – 9


Beat the Devil, NeoGeo’esque Beat’em ups, Beat Cops and beatboxing Cyberpunk is what you have to look forward to in gaming this week (that last one actually doesn’t have any beatboxing in it, but we were on a roll). But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

For anyone who enjoys Stealth games (and not having Stealth forced upon your playstyle, talking to you Spider-Man PS4) on Tuesday you might want to look for the Occupation. A little more thriller than hiding behind boxes at Oscorp, you play as a journalist in late 1980’s era Britain as you investigate what seems to be a terrorist attack. It’s out on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Longing for some NeoGeo style beat’em up action? Also on Tuesday exclusively to Steam is Gekido Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge. This title with Streets of Rage style gameplay game mixes in some Anime elements but ultimately has us planning our next Arcade visit.

Also on Wednesday is the cyberpunk puzzle/platformer, 7th Sector. This game looks great with its lights and neon as you control multiple different characters with different playstyle and abilities. Look out for it on Wednesday.

And the big title for this week is the next instalment of the Capcom series, Devil May Cry V. Heading out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday (and Steam on Saturday), this kinda ignores the 2013 reboot to continue the series from the 2008 DMC3 as the first title made completely for the current era platforms.

Honourable Mention: And as much as we would like to recommend Old Man’s Journey bringing feels to Xbox this week (it’s good, we have given it a shout out before) we are going to go with Beat Cop. Another new to Xbox One title this week, Beat Cop has been out on Steam for a while now. It combines Sierra’s Police Quest, 80’s cop shows and retro pixel art style as you are busted down to beat cop still trying to solve a murder you have been framed for.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Police Helicopter Simulator (PC Retail)
GRITS Racing (Steam)
Elephants Can’t Jump (Steam)
Forever Lost: Episode 2 (Steam)
Forever Lost: Episode 3 (Steam)
Forever Lost: Episode 1 (Steam)
Steel Division 2 (Steam)

Aragami (Switch)
The Occupation (PS4/XB1/Steam)
Left Alive (PS4)
Old Man’s Journey (XB1)
Black Desert (XB1)
Mistero a Villa MilaFlora (Steam)
Need for Spirit: Off-Road Edition (Steam)
MatchyGotchy Z (Steam)
Tales of Blood and Sand (Steam)
Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge (Steam)
Rhythm Nights (Steam VR)
Birth of a Hunter (Steam)
TetrotronVR (Steam VR)
IN GAME (Steam)
Nyasha (Steam)
Vasilis (Steam)
Zombie Apocalypse (Steam)
Nano Driller (Steam)
Space Bound (Steam)

R.B.I. Baseball 19 (XB1)
Attack of the Earthlings (XB1)
Beat Cop (XB1)
Wall Street Tycoon (Steam)
7th Sector (Steam)
Grater (Steam)
Korvux – Chapter 1 (Steam)
Super Space Jump Man (Steam)
Chocolate makes you happy: Lunar New Year (Steam)
Lovers ‘ Smiles 2 (Steam)
Territory Idle (Steam)
The Love Boat – Second Chances (Steam)
Save Thine Kingdom (Steam)
方块人 Cube Human (Steam)
Hellink (Steam)
Cubekiller (Steam)
Real Fishing VR (Steam VR)
GhostGame (Steam)
天罡星宿海 The sea of TianGang XinSu (Steam)
Exteme Racing on Highway (Steam)

I and Me (XB1)
Overload (XB1)
Crimson Keep (XB1)
CosPuzzle: Giu Hellsing (Steam)
Fold (Steam)
Project Centauri (Steam VR)
Bassline Sinker (Steam)
Ecchi Girls (Steam)
Border Control (Steam)
Space Adventure TD (Steam)
Luxor Solitaire (Steam)
Groomer (Steam)
DEEP 8 (Steam)
Unroaded (Steam)
Vignettes (Steam)
Brave knight runner (Steam)
HYPERFIGHT Max Battle (Steam)
Robot Female Hero 1 (Steam)
Nowhere Station (Steam)
Voipas (Steam)
Infinite Chili Sauce 无尽的辣酱 (Steam)

Devil May Cry V (PS4/XB1)
Space Smash (Steam)
Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition (Steam)
A meadow Piece (Steam)
Your Future Self (Steam)
Sordwin: The Evertree Saga (Steam)
Beyond Enemy Lines: Operation Arctic Hawk (Steam)
Polygon’s Royale : Season 2 (Steam)
Tick Tock: A Tale for Two (Steam)
Audica (Steam VR)
The Wild Age (Steam)
Blades of Worlds (Steam)
Try To Fall Asleep (Steam)
Shadow Legend VR (Steam VR)
The Gameshow (Steam)
The Abbey – Director’s cut (Steam)
Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten (Steam)
Xtreme League (Steam)
Minda (Steam)
It’s Fun To Break Things (Steam VR)
Medieval Towns (Steam)
Happy Anime Puzzle (Steam)
Leanna’s Slice of Life (Steam)
Author Clicker (Steam)
Bud Blitz (Steam)
Rogue Star Rescue (Steam)
Senpai Teaches Me Japanese Part 1 (Steam)
On Target VR Darts (Steam VR)
Lord of Dwarves (Steam)
Power Gunner (Steam)
PyroMind (Steam)
Slapshot (Steam)

Darkest Dungeon (Switch)
Devil May Cry 5 (Steam)
Void Mine (Steam)
Snake vs Snake (Steam)
Mage VR: The Lost Memories (Steam VR)
A way up! (Steam)
Winter Solitaire (Steam)
The Path To Die (Steam)
Tales of Nebezem RPG: Red Peril (Steam)
Ruination (Steam)
Trash Time (Steam VR)
NEW LIFE (Steam)
Night Crisis (Steam)
GACHIMUCHI The Card Game (Steam)
Pursuer (Steam)
In the Village of Grandfather: Summer,Sun,Heat. (Steam)
Dig Deep (Steam)
DooM in the Dark (Steam)
K.O.M.A (Steam VR)
Haunting Hour (Steam VR)
5.84 Wing (Steam)
Winter’s Empty Mask – Visual novel (Steam)
Honeycomb Clash (Steam)
匿名信:失心者 / Strayer (Steam)
Narco Strike (Steam)
Kageroh: Shadow Corridor (Steam)
The Burned Ground (Steam)