2020 Oscar Winner Ryan Reynold’s new Detective Pikachu Trailer is Everything We Need to get us through to April


Look if you didn’t enjoy the first Detective Pikachu then we can’t do too much for you except for suggesting you seek out a medical professional for your cold dead heart. But early this morning (and after a teaser from Ryan Reynolds yesterday) a new trailer has dropped for the movie and we are hyped.

Filling in a little more on the Pikachu side of the story to go with the Tim side of the story from the first trailer this pure joy action trailer shows that the new movie is going to go deep into Pokemon lore. Not only does it drop some twists (leading to some spoiler’y fan theories based on the Detective Pikachu 3DS game) and show off even more of Pokemon.

What is even more exciting than our favourite use of Bonnie Tyler in an action sequence is that this new trailer is timed just perfectly to go with a special Pokemon Direct branded Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow at 1 AM. Could this mean a Nintendo Switch port of Detective Pikachu through the eShop? With only 2 months until Detective Pikachu comes out in cinemas you can expect there is going to be some serious tie in merch.

You can get hyped and watch the full trailer below before telling us what you think in the comments. Are you hyped for Detective Pikachu? Which Pokemon do you most want to see that you haven’t seen yet? If they made a Psyduck movie would it be voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal or Hugh Jackman? Do you feel that Bonnie Tylers 1984 Need a Hero from her Footloose album is underrated in relation to her more popular 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Detective Pikachu heads to Australian Cinemas May 9th