You wanted more Cosplay Duos? This week we go twice the Cosplay for the same low low CosFriday price (free!). Meet the pair of Cosplayers behind ZZ Madness Cosplay

What’s your name & how old are you? Zara: Hi, my name is Christina but everyone knows me as Zara of ZZ Madness Cosplay. I am 31.

Zanne: And my name is Caroline, or better known as Zanne of ZZ Madness Cosplay. I am 27

How long have you been cosplaying? Zara: There’s a funny story to this. Zanne and I officially meet face-to-face at Comic-Con in 2017. I was so excited to finally meet her and so in awe of her Kingdom Hearts Cloud cosplay [which she put together overnight] that I just blurted out “Wanna be my cosplay partner, we can be a duo!”

Photo by Damian M Cosplay Photography

Zanne: We’d been talking in months prior, but we don’t really remember the details of how we started talking, it’s a bit of a puzzle. But we got along so well its like we’ve known each other for ages. We were both super excited at the idea of having a cosplay partner so we joined forces and been cosplaying together for 2 years now.

What inspired you to start cosplaying? Zara: As a duo? Honestly, I’d say it was each other. I admire Zanne’s skill and creativity, she really pushed me to be a better cosplayer and continues to do so now. For me, that keeps me inspired, seeing all the things she creates and having her in my corner to encourage me – it’s a great feeling – I’m really lucky. Before ZZ Madness though, I was introduced to cosplay by another good friend. She helped me to make my first real cosplay. I guess you could say she introduced me to cosplaying as all the characters I love and admire. I was hooked after that.

Zanne: Zara is so sweet. For me, I’ve always loved costumes and making things and it was when I was delving into kingdom hearts fandoms several years back that I came across a group of cosplayers on youtube and that was it. I was like “whatever this is, I want to do it and be a part of it” and found myself lost down the rabbit-hole of cosplay ever since. Zara is also a huge inspiration to me. She nails her cosplays every time and is always jaw-droppingly stunning, whether in crossplay or a female character. The way she poses and portrays the characters she does is amazing.

What was your First Cosplay? Zanne: You won’t believe this, but Zara and I share the same first cosplay. We even cosplayed around the same time but never knew till much later.

Zara: We cosplayed Tifa Lockhart from Advent Children, FF7. It would have been about 2013, Zanne?

Zanne: it was at Melbourne Supanova 2013 for me.

Zara: That’s right, it was at a genius world record event for me in 2013

Photo by Damian M Cosplay Photography

What is your most recent cosplay? Zanne: For everyone that knows us, we are massive Kingdom Hearts fans!

Zara: Zanne so much so, that she is able to create our very own Keyblade graveyard with all the Keyblades she’s made.

Zanne: and that was only the ones I took to the shoot! So naturally, with the release of kingdom hearts 3, we couldn’t resist. We teamed up with Redscarf as Riku to do the new costumes of the Kingdom Hearts trio. I was Sora and Zara did Kairi. We even wore it to the midnight game launch party at EB games with our good friend Silhouette d’Amour as Aqua. Zara makes such a cute Kairi.

Zara: Aw shucks.

What cosplays are you currently working on? Zara: I’d like to say its only one, but at least it’s only two, right?

Zanne: At least you’re not as bad as me, I’ve worked on four at once before… I have the problem of always seeming to have multiple projects on the go.

Zara: I remember that. Yup let’s never do that again. Currently, I’m working on Lunafreya’s Atlissia dress and remaking Nyx Ulrix for Supanova.

Zanne: Agreed. Trying to limit myself one. So my current project I’m working on is Aranea Highwind from FFXV for Supanova. It’s a real challenge for me.

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? Zanne: Without a doubt, we both admire Kamui Cosplay. She is such a super talented cosplayer and has so many fantastic skills she shows off in her tutorials. Very inspiring work. Honestly, though, it’s our friends and cosplayers we spend time with, see at cons, and talk to on Instagram that are my favourites and inspiration. Seeing firsthand their dedication to the craft, the incredible creations and the beautiful photos they produce never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Zara: Definitely Kamui Cosplay. Closer to home though, honestly there are so many to list but if I had to choose one, it has to be kiriecos, I don’t think she even realises how amazingly talented she is! But like I said, there are so many that we admire – silverlining cosplay, titch cosplay, purpledeamon, jgmycroft –

Zanne: And redscarf, ghostmateria, xxakirose, nightfox cosplay – yep we could go for a while…

Photo by Raymond Valencia Photopgraphy

Who else do you want to cosplay? Zara: That is easy, my dream cosplay right now is Fury from Darksiders 3. She is so incredibly badass!

Zanne: You have so many more than just Fury, Zara.

Zara: So true, but that list is a mile long – Squall, Lunafreya, Lenne, Alita, Akali, Aqua… there are a lot of A’s it seems.

Zanne: And it’s the same for me, I have a list mile long too. I guess that is what you get being a duo, your list doubles! Ok let’s see, cosplays I want to do are – Ravus, Fran from FFXII, Vincent Valentine,– yes I love final fantasy – Jecht, Ignis. It goes on…

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! Zanne: I’m just odd in general. One fact though? I love my martial arts and have practised 2 styles of Karate: Goju-Ryu and Shotokan. I’ve also lived in 4 states of Australia as well as the UK and Israel.

Zara: And you also have a cat that is as crazy as you, and you love to climb trees in cosplay. You’re weird, I like it. As for me, well I am actually quite short. It’s so great for wearing high heels, so not great for cosplaying the guy who’s meant to be taller than the girl! Other odd things, I don’t drink coffee and don’t own a cosplay cat – I am weird!

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