This Week in Games: Feb 12 – 17


From remastered classics to relreeases on Switch there is plenty to play this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Just because you might never make it to an X-Games doesnt mean you have to never compete in one with Monster Energy Supercross available for PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch on Tuesday (and Steam on Wednesday). Ride in some stadium style motocross with a range of tracks and bikes with all the official tracks from the Monster motocross.

Thursday brings you new Square Enix with the Secret of Mana on PlayStation 4, well as new as a remastered edition from the Super Nintendo era can be. Originally released in 1993 and most recently seen on the Super NES Classic edition this full 3D remake makes it’s way to the PS4 first with the Vita soon to follow and Steam on Friday.

On Saturday, if the problem with most platformers is that there is just too much help and guidence then Fe should change that. Available on Xbox and Playstation 4 this Saturday, Fe is a platformer that promises that you can run, climb and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest without handholding.

Honourable Mention: This Friday we give a two for one honourable mention with some awesome games being re-released for the Switch. First, for anyone who didn’t pick up the initial release on the Switch grab Overcooked Special Edition for all your kitchen carnage co-op needs. And if grease fires aren’t your thing then the Hack and Slash Bayonetta 2 also makes it’s way to the Switch on the same day.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Pursuing Susie (Steam)
Rhythm World – Master Project (Steam)
The Little Slime (Steam)
NewTypes (Steam VR)
Hyperbolic Ignition (Steam)
Roanoke (Steam)
Spring It! (Steam)
NeoBalls2 (Steam)
Dream On The Moon (Steam)

Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4/XB1/PC)
Pop-Up Pilgrims (PS4)
Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame (PS4/XB1/Switch)
Overcooked Special Edition (Switch)
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (PS4)
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Cargo Collection (PC)
Rainbow Six Siege – Advanced Edition (PS4/XB1)
Masplado (Steam)
Sol Galaxy Defender (Steam)
Sakura Cupid (Steam)
Dinoku (Steam)
Devil and the Fairy (Steam VR)
Redline Ultimate Racing (Steam)
Redemption: Tyranny of Daetorem (Steam)
Click and fight (Steam)
Lost In Space (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Samurai (Steam)
Harmless Skeleton (Steam)
SOK MAX (Steam)
Naturallandscape – GulinLandscape (Steam)
SaveHer! (Steam)
Techno Boy (Steam)
S-COPTER: Trials of Quick Fingers and Logic (Steam)
Swaps and Traps (Steam)
BombTag (Steam)
MY 1980s DASHBOARD (Steam)
Fog of War – Free Edition (Steam)
Light fight (Steam)
Bomb Bay (Steam)
Musician (Steam)
XBall Champion (Steam)
EXIT 4 – Portal (Steam)
Monstress Academy (Steam)
Space Invaders Extreme (Steam)
The Fall Part 2: Unbound (Steam)
Eternal Man: Forest (Steam)
Quests Unlimited (Steam)
Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit (Steam)
The Longest Five Minutes (Steam)

Dynasty Warriors 9 (XB1)
The Fall Part 2: Unbound (XB1)
Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame (Steam)
Mortal box (Steam)
Moon Bullet (Steam)
Balloonatics (Steam VR)
Dead Maze (Steam)
San Matias – Mafia City (Steam)
Psychiatrist Simulator (Steam)
Survivors of Borridor (Steam)
Cattle and Crops (Steam)
Fossil Hunters (Steam)
Football Russian 20!8 (Steam)
Virus Petya (Steam)
Bit-Boom (Steam)
Fantasy Mosaics 19: Edge of the World (Steam)
Putin takes taxes (Steam)
Clergyman (Steam)
Knights of Hearts (Steam)
Potatoe (Steam)
They have HORNS (Steam)
Project FTM (Steam)
Caste Adventure (Steam)
Math Hero (Steam)
The Islander (Steam)
Desperate game (Steam)
Behind the Truth (Steam)
The Tower (Steam VR)
Tyde Pod Challenge (Steam)
Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend (Steam)
DYO (Steam)
Guilt Battle Arena (Steam)
Speed Dating for Ghosts (Steam)
Burnin` Rubber 5 HD (Steam)

Secret of Mana (PS4)
RPG Merchant (Steam)
Algo Bot (Steam)
Tanks Meet Zombies (Steam)
Beer! (Steam)
4D Minesweeper (Steam)
The Cathedral: Allison’s Diary (Steam)
miraclr – Divine Dating Sim (Steam)
SurvivalZ (Steam)
The Alpha Device (Steam)
Border of her Heart (Steam)
Sister’s Love (Steam)
I Love My Brother (Steam)
RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels (Steam)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (Steam)
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart (Steam)
Among the Dead (Steam)
Admine (Steam)
Qubika (Steam)
It’s Chicken! (Steam)
Gachimuchi Reloaded (Steam)
Shinobi Bad Buddies (Steam)
Bunny Adventure (Steam)
Crossroad (Steam)
Sacred Four (Steam VR)
BoxCat (Steam)
Chinese Ink Painting Puzzle & Creator (Steam)
Otaku’s Fantasy 2 (Steam)
Chickens Madness (Steam)
Prana (Steam)
Apartment of Love (Steam)
900 (Steam)
ReallyGoodBattle (Steam)
Galaxy Race (Steam VR)

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS)
Bayonetta 2 (Switch)
Five Keys to Exit (Steam)
Secret of Mana (Steam)
ReHack (Steam)
Lonely in the Winter (Steam)
Ground Runner: Trials (Steam VR)
Ghost Platoon (Steam)
Let’s be architects (Steam)
Galaxy Race (Steam VR)
Keyboard Warrior (Steam)
Ativeil (Steam)
Battle for Mountain Throne (Steam)
Enoch: Underground (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Chef (Steam)
Puzzle By Axis (Steam)
Christmas at Morleyville Mall (Steam)
Monkey Slap (Steam)
Inaccessible world (Steam)
Hunt Down The Freeman (Steam)
Spacepowers (Steam)
Robot Fighting (Steam)
Abstractism (Steam)
HorD: High or Die (Steam)
Ambition of the Slimes (Steam)
Executive Hockey (Steam)
Dissimilation (Steam)
LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin (Steam)
King of the Eggs (Steam)
National Rugby Manager (Steam)
Xenomorph (Steam)
Wendy’s Mart 3D (Steam)
The Chronicles of Nyanya (Steam)

Fe (XB1/PS4)
Claybook (XB1)
Capture the monster (Steam)
One touch (Steam)
Hiking Simulator 2018 (Steam)
Hellbreaker (Steam)
Elven Love (Steam)
The Binding of YOU (Steam)
Spaceguy (Steam)
Viki Spotter: Megapolis (Steam)
JQ: countries (Steam)
Lock Parsing 2 (Steam)
Don’t Fall (Steam)
Need For Gowna (Steam)
Great Hunt: North America (Steam)
One Tank to Rule Them All (Steam)
Sea Battle: Through the Ages (Steam)
The Fruitless Flower (Steam)
Individual Investor Tycoon (Steam)
YumeCore (Steam)
The Frosty Leaves (Steam)
Far Out (Steam)
E.Z (Steam)
Wall Street Junior (Steam)
One Night (Steam)
Why War? (Steam)
Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat (Steam)
Fitzzle Mighty Bears (Steam)
Kate’s Test (Steam)
Hide and go boom (Steam)
Fist of Brave (Steam)