PlayStation Experience 2017 Round-Up


It didn’t seem so long ago that we were giving all the news from E3 but we knew that Sony were holding a few things back with their PlayStation Experience event planned for later this year. PSX 2017 happened this weekend, so what do you need to know?

VR again was a heavily featured with Wipeout HD, The Last Guardian and the Killing Floor soon to get a VR treatment. But that was not the only news as a title we have been waiting for Rick and Morty VR Virtual Rick-ality is coming PSVR in 2018!

Also in games getting an update the PlayStation classic MediEvil is coming to PS4 with a HD edition in 2018.

There were a lot of new IP titles announced for now until the end of the year (make sure you follow our weekly This Week in Games to keep up to date on what is in this weeks drop), there was also a lot heading to PlayStation to look out in 2018. While not a lot of Triple A titles we saw some out there titles like infiltrating a cult in The Church of Darkness or the Action RPG Moonlighter.

We also enjoyed seeing the side by side comparison of Shadow of the Colossus across all the generations of PlayStation ahead of it’s February 2018 release.

And finally the big news, you will soon be able to change your PSN ID. Yes that PlayStation name you made up when you were a teen (let’s say teen) will soon no longer follow you everywhere with news that the ability to update will be coming to the PlayStation soon.

And that is PSX 2017, what are you most excited about? Was there anything you were hoping to see that missed the cut? Did we miss out on some big news? Let us know in the comments down below.