New The Last Jedi toys released for Force Friday II today!


If you got to see the prequels in cinemas then the idea of a midnight launch for Star Wars toys isn’t news to you but after the success of Force Friday last year as the major launch of Star Wars toys for the Force Awakens, it returns this year for The Last Jedi.

Happening across the globe but Australia (and New Zealand) are first off the rank with major retailers like Target and Big W being the hub for all things Star Wars in the new line of toys (and other things) that are launching today in stores across the country. This has gone past a launch and is now a full blown event with there even being a tie-in AR app from the official site.

By the time you read this your local store may have already been ransacked by fans looking for that exclusive variant but last night Target gave us a little preview and here is some of the awesome we saw.

1Hasbro Black Series Statuettes

Continuing with the highly detailed (but more budget friendly) Black Series Scale Figures, we saw some black series statuettes. These fixed pose figures are the same scale as the 6 inch black figures but come with a a display base.

We really like the Luke Skywalker with downed AT-AT Leg/Foot

23 3/4 Hasbro Figures

Of course there were plenty of new series standard size action figures. All the figures we saw came with a new ‘Force Link’ feature. This is similar to a feature way back from Episode I which allowed the figures to talk when a RFID chip was placed on the base.

In the new version you get a wrist mounted (motion activated) scanner which does not require a separate chip but can read straight from the figure. AND unlike the previous versions of this tech it also works with selected vehicles like Poe’s X-Wing.

There are plenty of figures focused on The Last Jedi such as Chewy, Rey and C-3PO (with no red arm). Our pick of figures? The Last Jedi Old Luke

3Hasbro Black Series Figures

A lot of new Black Series figures are hitting today but not focused on The Last Jedi. We saw Expanded Universe figures including Admiral Thrawn and FINALLY Hera from Star Wars Rebels.


Yes there is new Nerf released today. With Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron and New Order Stormtrooper blasters. All the figures are designed for tiny people with a level of manual loading (instead of clips) but all feature the Glowstrike glow darts.


Yes there is a lot of those. Kylo Ren’s FX editions, Battle Blade, Customisable, Light Changing, Build Your Own… basically if you like fighting with extending glowsticks that make awesome noises, you are covered.

6Hot Wheels

While the Hot Wheels figures aren’t everyones cup of tea what we were really excited about was the New Royal Guard style car. We are definitely on the lookout for an action figure to match.

7Poe Dameron Pilot Helmet

Following the same style and quality of the Black series lightsaber released with The Force Awakens (and re-released for The Last Jedi). But we love this Rebel Pilot helmet. Expect to spend north of $150.


8LEGO Sets

Yes there was LEGO… so much LEGO. Expect to clear a lot of space with Massive sets being released including AT-AT, Star Destroyers and a massive new Millenium Falcon. There are a number of smaller sets too but expect a number of over $200 sets.

There are a number of other sets which do contain some spoilers and expect to see some coverage of those over the next week.


This will be the thing that haunts your dreams no doubt. For anyone who loved Ewoks a new ‘character’ or creature, Porg. This plush figure is a sort of Penguin-ish chacter which makes noises and moves (and there is a tiny version that comes with the Chewie action figure).

10Other Stuff

The live stream of Toys’R’Us also gave us a look at a new BB-8 ‘Hyperdrive’ edition which is a more remote control/speed focused model than the more expensive (and more fragile) Sphero edition. This one is not available today but will be later this month.

Also mentioned (but not seen) was a new BB-8, BB-9e which we have learnt is a new ‘New Order’ BB droid AND R2-D2 which Sphero is releasing. These are super awesome and interact with each other, check out the video below from Sphero Expect a hefty price-tag much like the original BB-8 but clearly you need both.

The full line-up is available in stores now but you can always order online if you don’t want to brave the shelves. But be honest, the thrill is in the hunt.

Checkout Toy’R’Us website for the most complete online listing but we do recommend hunting around for the best price. Force Friday 2 is happening September 1.