Comic Pull List – August 10


Welcome to our weekly Comics Pull List, where you can find a handy list of new titles ready and waiting for you! There are some great new comics out this week, but here are the few that we are most keen to check out!

1Mister Miracle #1

A character originally created by Jack Kirby and first appearing in 1971, Mister Miracle (aka Scott Free) is “the greatest escape artist who ever lived.” From Tom King comes the first instalment in DC’s new twelve issue series revival of Mister Miracle. Already receiving some very positive attention, we think this is one to check out!

2Lost Boys TP

In the mood for some 80’s nostalgia? This is the comic sequel to The Lost Boys, bringing us a whole new adventure in the vampire-ridden Californian town of Santa Carla. Tim Seeley is a veteran of the horror genre, and Lost Boys is a worth extension of a beloved cult classic. 

3Babyteeth #3

Being a teen mother would be pretty scary, but what if your baby was the antichrist? And then there are the assassins, and secret Illuminati… if that plot doesn’t grab your attention, then we don’t know what will! Babyteeth, from AfterShock Comics, gives the reader lots of reasons to keep on reading!

Full List (via Comixology)

All-New Wolverine #23
Amazing Spider-Man #31
Captain America #25
Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 5: End of the Line TP
Captain Marvel Vol. 4: Earths Mightiest Hero TP
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #3
Defenders #4
Edge of Venomverse #4
Generations Capt Marvel & Capt Mar-vell Poster
Generations Capt Marvel & Ms. Marvel Poster
Generations Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1
Generations Iron Man & Ironheart Poster
Generations Miles Morales & Peter Parker Spider Man Poster
Generations Phoenix & Jean Grey #1
Generations Sam Wilson & Steve Rogers Capt America Poster
Hulk (2016-) #9
Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #1
International Iron Man TP
Jean Grey #5
Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Vol. 17 HC
Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #21
Ms. Marvel #21
Old Man Logan #27
Punisher Max Complete Collection Vol. 6 TP
Rocket #4
Rocket Raccoon Grounded TP
S.H.I.E.L.D. : Hydra Reborn TP
Secret Empire #8
Secret Warriors #5 Se
Silk Vol. 3: Clone Conspiracy TP
Star Wars Rogue One Cassian & K2so Special Special #1
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #11
True Believers Kirby 100th Groot #1
True Believers Kirby 100th Introducing The Mighty Thor #1
True Believers Kirby 100th Thor vs. Hulk #1
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #23
Venom #153
Venomverse #1 By Bradshaw Poster
Zombies Assemble 2 #1

Action Comics #985
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #13
Batman Arkham Clayface TP
Batman By Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Box Set 2 TP
Cyborg Vol. 2: Danger In Detroit (rebirth) TP
Detective Comics #962
Earth 2 Society Vol. 4: Life After Death TP
Flash #28
Gotham Academy Second Semester #12
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #26
Harley Quinn #25
Justice League of America Vol. 1: The Extremists (rebirth) TP
Mister Miracle #1
New Super Man #14
Newsboy Legion & Boy Commandos Special #1
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Scooby Apocalypse #16
Scooby Doo Where Are You #84
Suicide Squad #23
Suicide Squad Black Files #1
Super Powers Vol. 1 TP
Supergirl #12
Superwoman #13
Titans #14
Titans #14 Var Ed
Wonder Woman #28

Lost Boys TP

The Divided States Of Hysteria #3
Eclipse Vol. 2 TP
Giant Generator All-star Art Poster
Kill Or Be Killed #11
Kill Or Be Killed Vol. 2 TP
Low #19
Redlands #1
Rose #5
Sacred Creatures #2
Spawn The Vault Ed HC
Think Tank #4
Violent Love #7
The Walking Dead Lucille Ballpoint Pen 16pc Cs
The Wicked + The Divine #30
Youngblood #4

Dark Horse
Alien vs. Predator Life and Death TP
Angel Season 11 Vol. 1: Out of Past TP
The Complete Elfquest Vol. 4 TP
Dragon Age: Knight Errant #4
Drifters Vol. 4 TP
Ec Archives Incredible Science Fiction HC
Groo Play of Gods #2
Harrow County #25
Hatsune Miku Rin-chan Now Vol. 3 TP
Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1955 Secret Nature (One-Shot)
Shadows On the Grave #7

BOOM! Studios
Amory Wars: Second Stage Turbine Blade HC
Godshaper #5
Grass Kings #6 Main & Mix
Mega Princess Vol. 1 TP
Over Garden Wall Vol. 2 TP
Sisters of Sorrow #2 Main & Mix
Steven Universe #7
Steven Univers #7 Subscription Fenton Var
WWE Summer Slam 2017 #1

Centipede #2
Intertwined TP
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #3
Kiss Vampirella #3
Mighty Mouse #3
Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #6
Pathfinder Worldscape Vol. 1 HC
Red Sonja Vol. 4 #7
Red Sonja Worlds Away Vol. 1 TP
The Shadow #1
Skin & Earth #2
The Sovereigns #4
Vampirella Fine Art Litho Tan Sgn Ed

Back to the Future #22
Behaving Madly HC
Clue #3
Cosmic Scoundrels #5
Donald Quest: Hammer of Magic TP
First Strike #1
G.I. Joe #9
Hanazuki: Full of Treasures #3
Jem & the Holograms Infinite #3
Jem & the Holograms the Misfits TP
Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth #4
My Little Pony Twilight Kingdom TP
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #57
Optimus Prime #10
Popeye Classics Vol. 10 HC
Popeye Classics #61
Powerpuff Girls: The Time Tie #3
Real Science Adventures #5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #13
TMNT Dimension X #2
Transformers: Till All Are One #12
Weird Love Unlucky In Love HC
Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #2
The X-Files #17

Action Lab
Toyetica #1

Danger Zone
Danger Doll Squad #0
Medisin Vol. 1: First Do No Harm TP (MR)

AfterShock Comics
Babyteeth #3
Unholy Grail #2

Archie Comics Double Digest #281
Archies Big Book Vol. 1: Magic Music & Mischief TP
Riverdale #5

Drawn and Quarterly
Customer Is Always Wrong HC

Hermes Press
Phantom Comp Avon Novels Vol. 3: Phantom and the Scorpia Menace
Phantom Complete Sundays Vol. 4: 1950-1953 HC

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Vol. 11

Lion Forge Comics
The Castoffs #9
Cloudia & Rex #2

Oni Press
Invader Zim #22
Night’s Dominion: Season Two #1

Gumby #2

Red 5
After Eden #2

Seven Seas
Devils & Realist Vol. 1

Bloody Best of Lenore HC
Doctor Who 10th Year Three #8
Doctor Who 11th Vol. 6: Malignant Truth TP
Hammer The Vault: (titan Ed) HC
Ian Livingstones Freeway Fighter #4
Millennium Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Vol. 1 TP
Mycroft Vol. 1: Apocalypse Handbook TP
Normandy Gold #3
Quake Champions #1
Rivers of London Detective Stories #3
Sherlock the Great Game #1
Warhammer 40000 Fallen #1

Back Issue #99

Faith Vol. 4: The Faithless TP
Harbinger Renegade #6

Vault Comics
Heathen #5
Zojaqan #2

Art of Pokemon Adventures: 20th Anniv Illus
Itsuwaribito Vol. 21
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Vol. 2
Magi Vol. 25
Monster Hunter Flash Hunter Vol. 9

Alexander Hamilton Graphic Hist: Gn
Baker Street Four Vol. 2
Brobots Vol. 2
DC Comics Super Villains Comp Visual Hist
Elves Vol. 2
Finder Deluxe Ed Vol. 2: Caught In A Cage
Spongebob Comics #71
Ten Count Vol. 5
Trish Trash Vol. 2 HC
Wicked Righteous