This Week in Games: Jul 31 – Aug 5


We are only just up to August and there is still GamesCon in Germany next month and the PlayStation Experience towards the end of the year for some big announcements to happen in games. But you aren’t here for that, You want to know what you can play now! So before we get to the full list, here is your highlights:

If you prefer to get your games via Steam you can pickup the absolutely gorgeous looking isometric mystery noir game The Monster Inside when it comes out on Tuesday. While not heavy on the action anyone with a slight taste for gumshoe detective work may end up not putting this down until they crack the case.

If you enjoyed Gone Home then you may want to pickup the new title from the same creators when it is released on Steam on Tuesday and Xbox One on Wednesday this week. Tacoma is first person narrative style which has you figuring out what happened on a a Space Station.

On Thursday if you have a VR setup capable and prefer never to sleep again the horror/VR Distorted Reality will have you exploring an abandoned hospital where the laws of physics dont apply and you need to find all 8 records of how you got here to escape.

On Friday if you loved Another World or Flashback then Xbox One owners might get that same vibe from The Way when it comes out on the Xbox store on Friday. While not developed by the same team, there is no doubt that this title is inspired by those games with its style and game play (it’s already available for PC)

Also on Friday for anyone who has played social games like Werewolf or The Resistance can pickup MINDNIGHT. It is a online multiplayer game but like Werewolf is a social game about deception and deduction against other players.

Honourable Mention: Mr. Shifty comes to Xbox One on Friday via the Xbox store! Have’t heard of Mr. Shifty? We first saw this top down shooter ages ago when it first came out on Steam and it immediately made us want to go back and replay the original topdown GTA games! You can see why we love it so much, on Friday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

Why Humble Bundle? Geek Society AU is now a HumbleBundle Partner, meaning you can help support us when you buy games for Steam to allow us to do with our charity projects and more for you! We only provide HumbleBundle links to our recommended games when available for purchase.

The Red Stare (Steam VR)
Be Quiet (Steam)
Douche Bag (Steam)

Castle Storm VR (PSVR)
Dino Frontier (PSVR)
Mars 2030 (Steam VR)
Dead Moon – Revenge on Phobos (Steam)
Underworld Dungeon (Steam)
Gods of the Fallen Land (Steam)
Ziggurat 3D Chess (Steam)
The Houchi Play (Steam)
Lionheart (Steam)
Secret World Legends (Steam)
VR – Killing Town (Steam VR)
Seven boys (Steam)
Jewel Venture (Steam)
Roll Out (Steam)
Elly The Jelly (Steam)
Bullet Party (Steam)
EREFIA (Steam)
Rainbow Duck (Steam)
Diver – Sea Survival Simulator (Steam VR)
BoxMaker (Steam)
Fidget Spinner Simulator (Steam)
Paddle Battle (Steam)
Bullet Soul Infinity Burst (Steam)
Clash of Robots (Steam)
Watergate Xtreme (Steam)
Happy Singh Adventures (Steam)
Firewood (Steam)
Space Hero Line (Steam)
Skeleton Boomerang (Steam)
The Brave Mouse (Steam)
A Step into Darkness (Steam)
MGSLeisure1000 (Steam)
Redeemer (Steam)
The Initiate (Steam)

Tacoma (Steam)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (XB1)
The Long Dark (XB1/PS4)
Slime Rancher (XB1)
an Orc’s Tale: Kriegsruf (Steam)
Medieval Mystery Match (Steam)
Crusader Crash (Steam)
Surpreme Ruler The Great War (Steam)
Capitalism 2 (Steam)
The Monster Inside (Steam)
Maggie’s Apartment (Steam)
Fidel Dungeon Rescue (Steam)
Deadliners (Steam)
Z ViRus: V.I.R.M Uprising (Steam)
Arena (Steam)
The Voice in the Void (Steam)
Aztez (Steam)
Heroes of Civilizations (Steam)
Genie (Steam)
Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar (Steam)
Life of a caveman (Steam)
Alchemyland (Steam)
Ameline and the Ultimate Burger (Steam)
Breaking Good (Steam)
Leylines (Steam)
Sango Guardian Chaos Generation (Steam)
Inescapable VR: Underground (Steam VR)
Hold My Beer (Steam VR)
Blind Witch – Peek Window- (Steam)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Steam)

Tacoma (XB1)
Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure (XB1)
Puzzle: Underwater World (Steam)
Totally Mayhem (Steam)
Rescue Team 7 (Steam)
Undertaker’s (Steam)
Astoria: The Holder of the Power Saga (Steam)
GAIA 2200 (Steam)
VectorWave (Steam VR)
Fable Rush (Steam)
XAOC (Steam)
Flight of Light (Steam)
Community Inc. (Steam)

WakeUp! (Steam)
Dark Elf (Steam)
Interplanetary Hunter (Steam)
Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble (Steam)
ShineG In The Zombies (Steam)
Exit VR (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Begins (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Spinner Edition (Steam)
Deltaplan Simulator (Steam)
Distorted Reality (Steam)
Cash Cop (Steam)
The Unreal Journey of Mongol (Steam)
Viewpoints (Steam)
Juanito Arcade Mayhem (Steam)
Fish for Gold (Steam)
The Merchant Life (Steam)
Gary Grigsby’s War in the West (Steam)
Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope (Steam)
Run!ZombieFoods! (Steam)
Bug Killers (Steam)
Shephy (Steam)
Range Day VR (Steam VR)
Black Mist (Steam)
Draw Puzzle (Steam)
Air Traffic Disruptor (Steam)
Ghostie Quest (Steam)

Mr. Shifty (XB1)
Race Arcade (XB1)
The Way (XB1)
Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator
Zumbi Blocks (Steam)
Fungoids (Steam)
Dodgeball (Steam)
2 Planets Fire and Ice (Steam)
Winter Cold (Steam)
Murder… (Steam)
Prime Shift (Steam)
The Adventures of Capitano Navarro (Steam)
CANARI (Steam)
Grav Grav Gravity (Steam)
The Tavern (Steam)
System Goose Overload (Steam)
Slice & Dice (Steam)
Mircron Wars XR (Steam)
LOGistICAL: British Isles (Steam)
Abstract Arena (Steam)
Minotaur (Steam)
Stability (Steam)
The Journey: Bob’s Story (Steam)