Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Sodaville Comics


Did you get along to Comicstreetau in Brisbane on the weekend and talk to some creators of some indie comics? We did!

If you didnt can we interest you in 5 questions with Sodaville Comics artist Dan Gilmore?

What are you reading right now? Now that The Vision has wrapped, I’m not currently reading any monthly titles. I tend to read longer form comics, often stuff published by Oni Press, First Second, and Fantagraphics. I just picked up Ghost World, The Maxx, and Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy and Order of Tales.

Who or what is a Kunghur? Why is Kunghur important? Kunghur’s a noble barbarian in a fantasy world being ravaged by a bad guy named Purplex. The series has He-Man and the Masters of the Universe baked deep into its DNA. I loved the moral tale at the end of the cartoon episodes. Kunghur picks up that idea, but in a different way. He’s not a militaristic hero like modern Batman, he’s an inspirational hero like Christopher Reeve’s Superman.

It might be hard to tell from a black-and-white (for now) book, but there are no straight white men in Kunghur – except for the villain Purplex. There are countless stale pale male hero figures in our culture – Kunghur’s not one of them. Anyone from any background can be a hero, all it takes is doing the right thing regardless of cultural markers.

Apart from Kunghur what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian published comics? Ryan K Lindsay’s books – Deer Editor; Negative Space; and Chum are the best things in Australian comics right now.

Major prediction for comics 12 months from now? Marvel and DC seem to be waking up to the importance of diversity in their titles and in their roster of creators. In 12 months, I hope to see at least Marvel distance itself from the “importance” of the toxic troll community.

Best last thing you ate? A Reuben toasted cheese sandwich from Melt Brothers

And that is 5! If anyone needs us we will be getting a Reuben