The Bright Knight Returns

Picture by @ItsMil0w via

We haven’t really talked a lot about the Adam West news, mostly because there was no news that we could bring you that was something you could look forward to in Australia.

Fortunately, as the Batsignal pictured above was lit over LA overnight we have two pieces Adam West news to share. The first being confirmation that the Batman ’66 animated movie sequel Batman vs Two-Face with Adam West (and William Shatner as Two-Face) had completed all of its production taping requirements and moving forward.

The heavily scarred Two-Face was one of the few major Bat-Villians who did not appear in the TV series (which we have learned will also be on SBS Viceland as double episodes late next month).

A firm date has not been announced but the production is on track to be released later this year. The first animated movie, Return of the Caped Crusader, leapt from the popularly of the Batman ’66 comic (initially available only through ComiXology) that continued the adventures of the TV series. Through this series, we have also seen a new Wonder Woman ’77 comic based on the TV show as a result of the Batman ’66 team-up.

The second bit of awesome (or not so awesome depending on how you look at it) is that the planned episode of DC’s Powerless sitcom has released the full episode with guest star Adam West on DC Comics’ YouTube (without Geoblocking). The episode has not aired with poor ratings in the US stopping it from broadcasting the remaining episodes in addition to season two not being ordered at this time.

So why not take a break from replaying the Batman ’66 level of LEGO Batman 3 or rewatching the BTAS Beware the Grey Ghost episode and enjoy some Adam West.