CosFriday – Jawjarrose


Is there any better Friday than a Cos-Friday? And this week we are with Jawjarrose!

What’s your name & how old are you? Georgia, I turn 20 at the end of this month

How long have you been cosplaying? Making my cosplay Since November 2015

What inspired you to start cosplaying? A high school best friend introduced me and we bought costumes for Supanova in 2013. I wanted to make something awesome in 2015 and test my skills, I got an overwhelming response of love from people at the convention so I’ve been continuing my work. 

My mother inspired me to sew my whole life she made matching dresses for Barbie and me. She thinks I’m crazy for trying to make gloves and couldn’t imagine starting elaborate projects but she is the most amazing seamstress to me.

What was your First Cosplay? Bought, run kagamine and then first made was new 52 Wonder Woman

What is your most recent cosplay? Kim possible/Artemis from Young Justice (a day apart)

What cosplays are you currently working on? So many! Mavis, Jane Thor, Zatanna, Bombshell Hawkgirl & Harleywood Harley Quinn.

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? Locally LeggyBear,  Radioactive Redfox and Star Scribe Works. Abroad Costumes by ZonbiMommy And Me Cosplays and Axceleration.

Who else do you want to cosplay? Ezio, Padme, Leia, Ariel

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! I can lick my elbow.

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