Nintendo Switch Hands-on in Brisbane


Yesterday we got a little hands on with the new Nintendo Switch at a Pop-Up event in Brisbane. Open to the public for a 5 minute hands on with some of the two player experiences, it was aiming for more the casual then hardcore Nintendo user.

3 Mini Games of the 10 officially announced (with 8 more unconfirmed and likely at least another 10 on top of that) “1-2 Switch” games were available including:

  • Quick Draw – a Two Player, one controller each, gunslinging showdown
  • Milk – a two controller cow milking game
  • Sword Fight – exactly what it sounds like

We also got to try Ball Count which is the demo of the controller rumble where the controller is a box holding some small metal balls and you have to guess how many are in it just from feel. Without question these minigames are akin to the types of group games that made the Wii so popular when it first came out.

Also for play was the standalone game Arms, Zelda was not in attendance because as mentioned this was not an event for the hardcore gamer but given demos of that are 20+ minutes long it was not surprising.

More impressive was that after 8 hours straight of casual gamers the small controllers were still going strong. These controllers are tiny but they do fit nicely in your hand but do have a couple of gotchas.

Firstly, the controllers we used were a left shoulder and right shoulder controller so with a 2 player they are left and right handed. You can still use them in either hand but they are naturally shaped so be prepared for excuses of why your friend lost. Secondly, the smaller controllers have shoulder buttons which is a small strip that slides on – when not in use you don’t have anywhere cool to store that strip, so try not to lose them.

Overall the Switch feels good. Good in a first time you tried out a Wii good not in a Wii-U gimmicky way. This Pop-up was the second official one to happen since Sydney a few weeks ago and with release less than 2 weeks away, it’s unlikely there will be any more until launch day.

Pre-orders for the console have sold out in most places but you can still try and hunt down one or try your luck for a cancelled one on launch day March 3rd. With a retail of $469 for the console you still really should pickup a copy of 1-2 Switch (not included) if you really want to show off the party mode and bring back game night.