First Australian Official LEGO Store Grand Opening on the Gold Coast


1. I am one with the line and the line is one with Me

There was just a small queue of loyal LEGO fans in front of the new Lego Store on the Gold Coast as it opened with some of those early in line reportedly driving from interstate and initially queuing closer to midnight

2. Nor snow, nor rain, nor standing barefoot on LEGO

With patches of rain and sun, the line to get in opening day was closer to 3 hours before you could get in the door. Props to Dreamworld staff who brought out sunscreen and cold water to those in line

3. Lego Store made of Lego

For those early enough (and who spent enough) with every $200 worth of Lego purchased you could receive a Lego set of a Lego Store which is an exclusive set not available for purchase separately

4. This is the Lego you are looking for

Once inside the air-conditioned Lego heaven you have free range of the store. For those who have been to the Lego store near Disneyland this store felt both larger and smaller as a big round room with several life sized Lego builds.

5. Not limited to Big sets

The store itself has a number of Lego displays within the shelves around the outer wall. As expected for the first store of it’s kind in Australia a number of exclusive and new sets were built and on display

6. Try to not read this in a Lego Batman voice

Lego Batman was absolutely in attendance with a number of Lego Batman Movie sets on offer. We might not be getting the movie until March but the sets are available now.

7. Lego in Bulk

For those who live life off the map without instructions (non-Emmetts) you can also buy cups of Lego by weight. Grab the bricks you need from the centre of the store and put them in the provided cups and just head to the checkout to build your own double decker couch

8. You in Mini-Fig

If you just love Lego Mini-Figs you can also build your own (well a pack of 4). A variety of bodies, accessories and heads are available for you to make pretty much any Mini-Fig you can imagine as long as they aren’t too ‘licensed’ if you know what I mean

9. Not just plastic bricks

On top of Lego sets there are a selection of Lego merch on offer including a huge selection of keyrings but also Lego ice trays, Lego cups & Lego Iceblock molds!

10. That’s a wrap

The Lego store is open now at Coomera on the Gold Coast in front of Dreamworld. Tickets to Dreamworld are not required to get into the Lego store but there is access to the store through the park (and vice versa). The Lego store is open 364 days a year just like Dreamworld