Movie Review – Fatman

Look none of us expected the year to go the way it has, but on all things 2020 bingo we definitely did not expect...

Is Sony’s Sinister Six Shared Universe Hopes Still Alive in the first Morbius Trailer?

Yes, we know Morbius is not part of the Sinister Six True Believer but hold onto your flight harness for a minute because we...

The Most Anticipated Movie of 2018 ‘The New Mutants’ gets a 2nd Trailer

Ok we really don't know what is going on with this movie. The New Mutants was to be the next big mature (possibly R...

First Ghostbusters 3 Trailer Drops to remind you who to call in 2020

It's a hard life for reboots these days with films that wipe a canvas clean to start over again often being held in low...

Wonder Woman 2 brings the 80’s back (without the Demogorgons)

Superhero movies are kicking off in a big way in 2020 with Marvel just having put out its first new trailer for Black Widow...

DLC is included in the first trailer for Ryan Reynolds new NPC driven flick

Ok so there are a few film concepts that would not have flown just a decade ago but if someone told you in 2020...

Heroes never die — in the Marvel Studios’ Black Widow trailer

The official Marvel Studios' Black Widow teaser trailer has dropped today and it looks like we are in for some wild ride! This is the...

Why you should be watching Archer

What is it? Archer is the animated adventures of Sterling Archer, the Greatest Secret Agent ever to have lived. At least that is what tells...

Avengers Endgame Best Easter Egg is [SPOILER]

At the time of writing this Avengers Endgame just hit the #2 slot for the highest earning movie of all time and is still...

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