What’s On: Feb 22 – Feb 26

Remember how we said February was the quiet month? Looks like you might be able to put your feet up this weekend but that's...

PaxAUS 2017 Dates Confirmed

We got some confirmation today that PAX Australia wont be in beginning of November this year in Melbourne but at the end of October (presumably...

What’s On: Feb 17 – Feb 19

February is usually a quiet month but not this weekend with a bit on around the country so hold onto your butts for your...

What’s On: Feb 10 – Feb 12

Need weekend plans? Here is what is happening this week! On Saturday if you are a Smeghead in Perth then you can still grab some...

Geek Society 2017 Calendar – Big Swag of Pops Giveaway Winner Announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our comp to win the Pops by helping the Puppies but sadly with winners in competitions much like the...

First Australian Official LEGO Store Grand Opening on the Gold Coast

I am one with the line and the line is one with Me There was just a small queue of loyal LEGO fans in front...

Harmontown Podcast in Brisbane

Fan of Harmontown? Last night kicked off the first night of the Australian podcast tour at the Triffd in Brisbane before moving around the...

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What’s On: Jan 13 – 19

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