Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Christian Carnouche

For the Creator Spotlight this week we catch up with author Christian Carnouche to learn more about his debut comic, an apocalyptic tale that is...

Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Infinite Worlds Tattoo

Do you want to know where all the geeks go to get a Fallout 4 tattoo sleeve, or a Super Mario tramp stamp? For...

Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Ben Mitchell

For the Creator Spotlight this week we get to know Newcastle writer and illustrator Ben Mitchell, and we get the low down on his murder mystery/slice-of-life...

Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Darren Koziol

Described as the biggest and best showcase of Australian comic book talent, the historic Australian horror comic book series DECAY is seeing its final issue! So...

Footrot Flats Creator Murray Ball has Passed Away

Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball has passed away at age 78 today. While not strict speaking an Australian creator the Footrot Flats series has...

Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Katie Marx & Mel Rowsell

Reviled as they are, public transport ticket inspectors have it tough. They might have it even tougher if they had to contend with more than...

Introduction to Flintlock Fantasy – The Powder Mage Trilogy

Hi, I'm Craig. If you have ever been to Galaxy Books in Sydney you might already know me. If not, I’m the manager of...

R.L. Stine writing for Marvel? Who is Man-Thing?

It was announced late last year so you are forgiven for missing it, "R.L. Stine to write the Man-Thing for Marvel". Yes, R.L. Stine of Goosebumps...

Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with The Deep Co-Creator James Brouwer

With The Deep Season 2 hits ABC Me on August 22nd (Today!) we talk to The Deep Co-Creator and already awesome artist James Brouwer...

So You Want to Start Reading Japanese Light Novels?

Many of the most popular anime series to have come out over the past few years have started their lives as Japanese light novel...

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