LAAAAANAAAAA! Sterling Archer DLC & Season 8 Date

I hope you called Kenny Loggins because Rock Band Rivals has some DLC from the Danger Zone. Oh yes, Playstation dropped some game-play footage...

This Week in Games: Mar 13 – Mar 18

We can't help feel a wave of Deja Vu when looking at this weeks release list. While there are a few new things out there,...

PS4 Firmware 4.5 Incoming (and for PSVR too)

Very soon On Thursday the 9th from 10am AEST onward (midnight GMT on the 9th for the UK) we are getting a new 4.5 Firmware...

A Few Days Later… Should you Buy a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is less than a week old and while a mix of love for the titles and some like criticism over a...

This Week in Games: Mar 6 – Mar 11

Welcome to another week and what you are really interested in - what is happening this week in games. Before the full list as...

Switch eShop Day One Patch & Over 60 Nintendo Indie Titles Announced

The Switch isn't even released yet and we are already getting a slew of new games announced with Nintendo Australia yesterday providing a list...

This Week in Games: Feb 27 – Mar 4

We hope you have pampered your wallet over the weekend because this week it's really going to get a work out! Here are the...

This Week in Games: Feb 20 – Feb 25

Welcome to your this week in games for Feb 20-25! Before the full list here are some highlights The week really starts on the 21st...

Nintendo Switch Hands-on in Brisbane

Yesterday we got a little hands on with the new Nintendo Switch at a Pop-Up event in Brisbane. Open to the public for a...

This Week in Games: Feb 13 – Feb 19

Welcome to your this week in games for Feb 13-17! But before the full list here are some highlights First up on the 14th (and...

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