This Week in Games: Jul 8 – 13

If you love Super Saiyans, Warrior Angels in 16-bit style platformers, building a rocket empire or smashing together cute little animals in an online...

This Week in Games: Jul 1 – 6

School holidays are happening across the country this week and you probably have a backlog of games to finish, but you are an unstoppable...

This Week in Games: Jun 24 – 29

Fighting with Shadow Puppets, more Final Fantasy, Steven Universe on Switch and infinite Super Mario is what you have to look forward to this...

This Week in Games: Jun 17 – 22

This week survive talking teddy bears with your Switch, hit the grid with Crash Team Racing, pilot a drone and replay some awesome 80s...

E3 2019: Nintendo Recap

The main protagonist from Dragon Quest is the next character in Smash Bros. And don't forget Dragon Quest XI is coming soon. Luigis Mansion 3, complete...

E3 2019: Square Enix Recap

Square Enix's press conference kicked off with a banger! The Final Fantasy VII remake was front and centre with 20 minutes of coverage out...

E3 2019: Ubisoft Recap

Ubisoft's press conference kicks off with a live orchestra on stage to play an Assassin's Creed Symphony. It is then announced they are doing...

E3 2019: Bethesda Recap

Bethesda had probably the lowest anticipated conference at E3 due to their previously announced lack of Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI. They do have...

E3 2019: EA Recap

It has begun. The largest gaming event of the calendar is happening in Los Angeles right now with E3 2019. So what is happening/what...

E3 2019: Xbox Recap

Finally the wait is over. The official start to the E3 press conferences is here (not counting that EA snoozefest), beginning with what most...

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