E3 2017 Pre-Guide

E3 is nearly here, this year's E3 appears to be bigger than ever, and there are many reasons to be excited. Officially running from...

Fighting eSports in Melbourne with BAM9

Ok, I'll open with a disclaimer: I'm not especially clued into the fighting game community. I'm just not. I'm totally fine with it being...

Adelaide Interstate Antweight Cup Recap

Ever heard of BattleBots or Robot Wars? Have you wondered if we do anything like that in Australia? Last Saturday in Adelaide the first Interstate...

Pokemon Oceania International Championship This Weekend in Melbourne

While midway through the Pokemon Championship Series this weekend sees for the first time the official international competition include Melbourne with the Oceania International Championship...

COMING SOON – eSports Coverage

Ongoing eSports Coverage coming soon

COMING SOON – FPV Drone Racing Coverage

Ongoing coverage coming soon

COMING SOON – Robot Fighting League Coverage

Ongoing coverage coming soon

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CosFriday – Paul Rizzo Character Cosplay

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