This Week in Games: Jun 3 – 8


Parkour in ancient temples, master democracy as well as an instrument or two might make for a short week in gaming but still with plenty to do. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week off on Wednesday with a healthy dose of parkour is Downward Enhanced Edition coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Less combat and more exploration as you traverse ancient ruins to discover secrets of lost civilisations but also upgrading your character to face off against temple guardians.

Also on Wednesday is your chance at world domination not through conquering but through democracy with Democracy 4: Console Edition dropping on Nintendo Switch and for Xbox. This is a management type sim type title where you make decisions for the good of your country to test out your political ideals.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week is less game and more gamification for anyone who felt becoming a rock god with a plastic guitar was not good enough. This Thursday Rocksmith+ is an interactive piano and guitar teacher from Ubisoft that uses gamification to focus less on theory and more on teaching popular songs (it even has a mobile app).

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Zombie Legion (PlayStation)
Formula Evolution 2024 (Epic Games Store)
Ultra Mission™ (Nintendo Switch)
Kittey 64 (Nintendo Switch)
WAKUSEI (Nintendo Switch)
Astro Attack (Steam)
Pixelitos – Spritle Royale (Steam)
Journey (Steam)
AutoBulletSurvivor (Steam)
Ant Attack (Steam)
Shadows of Eldham (Steam)
天基火力 (Steam)
Remission (Steam)
THE 4 SINS (Steam)
Move My Moc (Steam)
Money Money Run (Steam)
Hide and Seek (Steam)
BYTES: The Reverse Tower Defense (Steam)
Tamarindos Freaking Dinner (Steam)
Laruaville 15 (Steam)
Pelago (Steam)
Moccoletti (Steam)
Gangs of the Street (Steam)
Sisters: Last Day of Summer (Steam)

STAR WARS: Hunters™ (Nintendo Switch)
Korean Rail Driving Tour LRT Busan-Gimhae (Nintendo Switch)
WAKUSEI (Steam, Nintendo Switch)
Brick Breaker Infinity (Steam)
Ghosts (Steam)
6th Floor (Steam)
Artificial Fashionista (Steam)
Russell’s Range (Steam)
Grave Gunner (Steam)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road (Steam)
Delivery Express (Steam)
Escape And Build (Steam)
Hyperspacer (Steam)
Cats Clicker (Steam)
Fire Path (Steam)
Sandwalkers – Prologue (Steam)
Permanence Break (Steam)
Bloody Knuckles Street Boxing (Steam)
Up Down All-a-Round (Steam)
Through the Fog (Steam)
Guardians of the Sanctree: Early Birds (Steam)
Starstream (Steam)
Hotel Business Simulator (Steam)
Fireside (Steam)
Arhaekon (Steam)
Grave Realms (Steam)
Vribyss Refuge™ The Escape (Steam)
On the Bubble (Steam)

Destiny 2 – The Final Shape (Xbox Series X|S)
Downward: Enhanced Edition (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game (Xbox Series X|S, Steam)
Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends (Xbox Game Pass, Steam)
Bad Birds (PlayStation)
Ghost Teen Escape from Limbo (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)
Tomb Nightmares (Epic Games Store)
Democracy 4: Console Edition (Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S)
Burning Skies Arcade (Steam)
Field of Glory: Kingdoms (Steam)
Hidden Robo Cats (Steam)
Songs of Silence (Steam)
Aidan in Danger (Steam)
Idle Planets (Steam)
Ultimate Chump (Steam)
Mach K9 (Steam)
Spice Trade (Steam)
Kidnelis (Steam)
Rose and Cross (Steam)
Hidden Chibis in Combinis (Steam)
The Hole Town (Steam)
HOME: Mother (Steam)
Journey of Wrestling (Steam)
Puzzlemazed (Steam)
Monster Luv Radio (Steam)
Manahex (Steam)
There’s no Socks (Steam)
Saloon Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Little Locked Rooms (Steam)
Cartographers (Steam)

Democracy 4: Console Edition (Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch)
Dig or Die (Xbox Series X|S)
Ghost Teen Escape from Limbo (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)
Run & Jump Guy (Xbox Series X|S)
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 (PlayStation)
The Smurfs – Village Party (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam)
Case Files: Behind Closed Doors (PlayStation)
Rocksmith™+ (PlayStation, Steam)
Tour de France 2024 – Standard Edition (PlayStation)
MyRummy® (Nintendo Switch)
Cat Pipes (Nintendo Switch)
Let Me Sleep (Nintendo Switch)
Fading Afternoon (Nintendo Switch)
Aery – Peace of Mind (Nintendo Switch, Steam)
Garage: Bad Dream Adventure (Nintendo Switch)
Zombie Derby (Nintendo Switch)
HighScore Anomaly Underground (Nintendo Switch)
Cybercube (Nintendo Switch)
Novivors (Steam)
The Ancients (Steam)
ZpellCatz (Steam)
Anandala (Steam VR)
No Work No Life (Steam)
Fork Road (Steam)
Rebel! (Steam)
Dead Room (Steam)
Dimensional Animals (Steam)
Omega Knockout: Punch Boxing (Steam)
Twinworld Survivor (Steam)
Below Level 地下 (Steam)
Doodle Adventure of Chameleon (Steam)
3番線 | Sanbansen (Steam)
PixAnt Farm (Idle) (Steam)
SGS Overlord (Steam)
Boxmania (Steam)
Farmcoz (Steam)
Tiny Ski (Steam)
Puss in Woods (Steam)
Crabity (Steam)
Pro Cycling Manager 2024 (Steam)
Lumnis (Steam)
Hup Hup The Cupcake (Steam)
Greed and Fear and the Rest (Steam)
Everlasting Snooze (Steam)
Sneak Out (Steam)
A Twisted Path to Renown (Steam)
幻想小镇 (Steam)

Dash and Roll (Xbox One X)
Grappin (Xbox Series X|S)
Tour de France 2024 (Xbox Series X|S, Steam)
Fridge Escape (PlayStation)
CRUELTY (Epic Games Store)
Red Planet Rampart (Epic Games Store)
A Game´s Tale (Epic Games Store, Steam)
Airhead (Nintendo Switch)
Sociable Soccer 24 (Nintendo Switch)
Rider’s Spirits (Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S)
KoroNeko (Steam)
Dark Throne (Steam)
Savage: Ultimate Boss Fight (Steam)
Beat in Zero (Steam)
Chornobyl Liquidators (Steam)
Bankshot Launchers (Steam)
Autopsy Simulator (Steam)
Blockbuster Inc. (Steam)
DETECTIVE – Minerva case (Steam)
BattleCore Arena (Steam)
Stock: Retail investors (Steam)
The Hidden Room – Pyramid (Steam)
Kristala (Steam)
ASTA-POOL: Can humans beat bots? (Steam)
Lifting Unlimited (Steam)
Graphsx (Steam)
Darknesssssssssssssssss (Steam)
Golf Bash: Online (Steam)
STEM Defense (Steam)
Amazing Grace (Steam)
Shoot Star (Steam)
Vest A Life (Steam)
The Dark Cave (Steam)
LOST LIGHT: Bright mates (Steam)
Ancients Unleashed (Steam)
Acorn Hunt (Steam)
The Playful Worm (Steam)
Miko Sniper (Steam)
The Crystal of the Cave (Steam)
The Falling Car (Steam)
Samurai of the Samurais (Steam)
Aery – Peace of Mind (Steam, Nintendo Switch)
Void Foundation: Into The Void (Steam)
Pirate’s Money (Steam)
Crackin’ Smackin (Steam)
Star Stuff (Steam)
I commissioned some bunnies 8 (Steam)

The Hong Kong Massacre (Xbox Series X|S)
Pombero: The Lord of the Night (Xbox Series X|S)
Rider’s Spirits (Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch)
Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra (Xbox Series X|S)
One Night With Kawaii (Epic Games Store)
S.N.I.P.E.R. – Hunter Scope – Special Ops (Nintendo Switch)
Delivery Drop (Nintendo Switch)
Tiny Little Farm (Nintendo Switch)
Vanakatu (Steam)
Megaloot: Prelude (Steam)
A Game´s Tale (Epic Games Store, Steam)
Sentry System (Steam)
Immense Threat (Steam)
Hell Survivors: Prologue (Steam)
Heroes Stand Tall: M.E.T.A (Steam)
Dragon Is Dead (Steam)
Werewolf Party (Steam)
Ells Tales: Egg (Steam)
Don’t Find Me !! (Steam)
Block Tower TD 2: Prologue (Steam)
Forgotten Seas (Steam)
No Recollection (Steam)
Shrineflow (Steam)
NOMU (Steam)
Ice Cream Pachinly (Steam)
Fandom (Steam)
Alice in the Nightmare Land (Steam)
Breed Kim Il-Sung (Steam)
Flying Frogs (Steam)

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