Comic Pull List – May 16


Happy New Comics Day! Welcome to the comics Pull List, where you will find all the new releases for this week. So if you are searching for something new to read, or just want to know what’s fresh, here are some highlights!

1DOOM #1 

There is no doubt that Doom will forever be on the Mount Rushmore of villains but this week treat yourself with a one shot of Marvels greatest villain with one of the best writers for a one-shot. Jonathan Hickman writes this one shot of Valeria Richards and her Godfather Dr Doom as he looks for something to make him more powerful than gal actus to starve off an ongoing threat that even death herself has hinted at as the end.


Continuing with both Marvel and the Villains is the next chapter of the early days of Eddie Brock and Venom with Venom co-creator David Michelinie. If you are a fan of 90s era of Marvel, Venom and not reading this then you really need to re-think your life choices.


And lastly from Dark Horse this week is the prequel to Masters of the Universe: Revolution on Netflix with this limited series (wait wasn’t Masters of the Universe: Revelation the prequel?). What sets this appear from other tie-in books is this one is written directly by the writers of the Netflix show.

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Briar #5 (of 8)
Displaced #4 (of 5)
House of Slaughter #23
I Heart Skull-Crusher #3 (of 5)
Something Is Killing Children DLX Ed HC Book 02
Uncanny Valley #2 (of 6)

Critical Role Mighty Nein Origins Beauregard Lionett HC
EC Archives Weird Fantasy TP Vol 03
Eerie Archives TP Vol 05
Heartpiercer #1
Masters of Universe Revolution #1

Blue Beetle #9
Batman and Robin and Howard #3
Outsiders #7
Suicide Squad: Dream Team #3
Batman and Robin #9
Action Comics #1065
Red Hood: The Hill #4
Looney Tunes #278
Batman/Dylan Dog #3
Sinister Sons #4
Green Lantern #11

Gargoyles Quest #2
Hercules #2
Justice Ducks #3
Lord of the Jungle TP
Negaduck #3
Red Sonja Empire Damned #2
Savage Red Sonja #2
Savage Red Sonja #3
Space Ghost #1
Vampirella #666
Vampirella Strikes TP Vol 01 Hell on Earth
Weaver Omnibus GN

Godzilla 70th Anniv #1
Godzilla vs MMPR II #2
Kingdom Riders TP
MLP Kenbucky Roller Derby #4
Star Trek #20
TMNT The Last Ronin II Re Evolution #1
TMNT Untold Destiny of Foot Clan #3

Cabinet #4 (of 5)
Dark Ride #12
Fishflies #6 (of 7)
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #306
Hexagon Bridge TP
Ice Cream Man #39
Napalm Lullaby #3
Redcoat #2
Something Epic #10
Spawn #353
Spawn Monolith #1 (of 3)
Spawn Rat City #2
St Mercy Godland #2 (of 4)
Sunstone OGN Vol 08
Syphon TP Vol 02
Transformers TP Vol 01 Direct Market Ed
Universal Monsters Dracula HC
Walking Dead DLX #89
Weatherman Vol 3 #5 (of 7)

Alien Black and White Blood #4
Aliens What If #3
Amazing Spider-Man #256 Facsimile Ed
Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collect Assassin Nation TP
Astonishing Iceman Out Cold TP
Captain America Epic Collect Bucky Reborn TP
Capwolf and the Howling Commandos TP
Carnage #7
Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New PTG
Doom #1
Marvel Studios Ms. Marvel HC Art of the Series
Miles Morales Spider-Man #20
Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace #3
Planet of the Apes Adv Epic Collect Vol 01 OG Marvel Yrs TP
Uncanny Avengers The Resistance TP
Star Wars: Mace Windu (2024) #4
Ultimate X-Men (2024) #3
Venom: Separation Anxiety (2024) #1
Weapon X-Men (2024) #4
What If…? Venom (2024) #4
Wolverine: Madripoor Knights (2024) #4
X-Men: Forever (2024) #4

2 Point 5 Dimensional Seduction GN Vol 10 (Ghost Ship)
A Galaxy Next Door GN Vol 06 (Kodansha Comics)
A Sign of Affection Omnibus GN (Kodansha Comics)
Armored #1 (Clover Press, LLC)
Baby Sitters Little Sister GN Vol 08 Karen’s Sleepover (Graphix)
Baby Sitters Little Sister HC GN Vol 08 Karen’s Sleepover (Graphix)
Best Worst Camp Out Ever HC (Holiday House)
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #324 (Archie Comic Publications)
BL First Crush Anthology GN (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Black Night Parade GN Vol 03 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Boy from Clearwater GN Vol 02 (Levine Querido)
Boy from Clearwater HC Vol 02 (Levine Querido)
Cat from Our World & Forgotten Witch GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Chillin Another World Level 2 Super Cheat Powers GN Vol 08 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Choose Your Own Adventure Forecast from Stonehenge GN (Oni Press Inc.)
Critical Role Mighty Nein Origins Beauregard Lionett HC (Dark Horse PRH)
Destiny NY Mystic Mafia #3 (Black Mask Studios Entertainme)
Devour HC (Abrams ComicArts – Megascope)
DF May Madness Mash-Up 2024 (Dynamic Forces)
Dragon Ball Super GN Vol 21 (Viz Media LLC)
Duke of Death & His Maid GN Vol 12 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
EC Archives Weird Fantasy TP Vol 03 (Dark Horse PRH)
Eerie Archives TP Vol 05 (Dark Horse PRH)
Escape from St Hell My Trans Teen Levels Up GN (Graphix)
Escape from St Hell My Trans Teen Levels Up HC GN (Graphix)
Femforce #203 (AC Comics)
Florida Man Reader Pack (3 Issues) (American Mythology Productions)
Fly Me to the Moon GN Vol 23 (Viz Media LLC)
Garbage Night Complete Coll GN (Flying Eye Books)
Gazing at Star Next Door GN Vol 02 (Kodansha Comics)
Good from the Amazon Jungle to Suburbia and Back GN (NBM)
Grand Slam Romance GN Book 02 Major League Hotties (Surely Books)
Great Yokai War Guardians GN Vol 03 (Titan Manga)
Gun Honey Collision Course #1 (Titan Comics)
Gunhand #1 (American Mythology Productions)
Harvest of Horror TP Vol 03 (Caliber Entertainment)
Heartpiercer #1 (Dark Horse PRH)
Helck GN Vol 09 (Viz Media LLC)
Her Frankenstein GN (Living the Line)
I Can Read Comics Level 3 GN Tiny Tales Firefly Night (Harper Alley)
I Want to End This Love Game GN Vol 02 (Viz Media LLC)
Issunboshi GN (Oni Press Inc.)
Kei X Yaku Bound by Law GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
Konohana Kitan GN Vol 13 (TokyoPop)
Ladies on Top GN Vol 06 (Steamship)
Legend Fell Reader Pack (3 Issues) (American Mythology Productions)
Let’s Make Bread Cookbook GN (Ten Speed Press)
Loud House SC Vol 20 Totally Not a Loud (Papercutz)
Lunar Boy GN (Harper Alley)
Lunar Boy HC GN (Harper Alley)
Mr Villains Day Off GN Vol 04 (Square Enix Manga)
Mushoku Tensei Roxy Gets Serious GN Vol 11 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
My Body Unspooling Oneshot (Silver Sprocket)
My Lovesick Life as a 90s Otaku GN Vol 03 (Vertical Comics)
Nexus Newspaper Strips Vol 2 #2 (of 5) Battle for Thuneworld (Rude Dude Productions)
Oz Fall of Emerald City #2 (of 3) (Zenescope Entertainment Inc)
Pokemon Adv Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire GN Vol 02 (Viz Media LLC)
Principles of Necromancy #2 (Magma Comix)
Project Cryptid TP (Ahoy Comics)
Pulp Monsters Reader Pack (6 Issues) (American Mythology Productions)
Punk Mambo Punk Witch Project One Shot (Valiant)
Ragna Crimson GN Vol 12 (Square Enix Manga)
Reborn as a Barrier Master GN (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Rick and Morty Compendium TP Vol 02 (Oni Press Inc.)
Sakura Saku GN Vol 03 (Viz Media LLC)
Sanction #1 (of 5) (Mad Cave Studios)
Sign of Affection GN Vol 08 (Kodansha Comics)
Spawn Batman (1994) (Lone Star Comics)
Spiral & Other Stories GN (New York Review Books)
Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest GN Vol 18 (Square Enix Manga)
Summer Vamp GN HC (Random House Graphic)
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime GN Vol 24 (Kodansha Comics)
Therapy Game Restart GN Vol 04 (Sublime)
To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts GN Vol 15 (Vertical Comics)
U & I #4 (of 6) (AWA)
Unlucky Kid GN (Kids Can Press)
Virgin Love GN Vol 03 (Vertical Comics)
Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash GN Vol 05 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
When the Blood Has Dried #2 (of 5) (Mad Cave Studios)
Wicked Trapper GN Vol 04 (Ghost Ship)
Witch Hammer #4 (American Mythology Productions)
Witches of Silverlake GN Vol 01 (RES) (Legendary Comics)
World’s Greatest First Love GN Vol 17 (Sublime)
X-O Manowar Invictus #1 (of 4) (Valiant)
Young Hag and the Witches Quest GN (Amulet Books)
Young Hag and the Witches Quest HC GN (Amulet Books)

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