Comic Pull List – May 9


Happy New Comics Day! Welcome to the comics Pull List, where you will find all the new releases for this week. So if you are searching for something new to read, or just want to know what’s fresh, here are some highlights!


Dancing the line between DC Black Label stories and the return of Elseworlds is the tale of Damian Wayne retold as a fairy-tale with him being a young prince that finds himself as not the only prince in the realm. If you are a fan of the Robin’s team-ups more than the Bats this is world a look this week with Damian being the main character but Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin in a continuity outside of the recent Gotham War for Red Hood.


Part Western, Part Fantasy and told with a Del Toro-like lens is Ain’t No Grave with I Hate Fairyland’s own Scottie Young in the writer but not artist seat this time. If you feel like you need to branch out to some new genres and liked films like Unforgiven this double-sized first issue might help expand your palette.


Continuing in the path of new genres this week from Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a criminal-thriller book from Boom Studios. What does it take for someone to turn to crime in a pandemic ridden dystpia? Danny is going to find out when cannot take his eyes off some black crocodile skin boots.


Everyone from Superman to Deadpool has had the Black White and Blue/Gold/Red treatments now it is time for the Turtles with a collection of writers from Wonder Woman to Godzilla and more writing these stories featuring your favourite renaissance named amphibians.

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Amory Wars: No World for Tomorrow #1 (of 12)
Crocodile Black #1 (of 5)
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Archive Ed #2 (of 3)
Nomads: The Sky Kingdom OGN Book 01
Sirens of the City TP

Critical Role Tales of Exandria II Artagan #3 (Dark Horse PRH)
Masterpiece #5 (Dark Horse PRH)
Masters of Universe Forge of Destiny TP (Dark Horse PRH)
Monsters Are My Business & Business Is Bloody #2 (Dark Horse PRH)
Oddly Pedestrian Life Christopher Chaos #9 (Dark Horse PRH)
Tear Us Apart TP (Dark Horse PRH)
Usagi Yojimbo Crow #2 (Dark Horse PRH)
Witcher Corvo Bianco #1 (Dark Horse PRH)
World of Black Hammer Omnibus TP Vol 03 (Dark Horse PRH)

Batman (2023-) #147
Poison Ivy #22
Birds of Prey #9
Shazam! #11
The Boy Wonder #1
Kneel Before Zod! #5
Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum #4
The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #5
Our Army at War #31
Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1
Showcase #22

AOD vs Reanimator Necronomicon Rising TP
Darkwing Duck TP
Disney Villains Cruella De Vil #1
Gargoyles Halloween SP #1
Gargoyles Quest #1
Hercules #1
Lady Hel TP
Legenderry Red Sonja One Shot
Negaduck #2
Red Sonja 2023 #10
Red Sonja Empire Damned #2
Sheena Queen Jungle #2
Thundercats #3
Wheel of Time Great Hunt #6

Beneath Trees Where Nobody Sees #6 (IDW-PRH)
Korgi Complete Tales TP (IDW-PRH)
My Little Pony Camp Bighoof TP (IDW-PRH)
TMNT Black White & Green #1 (IDW-PRH)
TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures TP Vol 02 (IDW-PRH)

Ain’t No Grave #1
Energon Universe 2024 Special #1
Geiger (2024) #2
Gunslinger Spawn #31
I Hate Fairyland (2022) #14
The Deviant #5
The Last Mermaid #3
The One Hand #4
The Sacrificers #8
The Scorched #29
Transformers #8

Avengers #14
Blood Hunters #1
Captain America #9
Captain Marvel #8
Daredevil #9
Deadpool #2
Doctor Strange #15
Dracula: Blood Hunt #1
Fantastic Four #20
Giant-Size X-Men #1
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Facsimile Edition #5
Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin #2
Star Wars: Darth Vader #46
Star Wars: The High Republic [Phase III] #7
Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #49
Venom #33
Wolverine #49
X-Men: Forever #3

365 Days to Wedding GN Vol 03 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
A DO GN Vol 02 (Kodansha Comics)
Action Dude GN (Silver Dolphin Books)
Alpi Soul Sender GN Vol 03 (Titan Manga)
Anyway I’m Falling In Love With You GN Vol 02 (Kodansha Comics)
Anzu & Realm of Darkness GN HC (Viking Books for Young Readers)
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #350 (Archie Comic Publications)
B&V Friends Forever Fairy Tales Oneshot (Archie Comic Publications)
Batman Secrets Sam Kieth Gallery Variant Ed HC (Graphitti Designs)
Black Clover GN Vol 35 (VIZ Media LLC)
Blue Box GN Vol 10 (VIZ Media LLC)
Breathe Journeys to Healthy Binding SC (Dutton Books FYR)
Brinkley Yearbooks GN Vol 02 Tryouts (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
Candy & Cigarettes GN Vol 08 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Chainsaw Man GN Vol 15 (VIZ Media LLC)
Chef’s Kiss DLX Ed HC (Oni Press Inc.)
Ciruelo Lord Dragons Fairies & Dragons HC (Alien Books)
Curveball GN (Disney Hyperion)
Dark Souls Willow King #4 (of 4) (Titan Comics)
Darwin Incident GN Vol 05 (Vertical Comics)
Deadweights #2 (of 6) (Ahoy Comics)
Death Mage GN Vol 05 (One Peace Books)
Deer Editor TP (Mad Cave Studios)
Devil That Wears My Face #6 (of 6) (Mad Cave Studios)
DF Thundercats #1 Homage Sketch Haeser SGN & Remarked (Dynamic Forces)
DF What If Venom #1 Black Blank Var Heaser Silver Symbiote (Dynamic Forces)
Disney Inside Out 2 Emotions Survival Guide HC (Random House Children’s Books)
Dracula After Man #2 (American Mythology Productions)
Drifting Dragons GN Vol 16 (Kodansha Comics)
Dwellings HC (Oni Press Inc.)
Elusive Samurai GN Vol 11 (VIZ Media LLC)
Emmie & Friends GN Always Anthony (Balzer + Bray)
Essential Judge Anderson TP Satan (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Faith Returns #1 (of 2) (Valiant)
Fake Rebellion GN Vol 02 (Alien Books)
Favorite Pop Idol Made it Budokan GN Vol 06 (Tokyopop – Love X Love)
Fetch TP Vol 02 The Rescue (Storm King Productions, Inc)
Fire Force Omnibus GN Vol 10 Vol 28-30 (Kodansha Comics)
Flavors of Iraq Impressions of My Vanished Homeland GN (Graphic Mundi – PSU Press)
Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult #4 (of 10) (Titan Comics)
Free Life Fantasy Online Immortal Princess GN Vol 07 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Giving Disgraced Noble Lady Crash Course GN Vol 05 (Vertical Comics)
Gold Digger War Mistress of Mars #1 (of 4) (Antarctic Press)
Gone #3 (DSTLRY Media)
Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated GN Vol 08 (Square Enix Manga)
Gunhild GN (Saturday AM Tank) Vol 02 Hunt for Loki (Saturday AM)
Happy Astronaut #5 (Keenspot Entertainment)
Heart of Thomas HC (New Ptg) (Fantagraphics Books)
Hitomi Chan is Shy with Strangers GN Vol 08 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Horror & Fantasy Illus Plum Island (Zenescope Entertainment Inc)
HP Lovecraft Call of Cthulhu GN (Caliber Entertainment)
I Can’t Refuse S GN Vol 03 (Steamship)
I See Your Face Turned Away GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
I’m In Love with Villainess GN Vol 06 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
In the Name of Mermaid Princess GN Vol 02 (VIZ Media LLC)
Inked in Blood HC Vol 02 Once Upon A Crime (Z2 Comics)
Is Wrong Pick Up Girls Dungeon Sword Oratoria GN Vol 21 (Yen Press)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Gallery Variant Ed HC (Graphitti Designs)
Like a Butterfly GN Vol 06 (VIZ Media LLC)
Little Black Book #3 (of 4) (AWA)
Lore Olympus GN Vol 06 (Inklore)
Love & Rockets Magazine #15 (Fantagraphics Books)
Magical History Tour GN Vol 15 Dinosaurs (Papercutz)
Medalist GN Vol 02 (Kodansha Comics)
Mobsters in Love GN Vol 01 (Square Enix Books)
Monster Cats GN Vol 01 (Square Enix Books)
Morning Star #2 (of 5) (Mad Cave Studios)
Mugshots #1 (of 4) (Mad Cave Studios)
My Special One GN Vol 06 (VIZ Media LLC)
My Status as Assassin Exceeds Hero GN Vol 05 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Night People #3 (Oni Press Inc.)
Noodles Rice & Everything Spice Cookbook GN (Ten Speed Press)
Peanuts TP Snoopy’s Beagle Scout Tales (Simon Spotlight)
Peter Grill & Philosopher’s Time GN Vol 12 (Ghost Ship)
Phoebe & Her Unicorn GN Vol 19 Unicorn Crush (Andrews McMeel)
Punk Mambo Punk Witch Project One Shot (Valiant)
Quested Season 2 #3 (Massive)
Robert Silverbergs Belzagor HC (Humanoids Inc)
Santos Sisters #6 (Floating World Comics)
Scribbles HC Vol 03 (Yen Press)
Seven Deadly Sins Four Knights of Apocalypse GN Vol 12 (Kodansha Comics)
Shi #1 30th Anniv Original Art Ed (Crusade Comics)
Sixth Gun Omnibus TP Vol 01 (Oni Press Inc.)
Star Wars Mandalorian Manga GN Vol 02 (VIZ Media LLC)
Star Wars Visions Manga Anthology GN (VIZ Media LLC)
Still (One Shot) (Invader Comics)
Sunhead GN (Harper Alley)
Sweet Valley Twins GN Vol 04 Haunted House (Random House Graphic)
Team Phoenix Vol 4 GN (Udon Entertainment Inc)
That Time I Reincarnated Slime Trinity GN Vol 08 (Kodansha Comics)
There’s No Freaking Way Be Your Lover L Novel Vol 04 (Seven Seas Ent – Airship)
Traces of Madness GN (Graphic Mundi – PSU Press)
True Love Fades Away When Contract Ends GN Vol 01 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Usotoki Rhetoric GN Vol 07 (One Peace Books)
Valentine Bluffs Massacre #2 (American Mythology Productions)
Valiants (2024) #1 (of 4) (Valiant)
Washed in the Blood #2 (of 3) (Massive)
What He Who Doesn’t Believe in Fate Says GN Vol 04 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
What It Is GN (Drawn & Quarterly)
White Mage Doesn’t Want to Raise Hero’s Level GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Wolf Girl Black Prince GN Vol 07 (VIZ Media LLC)
Wrong Way Use Healing Magic GN Vol 06 (One Peace Books)
Yona of the Dawn GN Vol 41 (VIZ Media LLC)
You and I Are Polar Opposites GN Vol 01 (VIZ Media LLC)

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