This Week in Games: Apr 8 – 13


Kick off with a creative puzzle-platformer, move into a home renovation adventure, delve into a post-apocalyptic RPG set in Western Australia, introduce a tactical shooter where strategic deaths are key, and round off with a tranquil MMO exploring vast mystical realms for your week in gaming this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Kicking off the week with a bang, Summoneer drops this Monday, stealing the spotlight as the first game release of the week. It’s like Scribblenauts on steroids—your creativity leads the charge in this physics-based platformer. Sketch out wild vehicles or bizarre contraptions to tackle puzzles and climb castles.

Hitting PlayStation this Wednesday and Xbox on Thursday with a little something that is the same reason you delay a few seconds before flipping past the home improvement show when watching TV – House Flipper 2. This sequel has been out on Steam for a bit and it’s the Power Wash Simulator of interior design, but with extra flair. You get to transform dilapidated dumps into homes that either should get their own cable TV show or nightmare fuel.

Embark on a journey through post-apocalyptic Western Australia in Broken Roads, launching this Thursday on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. This isometric RPG blends classic storytelling with innovative gameplay, set against the vast, desolate landscapes of the Outback. Your decisions shape the narrative through the game’s unique Moral Compass system, offering deep character customization and impactful moral choices.

Die Again redefines the top down shooter genre—it’s a tactical arena where strategic deaths let you jump into enemy bodies! This game is all about mastering the art of the timely demise. Launch into action on Thursday on Die Again for Nintendo Switch, and on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Xbox warriors, you’re up on Friday.

Honourable Mention: And our honorable mention this week is Sky: Children of the Light, already released on PlayStation in December and launching this Thursday for PC players via Steam. From the creators of Journey, this tranquil MMO invites you to explore the vast, open-world Realms of Sky, where you’re tasked with healing a world engulfed in Darkness. Engage in deep lore, solve puzzles, and free ancestral Spirits in a cozy kingdom perfect for both solo adventures and social exploration with friends.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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SuperEat Man (Steam)
Answer To Survive (Steam)
Shadow Strikers (Steam)
Source of the Nile Digital Edition (Steam)
Black hole Escape (Steam)
Wash Sim (Steam)
Spirit City: Lofi Sessions (Steam)
Summoneer (Steam)
JTAC Beats (Steam)
Sir Bucket (Steam)

Reading World VR (PSVR)
Cast Out Colony (Steam)
Black Trail VR (Steam VR)
Kenshi (Epic Store)
Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival (Epic Store, Steam)
Gigantic: Rampage Edition (Epic Store, Steam)
Please Leave Me Alone, I Need to Poop (Steam)
Atan (Steam)
Water Festa (Steam)
Touhou Eternal Spell Cards (Steam)
DEAD MAN’S HAND: Card Roulette Action (Steam)
Function Ball(関数球) (Steam)
Refactoro: Chaotic Farm (Steam)
Throne of Bone (Steam)
Banbard (Steam)
Doodle Streets: London 1950’s (Steam)
My First Horse: Adventures on Seahorse Island (Steam)
Witchy Woes (Steam)
Desktop Creatures (Steam)
Sheba: A New Dawn (Steam)
Ignis (Steam)
Night Grove (Steam)
The Devil Within: Satgat (Steam)
Math Pixels (Steam)
Detective Secrets Solitaire. The Curse of the Village (Steam)

Botany Manor (Xbox Series X|S, Switch, Steam)
Gigantic: Rampage Edition (Xbox Series X|S)
House Flipper 2 (PlayStation)
SokoFrog (PlayStation, Switch)
Leafy Trails Collection (Switch)
Bakery Simulator (Switch)
AC Sailing (Epic Store, Steam)
Glimmer Chain (Steam)
Sketchy’s Contract (Steam)
Children of the Sun (Steam)
My Head On Your Body (Steam)
Final Factory (Steam)
Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom (Steam)
Slime Mayhem (Steam)
Whale Captain (Steam)
Speakeasy (Steam)
Unreal Island (Steam)
Turbo Kid (Steam)
Boundless Paths (Steam)
Underspace (Steam)

Broken Roads (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation, Steam)
House Flipper 2 (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation)
Jorel’s Brother and The Most Important Game of the Galaxy Complete Edition (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows)
SokoFrog (Xbox Series X|S)
TRAIL OUT (Xbox Series X|S)
Ato (PlayStation, Switch)
Loretta (PlayStation, Switch)
Let’s! Revolution! (PlayStation, Switch)
Goons: Legends & Mayhem (PlayStation)
Mixture (PlayStation)
Die Again (Epic Store, Switch, Steam)
Moonglow Bay (Switch)
Hentai Girls Puzzle (Switch)
Sophia the Traveler (Switch, Steam)
Slave Zero X (Switch)
Mimi the cat: Mimi’s Scratcher (Switch)
Motorcycle Extreme Driver: Moto Racing Simulator (Switch)
Cleaning Queens 2: Sparkling Palace (Switch)
Hero’s Hour (Switch)
Escape Game The Deserted House (Switch)
Oxytone (Switch)
Cirrus Business (Switch)
Steel Sand Mars Chronicles – Survival Simulator (Switch)
Football Cup 2024 (Switch)
Which Country Is Larger? (Switch)
Against Great Darkness (Steam)
Lil Doll House (Steam)
Japan Train Models – JR Freight Edition (Steam)
Ereban: Shadow Legacy (Steam)
Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) (Steam)
The Cursed Legacy (Steam)
Two Hands Eggs (Steam)
The Silent Column (Steam)
Sky: Children of the Light (Steam)
Koe (声) (Steam)
Deep Under (Steam)
The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty (Steam)
Deep in The Fear (Steam)
Time Avarice (Steam)
Over Islands (Steam)

Ato (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows)
Goons: Legends & Mayhem (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Steam)
Let’s! Revolution! (Xbox Series X|S)
The Kinderman Remedy (Xbox Series X|S)
Die Again (Xbox Series X|S)
Cazzarion: Dart Wheel (PlayStation)
The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered (PlayStation, Switch)
Bunhouse (PlayStation)
Mixture (PlayStation)
Massira (Epic Store)
Farmyard Haven (Switch)
Outer Terror (Switch)
Buggy Off-Road Racing Extended Edition (Switch)
King Krieg Survivors (Switch)
Offroad Jeep Quest: Mountain Trails (Switch)
nBlocks – Unblock Your Creativity (Switch)
Cryptrio (Switch, Steam)
Exploration Adventures (Switch)
Headquarters: World War II (Steam)
Prehistoric Gal (Steam)
Case Files: Behind Closed Doors (Steam)
Cirrus Business (Steam)
PathBlasters (Steam)
Spellarium 5 (Steam)
Handsome Me with 100 Girlfriends! (Steam)
Infection Free Zone (Steam)
Halver (Steam)
Ghost Hunter (Steam)
18Hell:Lost (Steam)
Urban Entrepreneur (Steam)
Pixel Puzzles Aardman Jigsaws (Steam)
Glorious Savior (Steam)
The Game of Sisyphus (Steam)
School Paranormal Laboratory (Steam)
Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother (Steam)
Anomaly Collapse (Steam)
Forget Something? (Steam)
The Shadow Cat (Steam)
Jeepney Simulator 2 (Steam)
Paper Plane Arena – Lost Places (Steam)
Enter The Lost Chamber (Steam)
Recycle it! (Steam)
Run Run Bird! (Steam)
NewMe NuMe LuMe: Alien Wars (Steam)
Color Splash: Rodents (Steam)
Arthas 2 (Steam)

Bunhouse (Xbox Series X|S)
Coffee, Plis (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows)
Outer Terror (Xbox Series X|S)
Sokobalien (PlayStation)
PERISH (PlayStation)
Overdelivery – Delivery Simulator (Switch)
SokoPenguin (Steam)
Aiyana (Steam)
Timewinder (Steam)
Nightmare Collection: Telephone Call (Steam)
Void Wizard (Steam)
Mow That Lawn (Steam)
Combat Dungeon (Steam)
Stickman Killing Zombie (Steam)
Kings And Goblins (Steam)
Lever Simulator – Multiplayer (Steam)
Lands of Avaronia (Steam)
Living Metal (Steam)
Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure (Steam)
Ominous (Steam)
Mr. Scientist (Steam)
DeResolution (Steam)
Age of Fear 5: The Day of the Rat (Steam)
Rootin’ Tootin’ Lootin’ & Shootin’ (Steam)
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets (Steam)
Phenom (Steam)
Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition (Steam VR)
Massira (Steam)
Heart and Core (Steam)
Island of Penance (Steam)
Steel Symphony (Steam)

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