This Week in Games: Apr 1 – 6


Explore shadowy islands in a hand-drawn platformer, punch your way through a VR boxing league, inherit a quirky spaceship for a cozy cosmic journey, deliver noodles in a dystopian future, build and strategize in a Viking-inspired side-scroller, and talk your way out of a cult in a narrative-heavy adventure – it is a busy week of indie developed titles this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Diving into Saviorless is like stumbling into a hidden, dark alley market where every shadow whispers tales of intrigue and danger. It’s a journey with Antar through the Smiling Islands, a journey sketched in the deep, dark lines of a world that’s as beautifully hand-drawn as it is menacing, promising an adventure as gripping as the plot of your favorite thriller. Set your calendars—this shadow-drenched platformer hits PlayStation first Monday, Epic Games Store on Tuesday, and for the Switch +  Steam on Wednesday.

Dragging after a long weekend and itching for a jolt? Mutant Boxing League VR on Steam VR (Quest + Valve Index too) is here to get your blood pumping. It’s sleek, it’s punchy, and it’s got that sweet gameplay flow that keeps you on your toes. It’s also the first game we have seen to make mention of using AI to generate assets which in this case was some background elements that were further edited. If you want to check it out find it on Steam on Wednesday.

Launching this Wednesday on Steam, Starwisp Hyperdrive offers a cozy yet quirky space RPG adventure aboard a haunted, fixer-upper spaceship you’ve just inherited. It’s a journey filled with alien gardening, asteroid mining, and bonding with robots. Think, cozy adventure but you are on a spaceship (and have a cat). It is also from the same Australian developer behind the point and click game about finding your pants ‘Pants Quest’.

Curious about the life of an UberEATS rider in a not-so-far-off dystopian future? Death Noodle Delivery, dropping this Friday on Steam, has got all the answers and then some. Zip through the neon-lit streets delivering noodles or hang around your apartment gathering the lowdown on your neighbors, or dive into cyberspace to tweak your scooter into a lean, mean, delivery machine.

Sons of Valhalla takes you to the age of Vikings for base-building and pixel-art brilliance. Created by two brothers with a passion for Viking tales and pixel perfection, this one does set it self apart from others in the genre with it being a side-scrolling which is pretty uncommon in base-building type game. Check it out on Steam on Saturday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to Sacrifice For Sale on Steam this Wednesday, a unique spin on story-driven, dialogue-heavy games. Think of it as a dark twist on date simulators, where you’re the potential sacrifice in a cult’s sinister ceremony. Using your wit as your main weapon, your mission is to either escape or dismantle the cult from the inside out.


If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

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Dear Villagers (PlayStation)
Saviorless (PlayStation)
Basima The Private Investigator (Epic Games)
Sir Bucket (Steam)
The Echo Escape (Steam)
OwnTrio -Adventure- (Steam)
Atman: Rebel Flame (Steam)
Cats in the Ancient City of Gu Su (Steam)
Magic Boutique of Royal Blue (Steam)
Steel Symphony (Steam)
Hunting with Dad (Steam)
Owner (Steam)
Force and Motion (Steam)
Myoka: First Person View (Steam)
Asteroid Drift (Steam)
Impractical Spells (Steam)
Loot Goblins (Steam)
Sir Fallen (Steam)
Tower of Fire: The Sword of Unspoken Misc (Steam)
Ignis (Steam)
Cats of the Qing Dynasty (Steam)
Where Is George (Steam)
Pawggle (Steam)
TIS 2 – True Idle Simulator 2 (Steam)

Sometimes You (PlayStation)
Knowledge Keeper (PlayStation)
Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris (PlayStaton)
Saviorless (Epic Games)
I commissioned some invisible people 0 (Steam)
Human Milk Seller (Steam)
Devils Wind Mine (Steam)
Dark Age (Steam)
Perfect Poses (Steam)
Dungeons & Cardboards (Steam)
The Last Safe Place (Steam VR)
Find 101 Doomers (Steam)
Piece It! (Steam)
100 Funny Cats (Steam)
Protocol Delta (Steam)
Roll It To The End (Steam)
Unspoken (Steam)
Jimmy’s Fruity Adventure (Steam)
Colony Defense (Steam)
Bring The Chickens Home (Steam)
Holy Maid Academy (Steam)
ASTRA: Knights of Veda (Steam)
Historical Invaders (Steam)
DEVICE 0101 (Steam)
From Glory To Goo (Steam)
Interstellar Plunderer (Steam)
Bull-Bia Ricky (Steam)
Twilight Survivors (Steam)
Escape Blocks (Steam)
Golf & Domino (Steam)
Pixel Gun 3D: PC Edition (Steam)
MrHuh (Steam)

Freedom Planet 2 (PlayStation)
Knowledge Keeper (PlayStation)
Saviorless (Switch, Steam)
Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne (Switch)
Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris (Switch)
Return Alive (Epic Games)
Of Life and Land (Steam)
Wizarre (Steam)
FolkOrigin (Steam)
Frogmonster (Steam)
Dungeon Renovation Simulator (Steam)
Sacrifice For Sale (Steam)
yasai game (Steam)
Skybound: Card Survival (Steam)
Escape Simulator VR (Steam VR)
The Legend of Skye (Steam)
Minishoot’ Adventures (Steam)
NightFeed (Steam)
Daugger (Steam)
Eye of the Void: Unleashed – Tower Defense (Steam)
Kitchen Crisis (Steam)
Ataraxie (Steam)
Pathless Woods (Steam)
M City (Steam)
Cubus (Steam)
Star Leaping Story:prologue (Steam)
Seren Nova (Steam)
13层:公寓异常管理员 13 Floors: Anomalies (Steam)
Starwisp Hyperdrive (Steam)
Strategy game but with a penguin who has a sword (Steam)
Burglar Inc (Steam)
Auto RiskRisk (Steam)

Frontier Pilot Simulator (PlayStation)
Life of Slime (PlayStation)
Withering Rooms (PlayStation)
Turbo Golf Racing (PlayStation)
Ninja Village (Xbox)
Cafeteria Nipponica (Xbox)
Construction Simulator – Gold Edition (Xbox)
Alchemist: The Potion Monger (Xbox)
Deceit 2 (Xbox)
Flight Path: Adventures in Venaris (Xbox)
Knowledge Keeper (Xbox, Switch)
The Unexpected Quest (Epic Games)
Apartment Of Death (Epic Games)
Freedom Planet 2 (Switch)
Savage Age (Switch, Steam)
Colony Defense – The Ultimate Minimalist Tower Base Defense Game (Switch)
WWII AIRPLANE FIGHT – Battle War Squad (Switch)
CrashOut Xtreme (Switch)
Deadland Chronicles (Switch)
Spider Fox (Steam)
Anonymous Hacker Simulator (Steam)
GunGuru (Steam)
Loathful (Steam)
Azoove (Steam)
Retro Mystery Club Vol.2: The Beppu Case (Steam)
Planetiles (Steam)
Solar Storm (Steam)
Moon’s Creed: Prologue (Steam)
Bent Oak Island (Steam)
Anomaly Escape (Steam)
Beyond Terra (Steam)
Rise of the Atman (Steam)
Roadway Traffic Racer (Steam)
Maximum Gas! (Steam)
Quad Bike Crazy Driver (Steam)
Toy Toy Up! (Steam)
Homeland (Steam)
Bug Heroes: Tower Defense (Steam)
Purpose 1951 (Steam)
Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue (Steam)

Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)
Freedom Planet 2 (Xbox)
Vigour (Xbox)
Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival (Epic Games)
Boxes: Lost Fragments (Epic Games)
Sons of Valhalla (Epic Games)
Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- (Switch)
Devil’s Calling (Switch)
Bubble Bunny (Switch)
Retro Mystery Club Vol.2: The Beppu Case (Switch)
No Umbrellas Allowed (Switch)
Moto Rush GT Ultimate Edition (Switch)
Trash Punk Extended Edition (Switch)
Kebab Bar Tycoon Extended Edition (Switch)
Doll Explorer (Switch)
Cats Organized Neatly (Switch)
Korean Rail Driving Tour – LRT Uijeongbu (Switch)
Heisting (Switch)
Hair Dye (Switch)
Spy Guy Hidden Objects Deluxe Edition (Switch)
Stunt Scooter Simulator (Switch)
Sugar Tanks 2 (Switch)
The Gap (Switch)
Make it! Ikayaki (Switch)
Erogods: Mirage (Switch)
Beat Slayer (Steam)
Apartment of Death (Steam)
Player Non Player (Steam)
Knock’Em Out (Steam)
Hearts 3D Premium (Steam)
Mutant Boxing League VR (Steam VR)
Death Noodle Delivery (Steam)
Tiny Balls (Steam)
Glitch Maze.exe (Steam)
Village Dealer Simulator (Steam)
Cartridge the Tiger (Steam)
YIIK Nameless Psychosis (Steam)
Old Market Simulator (Steam)
Buckshot Roulette (Steam)
Madhouse Madness: Streamer’s Fate (Steam)
Nasty Zombies (Steam)
Mad Viking Games: VR Experience (Steam VR)
Brutal Ball (Steam)
Moorhuhn ‘Traps and Treasures’ (Steam)
Nora Wanna Rise (Steam)
HU-man Dungeons (Steam)
Osiris (Steam)
RollTale (Steam)
The Outsider TD (Steam)
BMX Streets (Steam)
Endless Mountain (Steam)
GESTALT: The Fifth Day (Steam)
1080p (Steam)
Center Station Simulator (Steam)
Home Construction Sim (Steam)
LOST INSIDE Act 1 (Steam)
ABI-DOS (Steam)
Lakesider: Above and Below (Steam)
Banshee Hunt (Steam)
Monsters Domain (Steam)
The Thing That Happened (Steam)
Auto Sale Life: Fresh Start (Steam)

Sky Survivors (Xbox)
Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded (Xbox)
Withering Rooms (Xbox)
Life of Slime (Switch)
Last Bloody Snack (Switch)
Kitchen Crisis (Switch)
Fire Race (Switch)
Find Room 96 (Switch)
Sons of Valhalla (Steam)
To The Flame (Steam)
AsteroidTD (Steam)
BlitzBot (Steam)
Minesweeper Infinite (Steam)
Victory at Sea Atlantic – World War II Naval Warfare (Steam)
15th Floor (Steam)
Fruit Switch (Steam)
Though the Heavens Fall (Steam)
Rise of Koreth (Steam)
you feel normal. (Steam)
Lemonade Apocalypse (Steam)
The Courage to be Disliked (Steam)
Pseudo-Haunting (Steam)
Virvius (Steam)

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