Comic Pull List – Mar 21


Happy New Comics Day! Welcome to the comics Pull List, where you will find all the new releases for this week. So if you are searching for something new to read, or just want to know what’s fresh, here are some highlights!


More from Ram V and with Dark Horse is an alternate history where a century ago a portal opened up and the Tetza came through and changed the world. Now in the modern age nations build mechs to battle for the entertainment of our new overlords and the greatest human pilot has just been selected to drive a new kind of mech.


We know we only just told you you should be reading Wonder Woman but we have to talk about  this weeks issue is a call back to the famous Superman birthday with For the Batman who has everything as Superman and Wonder Woman take a journey to find the perfect gift.


Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 have been great for giving us an expanded universe of the original films but have you wanted to see Scarecrow and Harley Quinn as their Burton-verse 1989 selves? Then you are in luck.

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Displaced #2 (Of 5)
Dune House Corrino #1 (Of 8)
Lotus Land #5 (Of 6)
Mans Best #1 (Of 5)
Once Upon A Time At End Of World #13 (Of 15)
Power Rangers Archive DLX Ed HC Book 02

Dawnrunner #1
Edgeworld TP Vol 02 A Reason To Live
Flying Ship TP Vol 02
Hellsing Dlx Ed TP Vol 05
If You Find This Im Already Dead #2
Stranger Things Voyage #4

Justice Society of America #9
Wonder Woman #7
Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #5
Catwoman #63
Green Lantern: War Journal #7
Titans #9
Ape-Ril Special #1
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America #3
Superman #12
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25
Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6
Batman ’89: Echoes #2
Nightwing #112

Army of Darkness Forever #6
Elvira Meets H.P Lovecraft #2
James Bond: 007 #3
Savage Red Sonja #5
Vampirella #667

Beneath Trees Where Nobody Sees #4 (IDW-PRH)
D&D Fortune Finder #5 (IDW-PRH)
My Little Pony Mane Event #1 (IDW-PRH)
Star Trek #18 (IDW-PRH)
TMNT Untold Destiny Of Foot Clan #1 (IDW-PRH)
TMNT Vs Street Fighter TP (IDW-PRH)

Bone Orchard: Tenement #10
Cobra Commander #3
Dutch #2
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #305
Kill Your Darlings #7
Midlife (Or How To Hero At Fifty!) #6
Something Epic #8
Spawn #351
The Bloody Dozen: A Tale Of The Shrouded College #4
The Holy Roller #5
The Infernals #2
The Scorched #27
The Walking Dead Deluxe #85

Amazing Spider-Man Facsimile Edition #254
Fantastic Four #18
Invincible Iron Man #16
Black Panther #10
Blade #9
Captain Marvel #6
Invincible Iron Man #16
Beware the Planet of the Apes #3
Spider-Boy #5
Spider-Woman #5
Resurrection of Magneto #3
Vengeance of the Moon Knight #3
Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #2
Night Thrasher #2
Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #2
Star Wars: Jango Fett #1
Star Wars: The High Republic #5
Star Wars Visions Takashi Okazaki #1
Star Wars Thrown Alliances #3
X-Men: Forever #1
Web of Spider-Man #1


2000 AD March Prog Pack (Rebellion / 2000AD)
2000 AD Prog #2361 (Rebellion / 2000AD)
A Place Of Our Own Oneshot (Black Rose Publishing)
Abandoned Empress GN Vol 07 (Yen Press)
Adults Picture Book GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Adventures Of GWF #5 (Bad Kids Press)
Alice In Borderland GN Vol 09 (VIZ Media LLC)
Archie Milestones Jumbo Digest #23 Jughead Spring Time Bash (Archie Comic Publications)
Army Of One TP Vol 01 (Oni Press Inc.)
Assassins Creed Shinobi Uncivil War (Massive)
Black Summoner GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Blade Runner 2039 #11 (Of 12) (Titan Comics)
Bloodshot Unleashed Reloaded #1 (Of 4) (Valiant)
Bootsies Big 50s GN  (About Comics)
Bruce Dickinsons The Mandrake Project #2 (Of 10) (Z2 Comics)
Call To Adv Defeating Dungeons With Skill Board GN Vol 07 (C) (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Classic Gums TP (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Coffee Moon GN Vol 05 (Yen Press)
Comics Rebubbled GN (Book Palace)
Complete Don Lawrence Billy The Kid (Book Palace – Fleetway)
Critter #1 (Antarctic Press)
Dark Gathering GN Vol 06 (VIZ Media LLC)
Dark Moon The Blood Altar GN Vol 02 (IZE Press)
Death March Parallel World Rhapsody GN Vol 15 (Yen Press)
Deer Editor #3 (Of 3) (Mad Cave Studios)
Delicates Deluxe Ed HC (Oni Press Inc.)
Delicious In Dungeon GN Vol 13 (Yen Press)
Deprog #1 (Of 4) (Dead Sky Publishing LLC)
Dog Man GN Vol 12 Scarlet Shedder (Graphix)
Dragon Kings Imperial Wrath GN Vol 03 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Drcl Midnight Children GN Vol 02 (VIZ Media LLC)
Dream Master Reader Pack (Blackbox Comics)
Dust Pirates #1 (Keenspot Entertainment)
Ekos Preview 20th Anniversary Convention Exc Ed (Aspen MLT Inc)
Eminence In Shadow GN Vol 09 (Yen Press)
Ennead GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Essence Being A Muse GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
Fathom Preview 25th Anniversary Convention Exc Ed (Aspen MLT Inc)
Frankie Comics GN (Oni Press Inc.)
Game Of Familia Family GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
Gleipnir GN Vol 14 (Kodansha Comics)
Godzilla X Kong The Hunted GN (Legendary Comics)
Golden Age Classics The Spirit Slipcase Ed Vol 01 (PS Artbooks)
Great Puptective GN Vol 01 (Simon & Schuster Books Young R)
Great Yokai War Guardians GN Vol 01 (Titan Comics)
Hazure Skill Legendary Assassin GN Vol 06 (Yen Press)
Heat X Beat I May Be An Omega But Im Going To Be An Idol GN (Tokyopop – Love X Love)
Hollowed #6 (Keenspot Entertainment)
Homunculus Omnibus GN Vol 04 (Vol 7-8) (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Honey Lemon Soda GN Vol 05 (Yen Press)
Horror & Fantasy Illus Cradle Of Shadows (Zenescope Entertainment Inc)
How Do I Turn My Best GN Vol 01 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
I Cant Say No To Lonely Girl GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
I Feel Awful Thanks GN (Oni Press Inc.)
I Want To Be A Receptionist In Magical World GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
I.T. The Secret World Of Modern Banking TP W/ Variant (Blackbox Comics)
Initial D Omnibus GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
Inside Tentacle Cave GN Vol 02 (Ghost Ship)
Insomniacs After School GN Vol 05 (VIZ Media LLC)
Is Wrong Pick Up Girls Dungeon Sword Oratoria GN Vol 22 (Yen Press)
Jungle Juice GN Vol 03 (IZE Press)
Kaiju Girl Caramelise GN Vol 07 (Yen Press)
Legend Of Dororo & Hyakkimaru GN Vol 07 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Love & Heart GN Vol 10 (Yen Press)
Loves In Sight GN Vol 06 (VIZ Media LLC)
Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica GN Vol 07 (Yen Press)
Magical Revolution Reincarnated Princess & Lady GN Vol 05 (C) (Yen Press)
Magilumiere Magical Girls Inc GN Vol 01 (VIZ Media LLC)
Michael Mouse Oneshot New Ptg  (Floating World Comics)
Minatos Laundromat GN Vol 02 (Yen Press)
Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Manga GN Vol 03 (Kodansha Comics)
Misfortunes Eyes #1 (Of 3) (Massive)
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt GN Vol 21 (VIZ Media LLC)
Monster Fun Christmas Special 2023 / Monster Fun Spooky Space Special (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Monthly In Garden With My Landlord GN Vol 02 (Yen Press)
Nacelleverse #0 (Oni Press Inc.)
Next Stop GN (Random House Graphic)
Nights With A Cat GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
Ninja Kaidan Reader Pack (Blackbox Comics)
Omniscient Readers Viewpoint GN Vol 02 (IZE Press)
Online The Unbeatable Game GN Vol 02 (JY)
Orb On Movements of Earth Omnibus GN Vol 02 (Coll 3-4) (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Origin GN Vol 03 (Vertical Comics)
Other Worlds Books Depend Bean Counter GN Vol 04 (Yen Press)
Parallel Paradise GN Vol 17 (Ghost Ship)
Plus Sized Elf GN Vol 05  (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Pops Chocklit Shoppe Of Horrors Fresh Meat (Archie Comic Publications)
Project Cryptid #7  (Ahoy Comics)
Project Riese TP Vol 01 (Mad Cave Studios)
PS Artbook Captain Midnight Softee / PS Artbooks Classics Horror Comics Slipcase Ed Vol 05 / PS Artbooks Midnight Mystery Softee Vol 01 (PS Artbooks)
Punchline And Vaude Villains #3 (Hero Tomorrow Comics)
Punchline Swimsuit Special Winter Ed (Antarctic Press)
Queen Of Cosmos Comix TP Vol 02 (Red 5 Comics)
Rebel Moon House Bloodaxe #3 (Of 4) (Titan Comics)
Reborn As A Vending Machine Wander Dungeon GN Vol 02 (Yen Press)
Reborn To Master Blade From Hero-King To Squire GN Vol 02 (Yen Press)
Reincarnated Cross Dressing Princess Wont Looking For Fiance (TOKYOPOP – Love X Love)
Replay Memoir Of An Uprooted Family GN (First Second Books)
Returners Magic Should Be Special GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
Robot Makers GN Vol 03 Coding Camp Chaos / Robot Makers GN Vol 04 Next Level Competition (Graphic Universe)
Ruth Asawa An Artist Takes Shape GN (Getty Publications)
Saga Of Tanya Evil GN Vol 22 (Yen Press)
Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Collection Vol 07 (Kodansha Comics)
Sengoku Youko GN Vol 06 (TOKYOPOP – Love X Love)
Seraph Of End Vampire Reign GN Vol 29 (VIZ Media LLC)
Shadows House GN Vol 06 (Yen Press)
Silver Age Classics Midnight Mystery HC Vol 01 / Silver Age Classics Midnight Mystery Slipcase Ed Vol 01 / Silver Age Classics Space War HC Vol 05 / Silver Age Classics Space War Slipcase Ed Vol 05 / Silver Age Classics Space War Softee Vol 05 (PS Artbooks)
Slasher Maidens GN Vol 10  (Yen Press)
Smash #2 (Of 3) / Smash #3 (Of 3) (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Soulfire Preview 20th Anniversary Convention Exc Ed (Aspen MLT Inc)
Spy School Vs Spyder GN Box Set (Simon & Schuster Books Young R)
Spy X Family GN Vol 11 (VIZ Media LLC)
Star-Crossed HC (Humanoids)
Survival Scout GN Tsunami / Survival Scout HC GN Tsunami (Roaring Brook Press)
Sword Art Online Progressive Canon Golden Rule GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Sword Of Demon Hunter Kijin Gentosho GN Vol 04 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Team Phoenix GN Vol 03 (Of 5) (UDON Entertainment Inc)
TezuComi GN Vol 01 (Of 2) (Magnetic Press Inc.)
The Helltrekkers TP (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Tiger Wont Eat The Dragon Yet GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Tomb Raider King GN Vol 06 (IZE Press)
Travis Daventhorpe GN Vol 02 Powers Up (First Second Books)
U & I #2 (Of 6) (AWA)
Uncanny Counter GN Vol 01 (IZE Press)
Under The Floorboards GN (Berserker)
Val X Love GN Vol 16 (Yen Press)
Welcome Back Alice GN Vol 06 (Vertical Comics)
Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim GN Vol 03 (Yen Press)
World After The Fall GN Vol 05 (IZE Press)
World War 3 Raid On Tokyo Vol 2 #4 (Of 5) (Antarctic Press)
Wrong Earth Dead Ringers #1 (Of 5) (Ahoy Comics)
Yorha Pearl Harbor Descent Record Nier Automata GN Vol 03 (C) (Square Enix Manga)

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