Comic Pull List – Mar 14


Happy New Comics Day! Welcome to the comics Pull List, where you will find all the new releases for this week. So if you are searching for something new to read, or just want to know what’s fresh, here are some highlights!


The Marvel/DC crossover omnibuses may be releasing in August but Batman has a long history with crossovers and this week is Batman meets the European paranormal investigator Dylan Dog. Yes originally an Italian Horror comic series from the 1980s long before the film this has Batman heading to London following the Joker.


Need more Black Widow or Hawkeye but neither has their own ongoing series? Fear no longer with Harley Quinn and Rogue & Gambit scribe Stephanie Phillips with this new ongoing matching Hawkeye with a Symbiote infused Black Widow.


It is more Symbiotes with the OG Spider-Man 2099 writer returns to Miguel O’Hara life and this limited series of Spidey vs Venom of 2099. Peter David wrote the original Spider-Man 2099 that launched the 2099 Universe, and while it may have changed we are still excited to see what he does with it.


And the last one for Marvel this week brings in the dawn of a new Ghost Rider with Johnny Blaze no longer willing to be the monsters keeper the Rider is a spirit of vengeance not heroism so it might be time for a new soul to inhabit.


And one more that might be a little harder to get at your local comic store (but they will be happy to order it in for you). The Super Australians is an anthology series written and illustrated by 26 local creators. If you are looking for a tasting menu of local writers and artists this is a good place to get it.

Full List (via PreviewWorld &

Abbott 1979 #5 (Of 5)
Firefly The Fall Guys #6 (Of 6)
House Of Slaughter #21
I Heart Skull-Crusher! #1 (Of 5)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Return #2 (Of 4)
Zawa #5 (Of 5)

Assassins Apprentice II #4
Blue Book 1947 #2
Groo In Wild TP
Helen Of Wyndhorn #1
Hellsing Dlx Ed TP Vol 04
John Carpenters Toxic Commando Rise Of Sludge God #1
Monster Crush TP
Signals TP Vol 02
Star Wars High Republic Adventures Phase III #4
Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy TP Vol 18

Action Comics #1063
Batman and Robin #7
Batman/Dylan Dog #1
Looney Tunes #277​
Red Hood: The Hill #2
Speed Force #5
Batman and Robin and Howard #1
Outsiders #5
Sinister Sons #2
Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #7
Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1
Fables #162
Green Lantern #9

Red Sonja 2023 #8
Thundercats #2

Cat Fight TP (IDW-PRH)
Dark Spaces Dungeon #4
Sonic The Hedgehog IDW Collection HC Vol 04
Star Trek Day Of Blood HC
Star Trek Sons of Star Trek #1
TMNT Ongoing #149

Adventureman Ghost Lights #2
Cabinet #2 (Of 5)
Dark Ride #11
Fishflies #5 (Of 7)
I Hate Fairyland #12
King Spawn TP Vol 04
Last Mermaid #1
Lastman TP Vol 04
Napalm Lullaby #1
One Hand #2 (Of 5)
Our Bones Dust #4 (Of 4)
Petrol Head #5
Transformers #6
Weatherman Vol 3 #3 (Of 7)

Alien Black White Blood #2
Amazing Spider-Man #45
Avengers Twilight #4
Black Widow and Hawkeye #1
Carnage #5
Dead X-Men #3
Deadpool-Verse Deadpool Corps TP
Fall of the House of X #3
Ghost Rider Final Vengeance #1
Immortal Thor #8
Immortal Thor TP Vol 01 All Weather Turns to Storm
Marvel-Verse Wonder Man TP
Moon Knight TP Vol 05 The Last Days of Moon Knight
MSH Secret Wars #3 Facsimile Edition
Power Pack Into the Storm #3
Spider-Gwen Smash #4
Star Wars Darth Vader #44
Star Wars Mace Windu #2
Symbiote Spider-Man 2099 #1 (Of 5)
Ultimate Black Panther #2
What If Venom #2
Wolverine #45
X-Men Red by Al Ewing TP Vol 04

100 Girlfriends Who Really Love You GN Vol 09 (Ghost Ship)
Absolute Zeros GN Vol 01 Camp Launchpad (Little Brown Ink)
Adversary GN (Silver Sprocket)
Animal Crossing New Horizons GN Vol 06 (VIZ Media LLC)
Asterix Omnibus Papercutz Ed HC Vol 11 (Papercutz)
Ayakashi Triangle GN Vol 08 (Ghost Ship)
Battle Action Special HC Vol 02 (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Blowtorch Bad Roads #2 (Comicsburgh)
Booty Royale Never Go Down Without Fight Omnibus GN Vol 06 (Ghost Ship)
Bristlemouth Cove Horror #1 (Of 4) (SQ Mag Pty Ltd)
Bunt Striking Out On Financial Aid GN (First Second Books)
Call Me Iggy GN (First Second Books)
Call Of The Night GN Vol 15 (VIZ Media LLC)
Candy Color Paradox Assorted Pack GN (Sublime)
Cat On Heros Lap GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Colorless GN Vol 06 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Death Mage GN Vol 04 (One Peace Books)
Degas & Cassatt GN (NBM)
Delinquent Daddy & Tender Teacher GN Vol 03 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Disney Twisted Wonderland Manga GN Vol 03 (VIZ Media LLC)
DNDoggos GN Vol 01 Get The Party Started (Feiwel & Friends)
Duke Of Death & His Maid GN Vol 11 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Eowulf GN Vol 01 Of Monsters & Middle School (First Second Books)
Firehose Of Falsehood Story Of Disinformation GN (First Second Books)
Fly Me To The Moon GN Vol 22 (VIZ Media LLC)
Formerly Fallen Daughter Of Duke GN Vol 05 (Tokyopop – Love X Love)
Genesis II #6 (Of 6) (10 Ton Press)
Go Go Loser Ranger GN Vol 09 (Kodansha Comics)
God Bless The Mistaken GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Greenhorns #2 (Keenspot Entertainment)
Haru GN Vol 01 Spring (Andrews McMeel)
Helck GN Vol 08 (VIZ Media LLC)
Hexpaw Left Paw Of Devil #2 (Blood Moon Comics LLC)
Higehiro After Being Rejected GN Vol 10 (One Peace Books)
Honey Trap Shared House GN Vol 02 (Yen Press)
I Want A Gal Gamer To Praise Me GN Vol 01 (Yen Press)
Investigators Agents Of Suit GN Vol 02 From Badger To Worse (First Second Books)
Kayless #1 (Silverline Comics)
Knight Captain Is New Princess To Be GN Vol 03 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear GN Vol 08 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Legacy Of Violence #11 (Of 12) (Mad Cave Studios)
Little Black Book #1 (Of 4) (AWA)
Lucky Poor GN (Res) (Iron Circus Comics)
Making Friends GN Vol 04 Together Forever (Graphix)
Mao GN Vol 16 (VIZ Media LLC)
Mashle Magic & Muscles GN Vol 15 (VIZ Media LLC)
Masters Of Nefarious Mollusk Rampage GN (New York Review Books)
Maui Mighty Comics #1 (Gemstone Publishing)
Monster Fan Club #2 (Of 3) (Floating World Comics)
Multi Mind Mayhem GN Vol 09 (One Peace Books)
Nat Enough GN Vol 05 All Is Nat Lost (Graphix)
Night Of The Living Dead Kin #1 Judy Ltd Ed Photo Cvr 1/250 (American Mythology Productions)
North Valley Grimoire #5 (Of 5) (Massive – Whatnot)
Nowhere Man #5 (Of 10) (Bad Kids Press)
Number Call GN (Kodansha Comics)
One Piece Aces Story GN Vol 01 (VIZ Media LLC)
Owly Color Ed GN Vol 05 Tiny Tales (Graphix)
Pink Heart Jam GN Vol 02 (Sublime)
Polar Bear Cafe Coll Ed TP Vol 04 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Rainbow GN Vol 01 (Graphix)
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Beginning TP (Res) (Tokyopop)
Rick And Morty Super Spring Break Special #1 (Oni Press Inc.)
Ruins GN (SelfMadeHero)
Sci Fi Adventure To The Stars Comics Reader Pack (American Mythology Productions)
Science Comics Elephants Living Large HC GN (First Second Books)
SCP Comics We Who Poke With Sticks (One Shot) (Aloha Comics/Para Books)
Sheep Princess In Wolfs Clothing GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Silver Vessels OGN (Maverick -Mad Cave Studios)
Skeeters #4 (Of 4) (Mad Cave Studios)
Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest GN Vol 17 (Square Enix Manga)
Superhumanity Vol 01 #1 (Of 4) Superaustralians (SQ Mag Pty Ltd)
Table Titans Club GN (Holiday House)
Tender HC (Fantagraphics Books)
Tengen Hero Wars GN Vol 01 (Titan Comics)
The Agent #4 (Ablaze Publishing)
The Prism #6 (Ablaze Publishing)
True Horror Mysteries Babysitter Killer (Zenescope Entertainment Inc)
Unicorn Boy GN Vol 01 (First Second Books)
Usotoki Rhetoric GN Vol 06 (One Peace Books)
Vengeance is for the Living #1 (Of 4) (Floating World Comics)
Villainess Guide to Not Falling in Love GN Vol 01 (Square Enix Books)
Warriors Rise of Scourge Color GN (Harper Alley)
Washed in the Blood #1 (Of 3) (Massive)
Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire GN Vol 07 (Ghost Ship)
Wistoria Wand & Sword GN Vol 07 (Kodansha Comics)
Witch Hammer #1 CVR E NYCC Exclusive (American Mythology Productions)
World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #138 (Archie Comic Publications)
Yakuza Lover GN Vol 12 (VIZ Media LLC)
Yakuza Reincarnation GN Vol 09 (Seven Seas Entertainment)

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