Comic Pull List – Mar 7


Happy New Comics Day! Welcome to the comics Pull List, where you will find all the new releases for this week. So if you are searching for something new to read, or just want to know what’s fresh, here are some highlights!

1Ultimate X-Men #1

The Ultimate Universe continues to grow and be nothing like the 1610 that came before with a new generation of X-Men coming off of Ultimate Invasion and this time starting in Japan with the mutants Armor, Maystorm and a group of new Ultimate X-Men.

2Batman #145

Joker Year One has wrapped and it is back to Batman vs Zur En Arrh in the body of Failsafe the bot that Batman designed to take down himself and the justice league if the need ever came. If you have been reading Chip Zdarsky’s excellent Batman run you will already be up to date with what is happening but if you want to catch up in time for the Trinity of Evil event later this year.

3Spectacular Spider-Men #1

Can’t wait until the next Spider-Verse before you get more Peter/Miles banter? Two monthly Spidey books not enough for you? Not one but two Spider-Men teaming-up on the regular like Batman and Robin except everyone is Batman… but they are both Spider-Man.

4The Fog #1 (of 4)

For fans of John Carpenter’s original 1980 film ‘The Fog’ is this mini-series coming from Massive set in the town of Antonio Bay but 42 years later with it now being the hot spot for paranormal events and ghost-hunting tourists. If you like John Carpenter you probably love a little supernatural horror.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Return #1 (of 4) 2nd Ptg
Pine and Merrimac #3 (of 5)
Ranger Academy #5
Underheist #2 (of 5)

BPRD Omnibus TP Vol 10
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken TP Vol 06
Marble Queen TP
Subgenre #4
Time Traveler Tales #4

Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum #2
Birds of Prey #7
Shazam! #9
Blue Beetle #7
Superman ’89: The Metal Curtain #5
Batman #145
Kneel Before Zod #5
Poison Ivy #20
The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #3​​.
The Bat-Man: First Knight #1

Disney Villains Cruella De Vil #2
Elvira Meets HP Lovecraft #1
Gargoyles Dark Ages #6
Jennifer Blood Battle Diary #4
Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids Heavyweights Gross HC
Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids Heavyweights Gross TP
Vampirella Dracula Rage #5

Godzilla Best of Destoroyah #1
Golgotha Motor Mountain #1
TMNT Saturday Morning Adv 2023 #11
TMNT The Last Ronin II Re Evolution #1

Antarctica #9 (of 10)
Crave #4 (of 6)
Gunslinger Spawn #29
Kaya #16
King Spawn #31
Love Everlasting #13
Radiant Black TP Vol 05
Void Rivals #7
Void Rivals TP Vol 01
Walking Dead DLX #84

Aliens What If #1
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TP Vol 05 Secret Tablet
Avengers #11
Captain America #7
Daredevil Gang War #4
Daredevil Modern Era Epic Collect TP Vol 02 Underboss
Doctor Strange #13
Ghost Rider Final Vengeance #1 by Greg Capullo Poster
Giant Size Spider-Gwen #1
Marvel Graphic Comic Box Ghost Rider (Bundles of 5)
Marvel Graphic Comic Box Spect Spider-Men (Bundles of 5)
Mighty MMW Captain America TP Vol 03 To Be Reborn
Moon Knight Marc Spector Omnibus HC Vol 02 DM Var
Ms Marvel Mutant Menace #1
Sensational She-Hulk #6
Sentry #4
Spectacular Spider-Men #1
Star Wars #44
Star Wars Dark Droids D-Squad TP
Star Wars The High Republic #4
Star Wars TP Vol 07 Dark Droids
Strange Academy The Deadly Field Trip TP
Thanos #4
Ultimate X-Men #1
Venom #31
Weapon X-Men #1
Web of Spider-Man #1 by Greg Capullo Poster
Wolverine by Claremont & Buscema #1 Facsimile Poster
X-Men #32
X-Men `97 #1 Poster
X-Men by Gerry Duggan TP Vol 05

A DO GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
A for Effort GN and A for Effort HC GN (Harper Alley)
A Small Change Finding the Joy in Everyday Things GN (Tuttle Publishing)
Alterations GN (Union Square)
Animal Warriors of the Kingdom #1 (of 5) (Spero Toy Enterprise, LLC)
Anyway I’m Falling in Love with You GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
Apothecary Diaries GN Vol 11 (Square Enix Manga)
B&V Friends Forever Sleepover Oneshot (Archie Comic Publications)
Baker and The Bard GN and Baker and The Bard HC GN (Feiwel & Friends)
Batman Kelley Jones Gallery Variant Ed HC (Graphitti Designs)
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #322 (Archie Comic Publications)
Beyond Real #2 (Vault Comics)
Big Nate This Means War TP (Amp! Comics for Kids)
Black Clover GN Vol 34 (Viz Media LLC)
Blade of the Moon Princess GN Vol 03 (Viz Media LLC)
Blue Box GN Vol 09 (Viz Media LLC)
Blue Stars GN Vol 01 Vice Principal Problem (Candlewick Press)
Bunny vs Monkey & Human Invasion GN (Union Square)
Cactus Kid & Battle for Star Rock Mountain GN (Flying Eye Books)
Calvin and Hobbes Portable Compendium SC Vol 02 (Andrews McMeel)
Casagrandes GN Vol 05 Going out of Business and Casagrandes HC GN Vol 05 (Papercutz)
Dark Souls Willow King #2 (of 4) (Titan Comics)
Darwin Incident GN Vol 04 (Vertical Comics)
Dead by Daylight #4 (of 4) (Titan Comics)
Deadman Kelley Jones Gallery Variant Edition HC (Graphitti Designs)
Devil That Wears My Face #5 (of 6) (Mad Cave Studios)
Duck & Moose GN Vol 01 Duck Moves In and Vol 02 Moose Blasts Off (Disney Hyperion)
Dungeon Friends Forever GN Vol 02 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Eccentric Doctor of Moon Flower Kingdom GN Vol 05 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Empath #5 (of 5) (Blackbox Comics)
Feeding Ghosts Graphic Memoir (MCD Books)
Fire Force Omnibus GN Vol 09 (Kodansha Comics)
Giving Disgraced Noble Lady Crash Course GN Vol 04 (Vertical Comics)
God of High School GN Vol 02 (Webtoon Unscrolled)
Gulf GN and Gulf HC (Tundra Books)
Gumaa Beginning of Her #4 (of 7) (Titan Comics)
Here Comes Calico The Ultimate Defender of Animals GN Vol 02 (Sigma Comics)
I Am Legion (2024 Oversized Edition) HC (Humanoids)
I’m Standing on Million Lives GN Vol 17 (Kodansha Comics)
Ima Koi Now I’m in Love GN Vol 09 (Viz Media LLC)
Innkeeper Chronicles Clean Sweep GN (Andrews McMeel)
Interstellar Dust #4 (of 4) (Antarctic Press)
Johnny Hazard Dailies HC Vol 11 1961-1963 (Hermes Press)
Judge Dredd Comp Case Files TP Vol 21 (S&S Ed) (Rebellion / 2000AD)
Kemono Jihen GN Vol 10 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Knights of the Dinner Table #311 (Kenzer & Company)
Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible GN Vol 12 (Viz Media LLC)
Like a Butterfly GN Vol 05 (Viz Media LLC)
Magic Girls GN Vol 01 Kira & Maybe Space Princess (Random House Graphic)
Medalist GN Vol 01 (Kodansha Comics)
Michael Moorcock Library Multiverse HC Vol 02 (MR) (Titan Comics)
Might as Well Cheat GN Vol 07 (MR) (Ghost Ship)
Monster Tag Team Boogeyman vs Scarecrow CVR A Vokes (American Mythology Productions)
Mushroom Knight GN Vol 01 (Mad Cave Studios)
My Clueless First Friend GN Vol 05 (Square Enix Manga)
My Hero Academia GN Vol 37 (Viz Media LLC)
My Lovesick Life as a 90s Otaku GN Vol 02 (Vertical Comics)
Night People #1 CVR A Williams III (MR) (Oni Press Inc.)
Nina Starry Bride GN Vol 03 (Kodansha Comics)
Ninja High School #192 (Antarctic Press)
Nomadd Unconquerable Cave of Broken Tombs #5 (of 5) (Battle Quest Comics)
Nothing Special GN Vol 01 Through Elder Woods (Ten Speed Press)
Nothing Special HC GN Vol 01 Through Elder Woods (Ten Speed Press)
Planet Comics #27 (Antarctic Press)
Prisoners of Secret Overlords SC (Goodman Games LLC)
Re Monster GN Vol 08 (MR) (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Red Light #3 (of 4) CVR A Dekal (MR) (AWA)
Rent a Girlfriend GN Vol 23 (MR) (Kodansha Comics)
Rise of Outlaw Tamer & His Cat Girl GN Vol 03 (Ghost Ship)
Robotics Notes GN Vol 03 (of 3) (Udon Entertainment Inc)
Schnozzer & Tatertoes GN Shoot the Moon (Union Square)
Seven Years Darkness Shamir Worm One Shot (CEX Publishing)
Slip GN (Algonquin Young Readers)
Smurf Tales GN Vol 04 Smurf & Turf (Papercutz)
Spy School GN Vol 03 Evil Spy School (Simon & Schuster Books Young R)
Spy School HC GN Vol 03 Evil Spy School (Simon & Schuster Books Young R)
Strangers in Paradise TP Vol 03 (Abstract Studios)
Succubus and Hitman GN Vol 06 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #113 Raven Skyclad Ltd Ed (MR) (Broadsword Comics)
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #113 Tarot Skyclad Ltd Ed (MR) (Broadsword Comics)
The Fog #1 (of 4) (Massive)
Third Shift Society GN Vol 01 (Webtoon Unscrolled)
This is Screwed Up Reincarnated as Girl GN Vol 11 (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Tokyo Aliens GN Vol 06 (Square Enix Manga)
Torpedo 1972 #1 (Ablaze Publishing)
Unknown Caller GN (New Printing) (Invader Comics)
Walt Kelly Peter Wheat Comp Series TP Vol 02 (Hermes Press)
Witch Hammer #3 (American Mythology Productions)
Wolf Girl Black Prince GN Vol 06 (Viz Media LLC)
World War 3 Raid on Tokyo Vol 2 #3 (of 5) (Antarctic Press)
Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games GN Vol 06 (Seven Seas Entertainment)

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