Why you should be Watching Hazbin Hotel


What is it?

Hazbin Hotel is the newest series from Vivienne Medrano which is an animated series set in Hell. The second series from the creator wit hthe first being Helluva Boss, also an animated series set in the same Hell but not direct continuations or connected to each other.

Hazbin Hotel is the establishment of the daughter of Lucifer, Charlie Morningstar who has established a plan to rehabilitate ‘sinners’ in Hell to solve the overpopulation problem which is currently being managed by Heaven by an annual purge where Heaven’s angelic exorcists descend into Hell and murder a large portion of the inhabitants.

Oh and it is also a musical.

Wait, What?

Oh yeah, well more like a musical stage play than a full tilt musical with each episode featuring at least two songs and performed by a cast which is heavily stacked with screen and stage big names with everyone from the lead in Beetlejuice the Broadway Musical playing Adam (Leader of the Exorcists) to Brooklyn 99/Encanto’s Stephanie Beatriz playing Charlie’s girlfriend.

With this just being two of a really impressive Broadway level cast you would be right to assume there is some Disney level earworms in this sound track (we really like ‘Hell’s Greatest Dad’ by Lucifer vs the Radio Demon but maybe we also just like the Golden Fiddle reference)

Despite the catchy tunes and animated styling this is absolutely not geared towards children in case the murdering, drugs, pornography and concept of a show set around demons in hell did not make that clear.

How do I get into it?

Still a relatively short season with each episode clocking in in under 30 minutes the Hazbin Hotel is just the backdrop for learning a lot more about the geopolitical state of Heaven and Hell with more focus put on Hell with it’s overorders and power players. With Hazbin Hotel being the second series which was heavily part of a Kickstarter the first series (Helluva Boss, a YouTube series) boss actually setup a lot of the world and lore so Hazbin benefits from that but you do not need to watch the first series at all to enjoy Hazbin Hotel.

 The entire first season of Hazbin is only 8 episodes in total but it has already gotten a renewal with the next season due in 2024 and the show creator alluding that it will take more than 2 seasons to finish the story. The full season is streaming now on Amazon Prime with most of the music already on most music streaming platforms (and used in now thousands of TikToks).

Get it if you like…

Disney animated musicals but wished they featured more references to BSDM, weird attraction to serial killer demons with voice modulators, or ducks that can backflip and shoot fire.

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