This Week in Games: Feb 5 – 10


Have a foam party in Vegas, team up with friends to wipe out alien bugs, rhythm based racing with a large licensed music catalogue and become a religious zealot is just some of the things you can do in gaming this week  But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Part Foam Party, part Team Deathmatch is FOAMSTARS coming to PlayStation this week. Officially releasing on Tuesday but if you have PlayStation+ this month you will be able to pick it up for free. Does this seem a little bit like Splatoon but for Adults and from Square Enix? Yes, yes it does.

If you like your games to feature dark religious overtones and potentially torture then maybe you shouldn’t play this but The Inquisitor is exactly that and coming to PlayStation on Wednesday with Xbox and Steam releases Thursday. Set in an alternate religious history where Jesus broke free on the cross and wrecked vengeance instead you are one of his Inquisitors sent to a small village to maintain moral judgement. This one is a bit dark.

And one more for mostly PlayStation gamers (although if you have Steam you are also in luck) with HELLDIVERS™ 2. Dropped on an alien planet your job is to team with your friends to ‘protect freedom’ by wiping out giant alien bugs. If that sounds a little familiar to you then you probably have seen Starship Troopers as no doubt did the developers of this one. Play it from Thursday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention is just something to help you with your TikTok music withdrawals with Warner Bros music teaming to give you something that is somewhere between guitar hero and linear racing in Invector: Rhythm Galaxy. The game itself is fairly simple with you controlling a ship on some tracks that you need to hit ‘notes’ but the added replay about it is each track is matched to a specific song from the Warner Bros music catalogue. It is already out on Steam but comes to Xbox on Friday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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The Chosen One by the World (Epic Store)
Universe Millionaire: The New Era of Energy (Steam)
EXIT KUN (Steam)
Black Gunner Wukong (Steam)
Party PooperZ (Steam) – Free
Tales of Spark (Steam)
Backrooms:Rebirth (Steam)
消失的妹妹 (The Vanished Sister) (Steam)
Scarecrow Vs Dark (Steam)
Detective Ridelle (Steam)
World in fire (Steam)
The Isle of Elanor (Steam)
Egg (Steam) – Free

Sydney Hunter And The Curse Of The Mayan (Xbox)
FOAMSTARS (PlayStation)
Dungeonoid 2 Awakening (PlayStation)
CLeM (Nintendo Switch)​​
Crazy Animal Choir (Steam)
Neon Fuga (Steam)
Spectator 2 (Steam)
Burrito Bear (Steam)
Tenno (Steam) – Free
Friendly Snowball (Steam)
Beetle Nest (Steam)
Recon Quest (Steam)
烟花绘梦 Firework Survivor (Steam)
Passing Into Fantasy (Steam) – Free
Baby Dino (Steam)
The Ultimate Couch Game (Steam) – Free
Threes! (Steam)
Traffic Master (Steam VR)
Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks (Steam)
Cat Billiards (Steam)
O Holy Knight (Steam)

Alisa Developer’s Cut (Xbox/Nintendo Switch)
Border Bots VR (Epic Store)
Mustache In Hell (Epic Store)
Shanghai Summer (Epic Store)
Dungeonoid 2 Awakening (Nintendo Switch)
Town Adventures (Nintendo Switch)
Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice (Steam VR)
Puzzle Art Gallery – Nature (Steam)
CLeM (Steam)
Failed Trust (Steam)
Space Garbage (Steam)
Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer (Steam)
Slot Shots Pinball Ultimate Edition (Steam)
That Way! (Steam) – Free
Onward and Upward! DX (Steam) – Free

Dungeonoid 2 Awakening (Xbox/Steam)
My Island (Epic Store)
The Inquisitor (PlayStation)
HELLDIVERS™ 2 (PlayStation/Steam)
Another World Mahjong Girl (PlayStation)
Jubilee (PlayStation)
KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! (Nintendo Switch/Steam)
Space Odyssey Bundle (Nintendo Switch)
3minutesMystery (Nintendo Switch)
Mustache In Hell (Nintendo Switch)
HunterX: Cde Name π (Nintendo Switch)
Sticky Struggles (Steam)
Endless Faith (Steam)
Hua Mulan: A Chinese Learning Adventure (Steam)
Fairy Treasure (Steam)
Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost (Steam)
Folgore (Steam) – Free
Purrs in Heaven (Steam)
Gregg: Tower Defence (Steam)
WitchHand (Steam)
Shanghai Summer (Steam)
Deitydead:Elder Trial (Steam)
我的队伍勇往直前 (Steam)
Hook Line & Sinker (Steam)
Luminous (Steam)
Keep It Steady! (Steam) – Free
Cat Bang (Steam)
Brick Blaster (Steam VR)
super bad hero (Steam)

Cannibal Abduction (Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo Switch)
Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure (Xbox)
Mustache In Hell (Xbox)
The Inquisitor (Xbox/Epic Store/Steam)
Lost Castle (Epic Store)
Wavecade (Epic Store)
Dead Hook (PlayStation/Steam VR)
Treasures of The Roman Empire (PlayStation)
Shanghai Summer (Nintendo Switch)
Meta Meet Cute (Nintendo Switch)
West Hunt (Nintendo Switch)
Police Car Driver (Nintendo Switch)
Jubilee (Nintendo Switch)
T.E.S.T: Expected Behaviour (Nintendo Switch)
Deathly Dangerous (Nintendo Switch)
Prisonela DX (Nintendo Switch)
God of Light: Remastered (Nintendo Switch)
Golfinite (Nintendo Switch)
Forklift Simulator 2024 (Nintendo Switch)
Pirates: Caribbean Chronicles (Nintendo Switch)
Football Simulator 2024 (Nintendo Switch)
Alpaca Wonders Why (Nintendo Switch)
Dungeon of Stone (Steam)
Forest Keeper (Steam)
Farm Racing (Steam)
Magic Runes (Steam)
Border Bots VR (Steam VR)
Hunt Together (Steam VR)
Successful business (Steam)
Project 47 (Steam)
Unreality (Steam)
Duel with the Devil (Steam)
Goat Scourge (Steam) – Free
Hoverkitty In The Hoververse Chapter Three (Steam)
TETRIS almost (Steam)
Unknown Signal (Steam)
Forgotten Monsters (Steam)
ForkJump (Steam) – Free

Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2 (Xbox)
Control:Override (Xbox)
Deathly Dangerous (Xbox)
Jubilee (Xbox)
Manitas Kitchen (Xbox/PlayStation)
Prisonela DX (Xbox)
The Tales of Bayun (Xbox)
Grieve (Epic Store/Steam)
Serbian Dancing Lady (Epic Store)
Bullion – The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle (Nintendo Switch)
Borzoi Adventure (Nintendo Switch)
MakOS: New Operating System (Nintendo Switch)
Eldritchvania (Steam) – Free
Limsod (Steam)
I commissioned some abstract bunnies (Steam)
The Legend of Elrian (Steam)
OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story (Steam VR)
Star Shift Rebellion (Steam)
Legumi (Steam)
Desert Kingdoms (Steam)
Reroute (Steam)
Nathan Morgan: Dilemma (Steam)
What if your girl was a frog 2 (Steam)
Look Inside (Steam)
Stellar Reflections (Steam) – Free
Spheric Bombs (Steam)
Acapella Master (Steam)

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